Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

Exclusive Interview With Li Ziqi, China’s Most Mysterious Internet Celebrity

Her life looks like one straight out of a fairy tale. Li Ziqi impresses millions with her videos, where she makes seemingly everything from scratch with her own two hands, from dying a dress with fresh grape juice to fashioning traditional lipstick from roses in her garden to foraging on horseback in order to prepare one exquisite meal after another. She has some 50 million fans in China and another 8 million overseas, but she remains a mystery to many of them. In her videos, she doesn’t speak, and she rarely gives interviews. But now, she’s ready to open up to us. To find Li, we had to travel to rural Sichuan Province in southwestern China, where she grew up. Li grew up with her grandparents here. She says she came to live with them after her stepmother mistreated her. But they were poor, so when she turned 14, Li went to work in the city. In 2012, she decided to return to the countryside to take care of her grandmother. Four years later, she started filming her life there. The dishes she prepares range from a single condiment to elaborate multi-course meals. But whatever she makes, she leaves no stone unturned, going as far as raising baby ducklings just to make a sauce out of salted duck eggs. Some joke that she’s brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “from scratch.” Some of her other recipes are wholly original. In one video, she uses magnolia flowers to make pastries and even deep-fries the flowers themselves. Apart from food, she’s also known for her videos demonstrating traditional crafts, like building this bamboo furniture set, which she says was inspired by one of her grandfather’s old benches. Li’s stylized depictions of rural life stand out in China’s ultra competitive field of online videos. The market has become lucrative, estimated to be worth $6.5 billion. Li’s pensive and ethereal take has struck a chord with young people hustling in China’s big cities. But Li is not without controversy. Some viewers have been skeptical of her claim that she started as a one-woman band. Two years ago, Li posted a behind-the-scenes video to refute those claims. Li says she now works with one videographer and one assistant, but she’s still the one calling the shots. We weren’t able to verify these claims because we were not allowed to observe Li filming. But today, three years after she first picked up the camera, Li is one of China’s most successful online video makers.

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  1. It is great that someone has taken the labor to show the great Chinese culture. The beauty of China countryside is amazing and the crafts showed on the channel give you a good perspective of everything China has to offer. Here in Panama we have a large Chinese community that has contributed to the advancement of the country. Very hard workers! Wish you all the best and thank you for sharing such great knowledge and customs with us.

  2. I guess this is why Liziqi doesn't like interviews. People just focus on how many followers she has, how she films, how much money she earns and forget the core essence of her channel : Embracing the country life and escaping the rat race of the city.

  3. So rude at the end!!!! You guys made me sick when you made such comments on her, well, how about yourself???? Shame on you!!!!!

  4. You must have mistaken your closing statement to reflect some city-slick humor but it is just bad form. You did no favors to yourselves as journalists or content creators- whatever you amateurs call yourselves. Stick to your tree-picked rice from your “chic” city lives.


  6. Who is she? Only the most beautiful and desirable woman in the world! That's all. Millions of men can't be wrong about that.

  7. I don't know where everyone is getting all the negativity from. The end was all good-hearted, she meant well by "knowing her bamboo" its not hard to see if you observe. There was no disrespect or backhanded comment about her, she simply clarified a question without stating what it was. Many people attack Li ZiQi asking if she even knows what she is doing or what she's doing is real, like said in the video. They would have cut out that unnecessary part if it wasn't needed. Don't jump to conclusions. There was no hate or disrespect in anything the interviewer was saying. If you read this, don't have that kind of mindset, its not healthy at all.

  8. It's sad that the most viewed videos on this channel were all about Liziqi and the audience caught the interviewer showing their lack of interest and disrespect to her in this video.

  9. I would hate to think that this 'interviewer' and I use the term loosely was sent to mock and humiliate Liziqi for her way of living at least she has the skills to live and survive in her environment and maybe else where, I certainly couldn't and I bet neither could that interviewer, maybe she should be put to the test as well as the tests that sent her out???

