28 thoughts on “Everything Is Bad: Newspaper says Meghan Markle’s knee looks like Princess Charlotte

  1. Why don't you advertise your own home ladies! Your mum's bump and naked body instead of advertising the Royals knee etc…Bladdy shit!! What is wrong with the corrupted camera man? Son of a bladdy bitch!

  2. Really…like I said they…the classy elitists…the establishment and the palace have gone real low! Don.'t surprised if they attempt to take pictures of her undergarments? They have taken and made comments reference her hair…clothes…jewelry…shoes…her feet…now her knees! Can't wait!😉😥😮😯

  3. I forgot to downvote your crap and forgot what a shit clip you posted. That's the only reason why I'm back.

    There was absolutely nothing good or "bad" about your clip.

    Get another day job.

  4. The Sussexes can't trust a single Brit in their home as there is not a single potential nonracist one in the whole of the kingdom.

  5. This is very cruel to witness rich white men attack this woman of color for who she is . and they have so much hate in their heart i bet these people are suppose christians and this is how the treat another human being . ive never seen a pregnant woman being abuse like this by the press ever. The british press cant handle meghan for who she is very affective intelligent talented beautiful strong black woman they dont know what to do with themseves their are loosing their minds that a black girl is a part of the royal family now how dare she fall in love with the prince. I pray every day for meghan and harry for their love and life and children

  6. She's a 42 year old social climbing gold digger with BUNIONS too!!! A Completely Fake from her messy 3 wigs, FAKE PR NEWS to her fake baby bump!!! Plus a HUGE LIAR and PALACE LEAK!!! Prince Harry is looking worse everyday since he got trapped by this trashy woman!!! Her knees just look old and ugly stick legs!! A true pregnant woman would have filled out all over at almost, 7 months!!! Just a F list actress who is not smart enough to pull her LIES off anymore!!!

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