Everything You Need To Know About Blogging On Minds

Everything You Need To Know About Blogging On Minds

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about blogging on mines I’ve
gotten a lot of questions about you know just the various aspects of blogging how
to add media to your blog’s how to add it blogs you’ve already posted how to
draft a blog and how do how you should use hashtags and metadata for your
blog’s so I’m gonna go through this all really quickly because there’s not a ton
to cover but I just want to make sure that you’ve got the basics down for how
blogging works so we’re gonna do this on a computer first you’ll go to mine’s
obviously then blogs and then we’ll hit write a new blog so assuming you’re you
know going through the entire process you want to make a banner it gives you
the recommended size so you can go ahead and create a banner post that just by
clicking on this and you’ll add your banner then you want like obviously a
insightful title that is informative and or you know eye catching and grabby and
kind of you know interesting kind of get people as attention and get them
interested in what you might have to say as well as you want like a nice little
insert to include in your metadata as well because if the preview for this
link is pulled it will show the metadata in that preview and you want to make
sure that it gives a good insight to what you’re talking about so that people
will know when they read it and they won’t be mislead or misinformed so
you’ll want to make sure you fill out your metadata as well and whether you do
this at the beginning or at the end doesn’t really matter just obviously
before you publish it you want to have this set up so then you would just add
you can you could have your title a little bit more summarized in your meta
title but typically I just use the exact same title and then I just include my
meta author name as well the only thing that you might not be aware of is what a
URL slug is in case you you’re not super used to this a URL slug is just
the way that the URL is written so as an example of this
why don’t I actually show you a URL slug just makes it easier for people to
remember the name and how to get back to it because if you have a random URL that
won’t be very indicative of you know what people need to go and click on or
how to get back to it and they might not remember but for example this guide that
I have for learning to use mine’s the URL slug is the epic minds guide so it
also looks nicer when they look at the URL and it’s just more aesthetically
pleasing to actually see something that has to do with the content you’re
talking about rather than just you know random numbers and letters they add
these at the end just to make it unique so there still is going to be that it
won’t be possible to memorize this but it’ll be much more indicative of what
content will actually exist on the blog so one of the biggest questions I get is
how do I add media to my blogs and though I’ve gone over this before I’m
gonna go over this again because this is going to cover everything when you’re
going through your blog you know you’re writing you’re writing when you make a
when you press ENTER and you make a new line you’ll see this little plus symbol
and this plus symbol is how you’re gonna add media so whether or not you’re
adding something from another website or you’re hiding it directly from your your
computer yourself you would click on for example I click on the picture icon the
camera icon so this is related to images so here I can then click on the upload
icon and upload something directly from my computer
or I can paste a link and then hit enter and it will pull that image from
wherever it exists what you typically see on my posts is I share my YouTube
videos so I go when I hit this little play button and here you’re not able to
directly upload video because they just don’t have the capacity to support that
but you can you can put a link like YouTube
or some other major video hosting application and then hit enter and it
will show your YouTube video and it will embed it into your blog I think that’s
one of the biggest questions I’ve gone from people but something else and we’ll
also just briefly bring up is if you want to be able to edit various things
on your blog to bring up the toolbar to do so you would just highlight the text
so say you were trying to make a header for you know your next body of text you
would write this and then you could just hit enter and then you could start
typing again and if you wanted to break it down even more you could have you
know smaller headers that exist below that and you know the everything that
you would normally have with a blog so you know your alignment you want a
hyperlink if you want full justification if you want to add you know italics bold
if you want to quote something in a blockquote you have access to all those
features and that basically covers the majority of what we’re going to talk
about here the last little bit is gonna be just looking at the other features
aside from the metadata so say you were going to be making a giraffe like you
weren’t gonna post this when you were done you wanted to save this for later
and I had a lot of people all right I had a lot of people ask you know how to
edit something that you’ve already you know like you’ve already saved it or or
say you’ve already published it you want to come back and edit it well what you
would do is you would go to my blogs and you’d go to whichever blog you wanted to
edit and in this case we’re doing the test and you would click this little
arrow here and this will give you what you this will give you all the
