[EN subs] Top ADSB LNA für nur 25€ – RTL-SDR Blog LNA

[EN subs] Top ADSB LNA für nur 25€ – RTL-SDR Blog LNA

Some time ago the website RTL-SDR.com released a ADSB LNA that you can buy for only 25€ How it compares against the much more expensive UpUtronics amp you will see after the intro The Amplifier has three filters and two gain stages With that the ADSB signals at 1090mhz should be amplified and all other signals reduced by a lot The gain is around 27db according to the producer and the attenuation outside the band at least 60db The frontend contains a high pass filter that already reduces FM,DAB and GSM Between the two gain stages of the MGA-13116 LNA is a SAW filter as well as at the output that attenuates all signals outside of the 1090mhz band Because of that the LNA is optimal for regions where there are strong out of band Signals around For example FM Radio, DAB+ or GSM and LTE that are very strong in many regions and can lead to an overloaded SDR The LNA get’s the needed energy over BisT with a voltage between 3 and 5 volts With that it is compatible with most SDRs that have BiasT like the RTL-SDR.com V3 They also used a metal case that helps with getting rid of the produced heat They also include a SMA male to male adapter in the package For a long time i only used a Flightaware Pro Stick at my radar but some months back i bought an Uputronics LNA That is very popular in the community Unfortunately it is also quite expensive with over 50€ in the saw filter variant The SDR is use is a RTL-SDR.com V3 that is directly connected to the LNA A 5m long CFD200 cable then goes to the DIY Spider Antenna at the roof You can see how you can build such an Antenna in the Video that is linked in the info card at the top Around three weeks ago i got the new amp and i didn’t see any performance hit in the first hours because of the price difference i was quite surprised The amp
asserted itself in the past weeks and was able to perform as well as the much more expensive competitor I also Noticed that the RTL-SDR.com amp was even better sometimes because i got a few 10.000 positions more It’s not much, but even the same performance for half the price is awesome! The only thing you could count as negative would be that it get’s hotter the the UpUtronics Because the LNA is way smaller i already expected that But it worked fine at 24/7, so i think that you can negelct it The smaller dimensions can also be a adventage when mounting the LNA directly at the Antenna I can recommend the LNA to anyone that wants to get the maximum out of his ADSB Setup and a lot of strong out of band signals has With that pricepoint it is a great alternative to the UpUtronics amp that has a little better build quality and runs cooler you liked the Video? The give it a thumb up write a comment and subscribe You can find more information on my Website under Thanks for watching!

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  1. Thanks for the video! Very useful the subtitles for non German language speakers. Is this also OK for satellite receiving? I checked you FAQ at your website but I couldn't see anything like that topic (using Google Translator ;- ) ) Thanks!

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