Ellen Reads Michelle Obama’s Personal Journal

Ellen Reads Michelle Obama’s Personal Journal

Hey, everybody here remembers
Michelle Obama, right? Remember her? [APPLAUSE] You know her as the
former first lady. I know her as my
close personal friend. No big deal, whatever. [LAUGHTER] A year ago, Michelle wrote an
amazing, best-selling memoir. It’s called Becoming. And now she’s coming
out with a new book. It’s called Becoming: a Guided
Journal for Discovering Your Voice. This is it right here. And it has more
than 150 questions to help you discover and
rediscover your story. Happens that I have– because
she’s a good friend of mine– this is her personal copy. And she’s written in it. And she’s visiting. And so I borrowed it. She doesn’t know I have it. So I’m just going to read some
of her entries in her journal right here. Here, this is one from 2005. “Dear journer– journal.” [LAUGHTER] She’s bad at spelling. She said “journer” and she’s
supposed to say “journal.” “Dear journal, I
wish I were Ellen. She’s so great and funny. She’s such an
amazing human being. Gosh, it probably sounds
like Ellen is writing this. But she’s not. It’s written by me, Michelle
LaVaughn Robinson Obama.” Wow, that’s a sweet thing I
didn’t even realize that she– here’s another one from 2008. “I just appeared on
Ellen for the first time. What a dream come true. Even if Barack gets elected as
President of the United States, this will still
be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Wow, she’s really– here’s one. This is from 2012. “Ellen and I had a push
up contest on the show. I won. But I have to admit, I cheated.” [LAUGHTER] Ellen is too strong. I would have lost
had I played fair. I’m ashamed. Ellen is the best
at everything.” Wow, honestly, Michelle,
I love you so much. And this book really is amazing. It’s called Becoming: a Guided
Journal for Discovering Your Voice. It’s available today. And she wants everyone
to discover their voice. So you’re all going
home with a copy. [APPLAUSE] We’ll be back.

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  1. Omg I love you so much and please and need your help if anyone can help me to go for country that is LGBT friendly plz help me because I am suffering and I don't have to eat

  2. I love allen so much. Im a huge fan. Switch is a great dancer and randy is just funny. I hope hary's rash is healing. I just love the hellen show lol

  3. So the previous video has the comments blocked and it shouldn’t ! That was really the sweetest video I’ve seen! ❤️

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