Etirements pour libérer les hanches []

Etirements pour libérer les hanches []

Hello everyone, and welcome this new video on So today, I’ve prepared a video on stretching. The stretches that you can do to improve your kicks. So we will see all that is stretching quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, adductors the lower back, abs; basically the entire shoulder girdle, voila! For kicks, and even, I say kicking but even also for punches are very important in karate because we really need the mobility of the hip. So now even for kicks. It needs to be, especially not very flexible, but hey, this is important. It is especially well relax her hips, well relax her pelvis, to be able to move very easily. And muscles, you must know that the muscles I explain roughly muscles work like that. These are the fibers which slide over each other. Here ! The fibers, they do that. I do not know if you see, I’ll bring me a little bit. The fibers, they have it. So there I tendons that are attached, the muscles in the middle. When it contracts, the fibers and make it back. and it does this, and it comes back. By dint of working, basically, it tends to stay a little stuck. Here ! The muscles, they remain tight. This pulls constantly on the tendons because muscle remains shortened. And there you have much less force because when you contract the muscles, but there is a little bit to contract; it is already a bit getting permanently. So, stretching will be used for this. (breath) To bring the muscles in their position to be more relaxed. And there, you gain flexibility. tendons will relax, since there will be more permanently pull over. Okay ! So you will win and after you gain mobility the level of your hips at all. So it’s very important to understand, why are we doing stretching? To think that we will stretch musculature. We, here, we will not work on stretching specific joints. We will work on stretching musculature. Here ! Stretch the muscles. So, what to know, is that muscle, to stretch properly, go slowly, slowly. Once you are safe, what happens, the muscle contracts. This is called the stretch reflex. A muscle, as soon as it is drawn tends to contract. And we, what we want is it to be relaxed to be able to stretch. So, go gently for the stretch reflex is not put in place. The stretch reflex is that. This is what allows us to stand up without thinking. In fact, as soon as our bodies shifts a little to one side, the muscles contract automatically. In fact, this is what allows us to stand up without thinking. Okay ! So we have to think about that. It should gently stretch for wholesale, surprise muscles. No surprise really, but we must not they realize it stretches, here. Basically, that’s it. Come on, we will start simply, at first, to stretch the opening here. So there you go down, here. I put myself in the sense there, you descend. Keep foot below simultaneously stretching the calf. For now, go down like that; we do not seek to recover. For now, go down like this, So there you stretch the entire chain behind there. The muscles, finally, especially calves. One goes down, the knee is strained. Now the position there, you tilt your pelvis. Pay attention ! I do not want you remontiez shoulders like that. but it is the basin that is tilted front. You can even put your hand there to feel good; I rock the pelvis, trying to sit up. But remaining law, I contract the abs. You have to feel it, there, at the abs. There you stretch muscle inside there, the iliopsoas. Here ! And you sink at best. It sinks at best and do not arch. Do not arch above all, He even got to be the basin that scale. We go back. It starts on the other side. We descend slowly. Slowly ! Slowly ! the back is pulled. I must put your other hand here and stay balanced. And now we rocking. So tightening the abs to pull the pelvis. And slowly, stretching here. Yame We will now open roughly the distance twice hips. Do not try to do the splits for those who go down very low, it is! Here ! Come on! Now we will go to buttocks backwards. The buttocks backwards, and arms forward. As I put myself in the sense there to show you The buttocks back and arms forward. Come on! We go down well. The back is straight. Now the position there, it will bend a leg forward. We keep this one like this. There adductors stretching. Slowly ! The breath !!! Think blow … I always tell my students, this is my teacher telling me it elsewhere; I always tell my students: “We are not in the water.” We are not fish, So we took the opportunity, we have to look around us; … you have to blow. When doing stretching, it is very important to oxygenate the muscles. The other leg is folded one, and going backwards while putting arms in front to maintain the balance and stay straight. (breath) It goes back, hop! It brings the feet gently. And then you push on the legs. It relaxes a little all. Come on! Now we will work on the ground. We are going down. Come on! You put you on the ground. Right now, you flatten the lower back well on the ground. Okay ! The flat stomach. What you will imagine, is the stomach, it is returned. (breath) As if you could paste the navel On the ground. Okay ! Flat. And during all exercises, we keep the stomach flat. Never the belly swells. Never the basin rocker there. We always keep the stomach flat. It is important … how? It’s something to think too when you are the abs. Always do this. Okay ? Flat. Come on! You tend leg, the other leg is lifted before. And then we will catch the leg. And you’ll get the knee there, towards the shoulder. gently pulling gently … We think only one thing, it’s relaxing here at the hip joint. And gently pulls … It relaxes … … or even close their eyes to see the joint. And there, we do not try to take more and stronger. We will relax more so that… while pulling the same way, leg, slowly it comes. Slowly ! So now the position there, we will push slightly. You will remember you … and you lightly push the knee on hand batteries. Come on! One, two, little, three, four; and is released; and there, using relaxation