Endlich ein Vlog auf Deutsch (with English Subititles) | Kia Lindroos

Endlich ein Vlog auf Deutsch (with English Subititles) | Kia Lindroos

Good Morning everyone! Today I thought I would film a vlog in German So I just woke up and made my green juice At the moment I like to always make juice in the mornings and this one is with apple, celery, cucumber and Ginger it’s really very good if you ever have the chance to buy a juicer, I can really recommend it because I think its a lot of fun and the juices always taste amazing and now I am going to do my make-up and the we have to go the office and yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this vlog I am now almost ready to go. I just have to pack my sport clothes with me and I am also packing a little something for lunch for the office today I cooked some buckwheat and at the office we always have a little salad or so so that we always have something healthy but also filling for lunch and I also still need to pack a little breakfast and today I think I will just have a couple of bananas and a couple of oranges alright, I am done Today it is raining, and its around 16 degrees celsius so a little colder than the nice warm summer weather we have had lately but as of next weekend, or actually as of this weekend it should be really nice again But I also like it when its a bit cooler it’s also very nice, I don’t like it when it’s too hot either and of course it’s nicer to work when its raining a bit so if you don’t know or if you haven’t watched any of my other videos except for these “how I learned German” or “how I like Germany” videos, then, I am an entrepreneur me and my boyfriend we have a company called Kia-Charlotta and yeah, thats where I pretty much have to go now everyday, sometimes weekends too and to work and I like it a lot, I love what I do we are doing quite well, we are still a start-up and I share our start-up journey in my other videos, of course in English I do prefer speaking English and later I am going to talk a little bit about what fluent means to me and in general about this video where I talk about how I learned German in two months because I think there are some differing opinions I totally understand why some would find that too unbelievable and maybe I didn’t express myself correctly yeah, I am ging to talk about that a little but yeah, now I have to go and I, see you soon! I am having a little..well not break..I never actually take a coffee break or anything I always drink it while working I am currently working on a presentation which we send to some potential customers and I am always so to say in charge of the creative side I always put the presentations together so that they look somewhat nice of course we also have a design partner they do our logos and other marketing material I only do some pre work and then I forward it to them I think its a lot of fun I case you don’t know I case it your first time on my channel I wanted just let you guys also know what we do so Kia-Charlotta, I already told you, is the name of the company and we create vegan cosmetics so 100% vegan cosmetics which also natural currently we are only creating nail polish and nail polish can unfortunately never be 100% natural it is however “14 free” which means that it does not include 14 most toxic ingredients still used in nail polish today okay that was a mouthful for me so I am on my way to the supermarket because I am so hungry or we are so hungry, me and Alex I did take something with me, Buckwheat, which I already told you But we also need something for tonight because we are going to the gym and afterwards the stores will be already closed thats why I have to buy something now and I also feel like bread or something that would be very filling Guys its raining! It’s so difficult to vlog when its raining We are about to have lunch and I wanted t show you guys what we are having if you didn’t know, I am vegan, have been for four years already and thats why everything is without meat, eggs or milk heres the Buckwheat which I made some bread then we have avocado with a little salad and I also bought some vegan cheese and this one is really the best vegan “cheese” out there I don’t really like any other vegan “cheese’s”, but this one tastes really good and then a little hummus which we can put on our bread Ok everyone. It is now almost half past 5 and I already look a little tired I think in around two hours we will head to the gym so I still have some work to do and I wanted to shortly explain why I wanted to make this vlog in German Firstly I think it’s a good challenge because I quite a shy person It does scare me a little bit to make a video in German I always think that in a video my German should also be 100% perfect second, I made a video already six month ago where I share how I learned fluent German in 6 months and I completely understand that there a few people who cannot believe that there are also a couple of people who find it terrible of me to even say that and I guess I can understand that too I know I don’t have to explain my self to anybody and only I can know what happened (to me) 5 years ago and of course I am much better now compared to 5 years ago and back then, I would say, that I spoke German quite fluently even though my vocabulary was still relatively small and never studied it in school nor did I ever take a course except for this one A1 course I really learned it just by speaking which is why my grammar is not perfect which I actually already told everyone in that video In my opinion my German is fluent maybe fluent means something different to everybody but it is 100% not perfect for me fluent doesn’t mean that it needs to be perfect and, there were also a couple of people who just couldn’t believe that I can speak perfect German and I actually never said that I could I can’t speak perfect German I I think it’s a shame that someone would say this to someone who wants to learn fluent German I think thats the number one thing that most people are scared of when it comes to speaking German because they are scared if they are perfect enough or not they are scared to order something from the bakery or ask something from a stranger they get too worried if they can say it perfectly enough and, in my opinion, you can only learn with practise and I am so happy that other than maybe videos, I was never really scared to speak my German (even if it was a bit shitty) so yeah, thats what I think of course, I am sure many of you were right – maybe my German is not fluent if it means it has to be perfect but I did learn pretty good German within two months so that I also got a job I did actually lose it swell because I was probably to shy with my German and my vocabulary for the area I was working in was also not good enough and I can admit that but I could otherwise talk with people, have good conversations talk with my boyfriends parents (who have a strong dialect btw) I just came by with my German rather well it didn’t really stop me from doing anything so yeah, I just wanted to explain that shortly I think everyone should rather just talk and try to have a good life in Germany and not think too much about having your German be absolutely perfect and not think if it is actually fluent or not I think it is fine and if you don’t, well thats not so bad is it? 😉 now I have to continue with work I just edited a “normal English” video for my channel I should also try to get that uploaded today and then I shall continue with that presentation and then my work day will be done with and we will go to the Gym which I am looking forward to and yeah, I will see you guys later then we now got out of the office and are heading to the Gym we try to go to the Gym three times a week we always go with Alex and his brother and they always lift some weights and I just do some body weight exercises and then some cardio as well see, thats how I speak German (LOL) so we are now back home we just ate something small, I only ate an apple actually because it actually quite late already, almost 10 pm we are slowly going to go to bed and I wanted to end the vlog here for you guys I hope you guys enjoyed it If you are watching this and learning German, I hope that you try and work hard. So try to speak as good and much as you can I know a lot of people are scared to speak a new language in the beginning and thats how I pretty much learned it I of course also hope that no one watches this only for learning German because my German is not perfect I encourage you to take courses and learn the grammar properly I know for sure that my German was not 100% perfect in this vlog I still get around pretty well here in Germany and hopefully someday I will take more time to learn the grammar a little bit better because of course it would help me a lot if I would improve my German I would just hope people would be so scared to “just speak” In the beginning it was of course difficult and scary to speak with strangers because I wasn’t sure at all if it was correct what I was saying I was scared if it would sound right or if someone would even understand me but a lot of people did actually understand me and when not it wasn’t too bad you are allowed to repeat and try again If you want to see more vlogs in German or maybe even bilingual vlogs let me know, give this video a thumbs up or leave a comment down below and I am excited to see you guys in my next video thank you for watching bye!!

