Essai BMW R1200 GS 2017 : une vraie nouveauté ? – Moto Journal (English Subtitles)

Essai BMW R1200 GS 2017 : une vraie nouveauté ? – Moto Journal (English Subtitles)

Everybody knows the BMW R1200 GS. It’s simple, it’s undoubtedly the best-selling large motorbike in the world. In France, it is in the top 5 and in Germany, it is the number 1 best-selling bike, with 7000 sold each year. For 2017, the new BMW R1200 GS has a few modifications, but there are two special versions, including the Rallye which we went to test at March Moto Madness March Moto Madness is held here in Dreux. For anyone who is bad at geography, it’s just here, where the cross is. But it was a bit too close to home. So to get there, we decided to take a little detour. Not too far, we just went via the Ardèche That meant we could test the new GS in its Exclusive version. And since the guys from SW Motech kitted the bike out like a Tibetan Sherpa, doing 140km on it should be a walk in the park. No messing around, every time we get on an R1200 GS, we’re blown away. This big adventure bike is surprising for a number of reasons. We are impressed by the handling, its overall balance and the agility of the chassis, the well-roundedness of the engine and the smoothness of the controls. Clocking up the kilometres on this famous German bike is like flying on a magic carpet. Nothing can spoil the ride. The Telelever/Paralever suspension smooths out the bumps in the road while offering ultimate comfort for the rider and an incredible level of precision through the corners. As a result, it’s not easy to improve on this beast. That’s why the marketing team at BMW decided to bring out two new versions for this year. The one we chose for road riding was the Exclusive version. So what makes it different from the Standard GS? Well, not much to be honest. Firstly, it has a special colour scheme, known as Ice Chocolate Metallic – which is basically brown. Then you have the golden callipers, the aluminium hubcaps on the sides and the engine casing and universal joint painted black. And that’s it! As for the 2017 version of the GS, it has also seen one or two small changes. The engine now complies with the Euro4 standards but it has kept the same power at 125bhp. The gearbox has also been updated to be smoother and quieter. Finally, the ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) system has been revised. From now on, the preloading of the shock absorber is set automatically according to the weight of the rider and the luggage. But that is an optional extra. And as usual with BMW, options packages are a different kettle of fish! As you have seen, it doesn’t take long to list the differences between the standard and Exclusive versions. However, to give you the number of options BMW-style, it takes a bit longer To start with, there’s the Dynamic pack. With this, you get the pro riding modes, the pro shifter, the LED headlight and the LED indicators. All of that costs €1,465, and that’s just the start Then there’s the comfort pack, which is cheaper, at €545. With this option you get heated handlebars, a tyre pressure sensor and hand protectors, plus another couple of less expensive gadgets And finally, there’s the touring pack, at €1,685. Personally, I think this is the most important because you get the keyless starter, the Dynamic ESA, and the on-board computer – basically all the essentials. Oh yeah, and there is also a speed regulator, which is great on the motorway €20,230 is pretty steep. And yet, GS’s sell like hot cakes. The question is: why? We think it’s down to the incredible versatility of this bike. There are plenty of bikes that you can go to the office on during the week and then go for a ride on at the weekend. The GS does that and more. Its perfect balance, its turning circle and its perfectly straight riding position make it perfect for weaving your way around the city centre. When it comes to travelling, its suitability is plain to see. The GS is undoubtedly one of the bikes which takes the best care of its rider. The overall comfort, protection and lightness when changing direction mean that at the end of the day, you still feel fresh. Finally, since the switch to the liquid-cooled engine in 2013, the GT adventure bike became livelier and sportier. On tight and twisty roads, not many bikes can rival it in terms of efficiency, even among big beefy roadsters and other sporty bikes. If you have the 2016 version, keep hold of it, unless you are really into off-roading and you are dying to get your hands on the Rallye version. Talking of which, we’re going to see what the guys at March Moto Madness think of it At first, given the event’s name, we thought it would be some kind of extreme endurance competition. We were completely wrong. March Moto Madness is a huge 14-hectare theme park open to beginners. As well as long rides, there are plenty of different mini courses of increasing difficulty, so you can go at your own pace. At the event we saw quite a range of bikes, from basic little adventure bikes to big fully-equipped