one feels to go down a little faster. One, two, three, four, and is released. And start again. One, two, three, four, and is released. And there, back, back … Hop! The other straight leg, although it puts the pelvis properly. The other leg, you take it and pulls back. There, pulling, pulling, slowly … Focusing on the hip joint. We do not let the pool go either, we keep it flat. In fact, you push on one leg on one side. and you pull the other gently. The basin is found amid tense. But you do this gently … You must feel it has here, it pulls at the adductors Come on! It grows two to three seconds. One two three four There, you push; one, two, three, four, and is released. (breath) Go pushed; one, two, three, four, and is released. Yame We take the first leg, It takes the other opposite arm is! And now it’s coming on the side, on the side and gently pulls, is gently rocking. You pull your arm, you pull your leg with your arm and you hold the pool down with the muscles of the abs and all that … You hold with the body, you hold the pool not do that Do not do this, it is useless, You twist your back, but do not stretch the glutes. One remains well as gently. (breath) buttocks pushed backwards, while pulling with the arms. We’re still in the same position. Pull up, around there. Above all, it relaxes. It relaxes the iliac. We feel that it takes, but it does not have to back contracts. We try to relax as much as possible. It is not obvious to relax while stretching, and yet, it’s really what you need to do. Come on! We’re going on the side, gently. Slowly ! It is not necessary that the muscles realize we pulled. As soon as we feel that the muscles contract. Returning back and start again slowly. It is useless to insist. If the muscles contract and you continue to shoot, in fact, what you do, you pull on the tendons the muscle insertion points and everything and … Anyway, here, you do more harm than anything else. Well, there it is ! You will create aches, microtrauma and all and the next day you’re going to hurt everywhere I do not understand why when I’ve done stretching, and yet I hurt everywhere. This is because you did so too harsh. Do not put shots. This one can do it by putting in spurts it can be done at the beginning of training to wake tendons and everything. No big jerk, but you can do it. But not here, not for you to do stretching, their purpose is to stretch the muscles. As soon as you put in spurts, the muscles contract. So you do the opposite of what you want to do. Come on! now draws. You pull out. (breath) You take the same leg, the other leg, I turn my back to you. It does not matter, it is good so I could explain things. There, you will draw the quadriceps before. You pull the arm. With your abs, you shoot. Here ! As if with your abs, you want to raise your knee. As if you want to do this, With your arm, you pull in the other direction. It is important not to arch you do not have to have back arched. The back is straight. Flat. But … so there …. that’s good Now I’ll be facing. Is taken like that. So with the abs, pulling … It pulls the pelvis, and the arm is pulled in the other direction. and it pulls the quadriceps. Gently we go. When I say that we will slowly This does not mean that we should not force. You still have to shoot, it must draw on the muscles; but most do not reach the pain, you should not feel pain. Not particularly pleasant either, but this should not hurt. If it hurts, is that you were much too strong. This should just stretch. This should take, you must feel that it has, but that’s it. Here ! Yame Go! You will stay on the ground. We will open. I like straight. Position there, you go to try to have the pool the flat as possible. As if someone took you over and pulling upwards. And you stretch, you stretch … You must feel the spine heater. These are all the muscles, between each vertebra that heat there. So you shoot like that, then, not like this, but … more like this … It pulls up … and butt down … The back as straight as possible. Here we let ourselves relax, just body weight; gently wraps it … Just the weight of the body. We come before. There one is well positioned. It comes before slowly. Slowly his hands before it starts, and there is expanded. You must have feet like that. No foot open like that; when you open the feet, you have the basin that share back. You must bring your feet like that. Not completely back. Straight. You let like this. And depressurized before gently. So here’s what you do, slowly, you pull the abs. With the abs, pulling to take the belly gently to the ground. And there, then, once we have found a position, one stays; you get used to the position Here, and at times, it tightens, and we try to go a little further, thousandths of millimeters here. And we still … And we continue to go down. Here ! Now you’ll turn you on one side. You catch, for those who can, if you can not, you come here, It does not matter. If you like this, you start facing your leg, you go down like this. What he does not need is that you pull over your head to go as far as possible. Here … you pull … Here ! you stay like this, and it relaxes. We do not try to go as low as possible. Especially here you are in front of a video, where no one sees you. But even at the club, do not try to be better than others. They have that are better than you. It is almost sure! unless you are the best club and you do the splits, But … in this case, to the limit, you already know all exercises there. You are away if you do the splits. Come on! It comes, it goes down. So here we approach as possible, and the same principle, descends gently … It relaxes, we let down; It rises gently. We’re going to the other side and the same principle, if you catch can otherwise, I’m not going to repeat. And then we made by … how … much like a ripple, we are going down… I think you get used to the rhythm. And as and breathing, we win a few millimeters. We try to surprise the muscles, not to let the contract. It relaxes as possible. Come on! We climb. And then we will make ripples like that. It