95 thoughts on “Endlich ein Vlog auf Deutsch (with English Subititles) | Kia Lindroos

  1. Here it is 😉 My first vlog in German. In case you are watching and learning German know that I am not someone to learn German from (since its too imperfect for that) but I do hope to inspire anybody to just speak and talk as good and much as you can because personally that was the best way to learn for me. I know it can be scary in the beginning but it gets easier the more you keep doing it 😉

  2. Klasse, Kia! 🙂 Ich finde deinen Akzent witzig, weil du auch manchmal einen leicht bayrischen Dialekt hast. Toll, wie schnell du es gelernt hast! Liebe Grüße!

  3. I am Dutch so I'm familiar with the German language, and to me it sounds like you are a native speaker. Actually this video was very educational because I could practice my listening skills without looking at the subtitles. Mehr vlogs auf Deutsch bitte!

  4. Hyvin tehty Kia! Das du so schnell deutsch gelernt hast ist super . Ich finde deinen Akzent super süß.

  5. Kiaaaa this is so grande YOu are so grande! Love watching you speak German, it’s so impressive!!!!

  6. Really great job! I'm moving to Austria at the end of the year to move in with my girlfriend. Have found a job that requires German language skills after about 4 – 8 months. I've been self teaching using Duolingo etc etc. Speaking is my big problem, but this video has been really great to watch, and really inspiring! I think I'll use your advice on your previous video, to speak only German with my girlfriend for 4 weeks before starting my job. Tough as it sounds, I think it really works. This video is proof!

  7. Hallo ich heiße david und Ich bin eine derjenige, der Deutsch lernt und Deutschland liebt. I am not good at german sorry i just want to say your vlog is perfectly nice~~^^

  8. Your German is pretty good. I am German and I love to learn languages. I found your channel through your finish videos.

    It is actually like you said. Most people are anxious about speaking a language if they have feeling that they are not "perfect" in the language.

    For me "fluent" means that you can have conversation and you don't have to think a lot about how to say something.

    Your videos in German shows that you are fluent in the language in my opinion.

    About the grammar, well, German grammar is not the easiest grammar to learn. It can be quite tricky or difficult. I can tell you that a lot of native speakers also struggle with grammar things.

    If I have your level in every foreign language I learn or speak I would be more than happy.

    Respect, that you learn to speak within 2 months. And respect to your boyfriend that he kept strict. It is also difficult. That your "Wortschatz" (forgot the word in English) grows with the time it is normal.