GT adventure bikes. And since there weren’t many people with a GS, we took the opportunity to further our investigation into the commercial success of this bike. What do you think of the GS for off-roading? Amazing. Really amazing. Obviously it has the weight. But the chassis is awesome too. I like the feeling of having a big bike under me but one which can go anywhere. I don’t know if I would go as far as to say a pleasure, but it’s really enjoyable to have a big bike which weighs around 200kg or 250kg and which is so manoeuvrable. And then, you leave the dirt road and you can get up to 200 km/h with one squeeze of the throttle. That’s not good! I didn’t say I did it, but apparently you can Have you ridden other GS’s before this one? No. And have you tried other big adventure bikes? I had a KTM 990 before. It’s completely different. The KTM is more suited to off-roading. This one is great on the road and good for off-roading. It’s not as good as the KTM because it’s a bit heavier, but I actually prefer this bike Just this once, it’s my turn to be the beginner, because off-roading really isn’t my thing. To start with, I forgot to lower the pressure of the tyres. So obviously at the first corner, after just touching the wet grass, I lost control like a massive idiot. You should note however that I am a real pro when it comes to picking the bike back up. Also, SW Motech fitted it out with all the necessary protections, so there wasn’t a scratch on our new GS Rallye. As well as the blue colour scheme, this version has some wonderful rims, a flat saddle, a low windscreen and enduro-type foot rests. But as usual with BMW, the best is on the inside. And with the sports chassis option, the setting of the suspension springs is stiffer and the shock absorber/spring set is longer to increase traction for off-roading. On paper, the Rallye really is a formidable weapon. And quite honestly, I was pretty frightened and tense for the first part of the test. But actually, this bike is incredible OK, as you can see, when it comes to off-roading, I’m a novice. And the impressive thing about this bike is that it makes your life easier. Despite being heavy, it is really manoeuvrable, really well-balanced and in enduro mode, the management of the throttle is perfect. . Even at really low revs, you don’t need the clutch to get back on the power OK, we’re not going to bore you for too long with pictures of me riding at a snail’s pace like someone who’s never ridden before. We’re going to concentrate on the riders at March Moto Madness. The organiser of this two-day event is Cocoricorando. A group of 4 friends who also organise several adventure events like the Paris-Dunkirk, the Vercingétorix or La Royale – a new event for 2017 held around the castles of the Loire. The main idea was to bring adventure biking closer to home. And it works pretty well because France is an ideal playground. And they do things properly. At the MMM, there are loads of really cool staff, with plenty of sideshows, like runs or slow races. They even got our mate Jean Pierre Goy along to do a demo and give some tips. In short, all the ingredients are there for a great weekend. But we were there to work on the GS after all. And after a bit of searching, we found a real connoisseur. His name is Michel and has ridden BMWs since 1978. Why did you choose the GS? It’s the most versatile,When you get to the camp at rallies like the Hard Alpi Tour, the riders on other bikes are often tinkering with them through the night, but you can sleep easy the first GS LC, the one which came out in 2013, there were lots of problems. I think it was put on the market too soon. Some people had no problems, I had lots with the 2013 model. But otherwise, I’ve got a 2016 model and it’s wonderful Some refreshing honesty from a BMW fan. It’s true that the first liquid-cooled GS’s and RT’s went through some initial growing pains. And yet, when it comes to the intrinsic quality of the GS, you have to admit it’s a great machine. And as we’ve seen in this video, its versatility remains its biggest strength, whether it’s for road riding or off-roading. Although, in terms of sturdiness, we found something even better. An unbreakable, light and inexpensive bike… and it’s vintage too! And the Suzuki DR starts up straight away even after a soaking like that! To end with, we really wanted to thank the Cocoricorando team for their welcome and their professionalism. Quite honestly, these guys bend over backwards to make sure that the riders have fun, whatever their level. But anyway, we wanted to give the final word to our favourite diver, who managed to keep his smile despite being absolutely drenched! please come numerous ! We liked Its versatility
The well-roundedness of the engine
Its ability to clock up a lot of miles
Its overall efficiency
Its off-road handling, even for novices We didn’t like The cost of the optional extras
The power of the boxer at high revs (for real speed freaks)
Being rubbish at off-roading

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