goes to one leg in front. And we try to think of the hips. To let them relax. Do not shrink! Do not shrink! Here ! And there, in the other direction. And … we will bring the legs, one against the other. You catch the feet, and there, with elbows, you press the knees. And as it relaxes. There, you stay in the same position, you place your hands underneath. There, we will tender leg. It turns the other leg. It is reduced. It switches on one side, hop! We will stay on the ground again. One leg in front. I’ll put it like for you to see me better. Here ! One leg in front, and there, we will do a little what we did earlier. It descends, and the pelvis is tilted come here to draw. It stretches here as possible. So there, the abs is pulled to the left pelvis like that. Do not let go, because here you will be able to do this. It’s not that I want you, I do not want you to open here and there. The goal is to make the pond to stretch the iliopsoas that is hung on the femur. on the pool and also on the back. Here ! It is here. So it is not hooked to the other leg I’m not looking at what you stretched as There is good rocking the pelvis as, with the abs and slowly descend … On the other side. Is tilted. Yame. Yasme. So… We will end and after I give you explanations for stretching, more general explanation. It would be good that you a wall or something in the genre or something to be able to lift his legs. So we will get completely against the wall. Here ! Once I’m up against the wall like this, I push the heels up, Taut, I push the heels up. I bring the toes. Here, here, I’ll try to come paste coxis ground I glue the coccyx to the ground. You see I do not stay like this, I have him down, and I try to keep the buttocks against the wall. Now I will do this; I aspire. And when I breath, I breath as if one wanted put pressure here and down, as if… How could I tell you? If I take my coccyx is like that, when I blow, I just stretching. So when I blow, I just … paste to the ground, I will drive it into the corner there. … I sink. and I keep everything tight. (breath) (breath) (breath) (breath) Think well, with each exhalation, pushed down. You do not blow your abs. Keep the flat stomach and you push down. Transverse is tightened, to stay straight, push and place the coccyx. Come on! Now, hands in the middle, If you have a pillow or cushion you put it between your knees there. In fact, it will tighten the legs, but I do not want it to be knees which are glued. So in fact, you put something in the middle, that can be clamped, without knees X. I have nothing, so I’ll put hands quite simply. I will tighten. Here ! And I remain tight. I squeeze… and I continue my exercise. … I continue to tighten … (breath) (breath) (breath) (breath) I relax. … I always stay on the ground. one leg, I take the other leg, and there, I pull back. The point of this is to stretch, hamstrings behind. It is an exercise that is better that down as we usually did. I’ll show you after exercise it is important not to Here ! It is better to do that. There, you do not get bad. You saw that the leg is stretched out therefore it maintains the pelvis down. You shoot here, it takes here. No worries, you do not have bad back, you have pain anywhere. Okay ! And you really stretch it takes. Let’s go ! This goes better with a kimono with a …….. The goal, otherwise you take the calf, and you come here. Do not use the knee as because you still have the leg is tight. my hamstrings are hooked. Right here. They spend two joints. It should stretch the two joints. If you bend one, then there is such a resilient if one pulls on one side, it does not tend. I went a little too far, See, it trembles in every sense. So I come back, and I’m going slowly. Yame. Yasme. So two or three small details. When doing stretching, generally, always stretch at least seven to eight seconds. We need the muscle, at least one draws them. As soon as you make a year, Hop! you plan in your head. If you made less than seven to eight seconds, it ”s not too effective. When doing stretches like this, there, I made them fast enough, Ideally, it would stretch to stay for 30 seconds, one minute; stretching. Slowly ! By going slowly. So me personally, stretching, I’m doing very little in the end. Just because muscles… Finally, if suddenly, we worked a lot. I do some stretching, but not too much. Because the muscles often are traumatized. And if you stretch immediately after the course, I find qu’étirer muscles which are traumatized; the problem is that the stretching of the fibers already in … where there is already microtears of … it’s not the top! I prefer to stretch squarely outside of training. You make specific stretching sessions. So, you, you can redo these stretches there, or make other. You can do these exercises but making longer. Here ! What is important, it’s good to relax, go slowly and do it with a body that is rested. By cons, you must be hot before. You make me warm ups; You take the book, ABC overheating Here ! You do warm-up techniques. When I talk about warming up, I told you: be warm, but not traumatized. So let the body be warm to stretch gently. I know that I like, for example, do the morning. You get up in the morning and you are all hot. Do some warm up exercises to stretch a little all. And then you do the stretches; it goes very well. Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this video and it will be very useful. Feel free to come back to again stretch, It will make one or two times per week stretch. And in karate, it is very important to stretch the entire shoulder girdle. Sorry ! pelvic girdle. Thank you ! Until next time on Thank you ! Goodbye.

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  1. Etirer la ceinture scapulaire pour libérer les hanches, ça c'est fort, ça vaut son pesant d'or. Merci pour la rigolade !

  2. Bonjour est ce que les exercices de cette video permettent à quelqu'un d'assez raide de s'assouplir ? et combien de temps faut – il tenir pour chaque étirement?


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