information you really need you would hit edit and then now you go back into
that mode where you’re able to edit your posts and do everything that you would
be doing before you actually go and post this though there’s a few things that
you need to fill out your license so you know are you gonna let people take
pieces of this is this public domain or is no one allowed to you
we use this in anyway whichever one you’re comfortable with go with it all
I’ll put a link in here so that you can research what all of them mean because I
couldn’t even tell you because I’m not super versed in copyright like law but
you can look into that yourself I’ll leave at least get a link to give you
some more information and then public is this is when we’re talking about whether
or not you’re your post is actually being made public so if you’re saving
your draft it would it might not be listed as public or if you’ve already
posted it as unlisted it will exist and you could link to it but it will not
show up otherwise like it won’t be on your feed people won’t really be able to
find it very easily but you can also just go back and edit that but if you
have it set as unlisted and you switch it to public and then you post I don’t
know if it’s a glitch but when I did this it didn’t post a linked newsfeed
post on my newsfeed and what I mean by that is when you post a new post as you
can see there that was the the guide that I was just on and when I posted it
it shows up like this and if someone likes this guide on the newsfeed it will
show up as well on the blog it has the same likes and that’s important because
that will that’s how your blog is going to trend and depend whether or not it
will make it to the trending blog section however if you’ve got your blog
set on unlisted and you make it public it won’t post a news feed post like we
see like we saw on my profile right here you won’t have a linked post but you
could still go and you could take the URL and you could put it in here and you
could post it but it won’t be linked meaning if someone likes it on the
newsfeed you won’t gain a like on the actual blog and that’ll make it really
hard for you for your blog to make it up on the trending blogs list
so you want to keep that in mind that may just be a glitch but it’s just
something to keep just to be aware of if you can avoid using drafts and just
publish just write everything out when you do but yeah it’s just something to
keep just keep in mind but I wouldn’t worry too much about it if it is a
glitch they’ll fix it and then you get to set five hashtags so just obviously
whichever is the most relevant to what you’re talking about
you can set these aren’t the only ones available these are just ones that are
popular or ones that I’ve recently used you can type in pretty much anything but
obviously you want to stick to ones that are you want to have mainly broad ones
and then some very specific ones for the people who are looking for that exact
type of content will find yours but then you wanna have more overarching
categories that can help you gain a little bit more popularity from being
seen in those and the specific ones will help you trend more and then you’ll get
more notice in the in in the in the tags that have more people following them
you’ll be seen because the people from your specific niche tags will have
gained you the trending and the popularity to then be seen on the larger
more followed tags and then it will kind of create a snowball effect for you the
explicit feature is whether or not you have some sort of content that is
considered explicit you want to make sure you set this because otherwise
people will complain in report and then they’ll just automatically set it for
you so I mean you might as well just do it also not so that you’re not making
people upset that they’re seeing something that is explicit when they
shouldn’t I mean I mean you can say censorship or not censorship or whatever
you want but it’s just it makes it easier for everyone people are using
this at work they definitely don’t want to see not-safe-for-work content and if
you have it and you’re not marketing and explicit they’re probably just gonna
block you or you know they’re not going to worry about seeing your content
they’ll just get you out of their way because they don’t want to get in
trouble so you should definitely keep that in mind if you’ve got something
that you it’s not safe for work you should
definitely mark it as such because you’re only hurting yourself if you
don’t I think that pretty much covers anything and everything if there’s
anything that I missed let me know in the comments and I will make sure it is
reflected in the blog version of this I will do I will cover all of this again
in the blog version and then I will link it in the guide that has everything and
that should cover everything that you guys need to know about blogging on
mines so let me know if this was helpful and as always keep keeping on keep
getting that crypto I’m Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness signing
off. Cheers!

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  1. Hey got a question, will it mess up the SEO if I reposted my blog posts on this website? I have a website(just for blogs). And I wanted to repost some of my past posts on minds.

  2. Terrific job, Scott, short and sweet. Hopefully, my tangling with the subtle but important icons and ways of Minds.com are greatly diminished with your instructions. I got totally stuck, continually, after I set my banner and attempted to post material.

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