    I think you can be proud of yourself 🙂

  9. Ok, Deine Bezeichnung fluent passt wirklich, weil es total flüssig ist, wie Du sprichst. Macht auch mehr Sinn, als nur über die Menge der Worte und die Komplettheit der Grammatik zu reden. Werde meine Definition des Begriffs also der Deinen anpassen.
    Ich finde es auch unterhaltend/schön wie Du Slangausdrücke mit Deinem netten Akzent sprichst.
    Und Deinen Vorschlägen kann ich nur zustimmen. So ähnlich habe ich mein Englisch gelernt – allerdings mit etwas mehr Theorie in der Schule vorweg.

  10. Du bist ja ne süße 💗 Toll dass du einen Vlog auf deutsch machst ☺️ ein toller Vlog 👏🏻
    Liebe Grüße von meinem Kanal ✨Dani 🙂

  11. изменить я учу немецкий в школе, потому что я в основном немецкий

  12. Dein Deutsch ist sehr gut als auch flüssig, dafür dass Du das autodidakisch erlernt hast Top!! Thumbs up!!
    Klar wird ein native german speaker dein Deutsch als nicht native erkennen, denn als deutscher Muttersprachler entwickelt man einen Sprachrhythmus, der von nicht Muttersprachlern nur sehr schwer zu erlernen ist.
    Ergo wird man den nicht native german speaker daran erkennen, weil der Sprachrhythmus, meist nicht passt.
    Habe eine bekannte, die Kroatin ist, also geboren und 25 Jahre auf Split gelebt hat, diese ist während des Jugoslawien Krieg nach Deutschland gekommen und hat innerhalb von 3 Jahren so gut Deutsch gelernt, dass diese als deutsche Muttersprachlerin durchgeht. Sie kann sogar den lokalen Dialekt fehlerfrei.
    Sie hat einfach ein Gespür für Sprachen und lernt diese schnell und fehlerfrei. Inzwischen spricht sie auch Italienisch, Spanisch, Englisch und Deutsch.

  13. dear kia , hi. im learning german and as a beginner i found the speed of your speech and way you talk so understandable and catchable , learn a lot from your words n grammer spots. sooo thankful for your video, i subed <3

  14. Привет, начала учить немецкий. Поэтому буду смотреть тебя ))

  15. Bitte hört in den Kommentaren auf so zu tuen als wärt ihr deutsch. Euer Deutsch ist grauenhaft!

    Tut mir leid aber es musste raus

  16. Ich hab mir unter fließend wohl etwas anderes vorgestellt. Nichts destotrotz sprichst du sehr gutes Deutsch. Dein Atem ist sehr schwer, vielleicht ist es auch Aufregung.
    Nimm's mir bitte nicht übel, aber am Anfang des Videos muss ich irgendwie an Pippi Langstrumpf, was absolut nicht negativ gemeint ist.

  17. Hallo du hast einen sehr schönen Kanal.

    Vielleicht kannst du mir helfen, ich versuche Abonnenten

    für meinen Kanal zu bekommen. Kannst du meinen Kanal abonnieren?

    Das wäre wirklich sehr schön. Ich habe deinen Kanal auch abonniert.

    Liebe Grüße

  18. Hallo du hast einen sehr schönen Kanal.

    Vielleicht kannst du mir helfen, ich versuche Abonnenten

    für meinen Kanal zu bekommen. Kannst du meinen Kanal abonnieren?

    Das wäre wirklich sehr schön. Ich habe deinen Kanal auch abonniert.

    Liebe Grüße

  19. I came from the video "How I Learned Fluent German in 2 MONTHS | Kia Lindroos
    ", I can't understand of what you're saying, but this is so pleasant to hear. lol

  20. hey, ich habe schon seit letztem Abril angefangen, Deutsch zu lernen und es macht für mich richtig viel Spass. Mein Deutsch wird auch nach jedem Tag besser und besser, ich lerne jeden Tag ein paar neue Wörter. Ich bin sogar ein Chinesisch;

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  22. Deutsch hat mir einmal seltsam geschienen, aber seit habe ich mich es zu lernen begonnen, finde ich dass es ist sehr toll und interessant 🙂 Ich möchte irgendwann fließend sprachen.

  23. Deutsch ( das gilt auch für alle andere Sprachen ) ist dann gut genug, wenn man sich verständigen kann 🙂
    Und du sprichst richtig toll Deutsch.
    Mir gefällt dein Video sehr, ich mag es, wenn man den Akzent noch hören kann, wo der redende herkommt.
    Man sieht, das du viel Spaß hast 🙂
    Ich mache einen deutschen Vlog und es macht mir auch viel Spaß 🙂 🙂 🙂

  24. Hallo Alle <3 Ich habe in der Description Box meine "Videos auf Deutsch" Playlist verlinkt falls ihr mehrere Videos auf Deutsch anschauen wollt 🙂 Not all of them have subtitles just yet but I will try to find some time to do so soon. Just curious, do you want English subtitles on the videos or ire they ok without them as well? 🙂

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