[Eps. 122] CROSSING into SLOVENIA – Royal Enfield Himalayan BS4

So, the rain is catching up with me and there is some thunder coming as well **thunder rumbles** you hear? haha Good morning internet! It is 8:33 in the morning and welcome back to the channel! So I am now in Croatia, close to Zagreb ah, if you didn’t see the last video yesterday I went to the motorcycle shop around here but the tires, ah, they arrived but just before closing time So Basanti doesn’t have a new set of tires yet So we’re going to do that this morning But first, I’m going to have breakfast And, I’m sitting here with Tenesa, he is the owner of the motorcycle shop um, so he let me stay in the apartment downstairs, which was amazing! Ah, so after we finish the breakfast, then we go to the shop and then do the tires and then, after that I’m going to ride into Slovenia I have no idea yet where I’m going to go but anyway it depends on when I’m ready and how much time I have Also don’t know a little about the weather because As you can see it’s a little bit cloudy, I hope it will stay dry today Let’s see. Breakfast first! Alright, so, I have my brand new tires. They are ____ And they are 70/30 Road/Off-road So that should be perfect for the the roads that are ahead of me just looks so nice to have some new rubber! Look at this! Really nice, they’re quite soft. Um, and it just started to rain unfortunately so I have to ride a little bit careful, especially with the new tires and the rain, but okay we’ll see it is 59 kilometers to the border with Slovenia so, first I’ll just go there and then see I don’t know, what the weather does and where I’m gonna go Thank you very much! Thanks for everything! Bye! See you! So I was planning to ride through like, country side to the border but maybe, ah, because of the rain I’ll just take the main road. Not much fun haha So, it’s 20 kilometers to the border Yeah, the highway is really boring, now it’s actually dry So, I’ll see but uh, when it’s raining I’ll just take the fastest route and see, maybe if I cross the border and it’s dry I’ll go and find some back roads again. More fun! And free! I don’t know how much I have to pay I don’t think it’s much, but Hi! Thank you Oh, that car had a little touch with somebody else Anyway, I think I’m close to the border I don’t know why this is another toll thing I am almost at the border There was a convention of these “2CVs” in um… close to here, this weekend. 3000 of them. And there’s another YouTuber called “HubNut” he was there as well so, if you want to check his channel “HubNut” Really fun channel, he’s travelling in one of these haha, they are so cute! ah, I just have to.. take a card.. What do I have to do? Quick! Ah, so this is the passport check? I think… Ah, no check So, it cleared up! Yes, it’s not raining anymore and uh, well there are a few clouds but it looks a lot better So I thought, time to get off the highway and go explore a little bit and, so uh, ya where do I go? I actually have no idea where I’m going to go Let’s see! I don’t know where I’m going to end up today, c’oz It’s actually already 12:30 because obviously changing the tires took some time So, ya, I have like, a couple hours of driving I’ll just see where I end up now I’m going to see if I can find a nice small road or something and, have some fun. So, ya, let’s go! I think there’s a church here, so I thought let’s check it out So, I forgot to say this earlier, but Welcome to… Slovenia! And so far, uh, ya, so I just turned off the highway I thought weather is improving, it is dry sun comes out so, let’s see if we can find some nice little roads or church even I’m really curious how the tires are going to be off-road. So far, I mean, okay, I didn’t test them for very long yet but, so far they ride really nice On road I have more grip than the MP60s especially in corners yeah, feels really good I feel very confident with these tires so I’m really curious how they’re going to do off-road I think they should be fine if you do light off-road if you want to do pretty hard off-road then then probably the MP60s are better but, yeah with the roads that I have ahead, um this should be fine, oh yeah in the end, I decided to change the front tire as well because my old tires, the front tire still had quite some profile but there were just small cracks everywhere so that tire was also finished unfortunately so, yeah, I just got a complete new set new tubes inside as well, obviously all ready to go! and, uh, yeah well so so far Slovenia looks pretty nice I saw quite a few churches already small villages, so, yeah, I’m excited to ride a little bit more country side small roads and, yeah see where I end up today This is some sort of… Castle or something “Gradu” It’s the “Grad Podsreda” famous route of pilgramage the castle is closed in winter let’s check it out oh, I have to pay entrance fee? 4 euro Hi! How are you? Good! I am excellent! Can I buy a ticket? “You came by bike?!” Yeah, yeah! haha “Well, I hope you won’t get wet today because of the weather, huh?” Ya, I know I already had some rain. I just came from Croatia today “Well, I hope now there won’t be any more for you” Yeah, me too! “Where do you plan on going next?” I don’t know I just ride today, I’ll see where I end up “You have a really nice place in *inaudible*, really close by” “if you have time, it’s a small town” “and you have many different sights” “Olenia” Olenia? “Ya, O, L..” So, let’s check out the Podsreda Castle and the weather turned bad again, look at those clouds but the girl gave me a great tip to a place, it’s only 14 kilometers from here and there’s some other stuff to see there so I think I’m just gonna check out the castle and then go there and just call it a day I’m afraid the weather is not going to improve but first check out the castle *faint voice from automated guide* “The wall still separates both parts of the roof” “The original beam has been preserved” “While the other beams that support the hood, though broad, have been brought in from elsewhere” I don’t know if you can hear this *more faint audio* I have no idea if this works, but I tried to play the audio guide so you can hear something too, anyway this was the kitchen So, the rain is catching up with me, and there is some thunder coming as well I heard it so, uh yeah let’s call it a day, I’m gonna ride to this place *thunder rumbles*, You hear? haha I’m going to ride to this place called Olimnia 23 kilometers, 30 minute ride This off-roading, not planned! haha Well, it’s a cute little town and this is ah in the monasteries and this is a place, ah I’m just going to see if I can stay here, if they have room It’s a little bit busy, so maybe they are full, but let’s check So, I found a room! Very lovely! Quite big as well. Yeah, rain, rain and rain, so… better to call it a day I did get to test my new tires in some different circumstances some dry tarmac, some wet tarmac and also some off-road I wasn’t planning on riding off-road but I didn’t actually check Maps.Me very well and it just showed me the quickest route so I did some off road track through the forest it was quite nice, and um So far, I think these tires are performing the way you could expect them to compared to the MP60s On the road I find them better have more grip, also on the wet road I find them very comfortable they are very well balanced and, yeah, it gives me a lot of confidence so I’m really happy with the road performance and off-road they are slightly less good than the MP60s, in my opinion When I was riding the off-road track I felt my rear tire was… moving around a little bit more than I would expect with the MP60s But, um, for me that’s not a big problem when I ride off-road I never do any kind of rally speeds I always ride quite carefully off road as well Yeah, it’s fine for me, to be honest and what I said before the next couple thousand kilometers I don’t expect to do so much off roading I will mainly be on tarmac or small roads or something like that so I think these tires are a pretty good fit for that Anyway… I’m in Slovenia! Which is nice, and, yeah um, what else do I want to say? Nothing? I think that was it for today. Not so much riding I think I did a total of like 100 kilometers or something almost nothing, but okay the weather wasn’t good I really do hope the weather will be better tomorrow because I can only stay one night here, they are fully booked the next days, so er, yeah I hope the weather improves, if the weather is the same tomorrow I might just try and find another place very close to here and wait out the rain, c’oz there is just no fun, for me, riding in the rain So that was it for today, I hope you liked this video! If you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video!

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