Empower Network Blog vs WordPress – First Page Of Google In Less Than 3 Days

Empower Network Blog vs WordPress –  First Page Of Google In Less Than 3 Days

Hello its Neil Ball, your internet marketing
coach from workwithneilball.com. I am going to demonstrate, the advantage of the Empower
Network Blog over a standard WordPress Blog because a lot of people seem to think that
it is the same, and what many people are not realising is that the Empower Blog has authority
that a normal WordPress Blog that you might host yourself ordinarily wouldn’t have unless
you had a mature site that had aged and you had had it for a long time. So I have actually
created two posts, in fact I have created a number of posts, I will show you the results
in a minute. But I have created a number of identical posts on two websites. One of them
is on my website which is on workwithneilball.com and the other one is on my Empower Blog which
is here and as you can see, they are both top 30 directories by Page Rank here and here
so the content on the page is identical, so everything about them is identical and I posted
these on the same date, my website doesn’t actually show the date on here, but the Empower
Network does. I posted this on May 26th, so three days ago I put this out, and the difference
between the two sites and this is something that I have found repeatedly on virtually
every post I have ever put out. When I put anything on my WordPress Blogs and put the
same content on the Empower Network WordPress Blog or the Empower Network Blog. Every time
the Empower Network Blog outranks my page, and shows up in the search engines much higher
up, without any sort of backlinking or anything like that.These are the search terms that
I have looked at, and I have created pages for each of those, and the positions that
I am currently in with the Empower Network are here, so I am showing you everything,
so for example top ten, which there is quite a bit of competition on, on page 3, position
30, but as you can see top 20, 25, 30 are all on page one, position 9, 5 and 4 and the
top 50 is on page 3 in position 25, the top 100 is on page 2 in position 12. Now by comparison,
my site, which is workwithneilball.com, which has exactly the same content on it, the positions
are showing, I have managed to locate the posts on there, some of the pages have been
indexed but they have not shown up so that really does illustrate the difference and
there is no, I have not done anything to these sites, in fact my pages have got some of them
have got videos, I have actually got links pointing back to them from YouTube, I have
got videos that I have created, where as the Empower sites have got absolutely no back
links to them whatsoever. So absolutely nothing done to them and out of the gate just outranking
the WordPress site by a long chalk, it wouldn’t take a huge amount of effort to get these
Empower pages to the first page and to the top position and starting off from the top
position. I have found this time and time again, when I put content out, the Empower
Network always, always comes out with a better position instantly than my own site and its
not just my own Neil Ball site, I have got other sites, I have got identical content
on both of them, and each and every time the Empower Network outranks them. I will just
demonstrate one or two of these to show you, they are the real results that I am getting,
now you will find, depending on which browser you are using, where you are in the world
you will get slight variation on the results. I found, from my home address, if I use Mozilla,
or Internet Explorer or I use Google Chrome, I don’t always get exactly the same results
on each of them so you must bear that in mind, so if you do these searches and they are slightly
different then that will be the reason why, these are certainly the results that I am
seeing at this moment in time, so, here we go. So if I take top 20 article directories,
and I search on Google, then as we come down here, there it is, so, position 9 on page
one. As you will see, I am not logged in or anything, that can also affect the results
that you get from this. So there you are, I have put page one, position 9. If I take
top 25 article directories, and do the same search on here, and as you can see, position
5 on page one, which is what I have put down here, and I will do the same for the top 30,
and there you are again, position 4, which I have put there. So there are the results,
you can also check the results if you want to, and you will see that what I am saying
is the case. Those are pretty good results I think, given that the content has only just
been put up about three days ago. In fact some of these position were coming about after
the first day, so it is pretty amazing. The thing that the Empower Blog does is that it
makes it easier to rank and makes it so that you will get more traffic from Google without
having to put all your time and effort into trying to get the rankings in the first place,
so there you have it, that is proof, that the Empower Network as a blogging platform,
has some real benefit over a standard WordPress blog and the other thing you don’t have to
worry about is that you don’t have to worry about hosting costs and set up times for plug
ins and things. All of that is already set up for you, on top of that there are also
other opportunities which do come with the Empower Network Blog.To sign up for the Empower
Network Blog, go to the www.neilball.com/join you will see the URL at the top of the screen.
It is only $25, there are no hosting costs and you get free quick start training and
also you don’t need to set it up because, it is out of the box ready to go. If you want
to find out more about the Empower Network, then go to www.neilball.com/video , for more
information on how I coach and how I train and what I do for my team, go to www.workwithneilball.com
. Until next time, goodbye.

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