  10. I couldn't care less if Li Ziqi even uses an entire crew for her videos.Her content is excellent-and waaay better that most youtube channels out there- that's all that matters here

  11. Warning stop looking at 6:37 After this I am so saddened by your disrespect. Interviewers You spit in the plate of the one that makes you eat. shame on you

  12. I must say, your manners weren’t very on par with the norm, especially in journalism. The way you handled this interview and talked about Li Ziqi’s knowledge of bamboo threw me off. You seemed more fixated on her fame and how successful she is and less on her journey to this lifestyle and what her day-to-day life looks like. Saddening that of the very few interviews that exist of this lady that you treat her like your aunt who is telling you the same story she tells every year. And even then you should listen out of respect with full attention. Generally poor interviewing skills in this one.

  13. How does Liziqi afford to pay for a assistant? Is she able to make money from these videos? I'm happy that she can, so her & Grandma can live well & pay for electricity & other bills.
    When I watched the episode where Liziqi made the bamboo furniture I was thinking, who looks after all those tools & oils them, sharpens them etc & my other thought was "How cool would an electric Drill, Circular Saw & Jigsaw be when you're making a whole set of furniture"! There was a whole lot of sawing involved in making the rungs where those pieces sat into one another! That's a lot of work! I got a stitch just watching her sawing one piece! ?

  14. I think she didn't allow to see the filming process for safety reasons. She films in her own house, and there are so many stalkers and mad people, and I see comments under each of her videos how she needs a proper husband and whatnot.

  15. Why so distasteful at the end? Like did you really think you were funny? Also, what's with the camera angle no offense, but we did not click on this video to see your face.. I'm disappointed in this interview.

  16. fuck off you trashy interviewer you should be happy that she even let you interview her, this is a horrible and disgusting interview. you are an interviewer ur trying to get information not disrespect them.
    it doesn’t matter if you think it’s boring just stop, interviewing is not something for you if you are gonna disrespect someone. it was more of her talking and not you. nty bitch

  17. You squeezed into Xi Jin Ping Pongs bung-hole for this interview?!???️‍??congratz! Not every day somebody squeezes into Xi Jin Ping Pongs ? just for the $$$????

  18. Bom dia amiga..Adoro lizigi e uma menina sensacional, não perco uma historia de sua vida. Trabalho leva dignidade, essa menina bonita tem muito valor, adorei, olha amiga moro no Brasil, interior de São Paulo Botucatu sp, mas essa menina me impressionou muito gostaria de conhecer ela pessoalmente, repasso a você meus parabéns a lizigi, abraço amiga com carinho ???☔

  19. I am cansdian – half Norwegian, and irish, i would gladly come sit at your doorstep for free to chase away the wolves, i knowu have a love of your life, iwould sit at your entry, with my life in your hands. Listen to knock em dead kid motley crew

  20. Superbe interview et j'adore les vidéos de Lizqi, je comprends pas pourquoi dans les commentaires les gens sont fâchés a cause de la journaliste a la fin, ça se voit qu'elle ne parlait pas méchamment de Lizqi, c'était juste de l'humour. Content d'en savoir plus sur Lizqi grâce à ce reportage ?

  21. Wow thanks I knew this interview was poop. I realized how bad this interview is and these interviewers are shortly after watching weibo's interview.

  22. Gonna be honest, liz probably makes a ton of money. So obviously people would be jealous of her. She’s pretty much perfectly independent that she doesn’t need to buy anything and just make them, so almost everything is a profit. ?

  23. Stop trying to pitch these two girls against each other! The interviewer wasn’t being rude, rather she was relaying in a casual way to her close friends an anecdote, it seems as if the interviewer is genuinely impressed by how much liziqi knew about bamboo, and giggled because it isn’t a common topic to know about. Think to how you would tell a story in your own circle of friends… couldn’t it be easily misinterpreted? It was harmless… looks like they wanted a casual behind-the-scenes shot at the end to balance this video out especially for an American audience. This “jealousy” you see in the interviewers eyes only speaks of your own judgment and not of reality- Chill tf out

  24. Jealous people will always have things to say. What Li Ziqi does is exactly what I did with my parents long time ago. There is nothing unusual about that. It is only unusual for the town and modern people.

  25. You guys should really apologize to her, the end was not necessary. You guys should aim to be more professional in the future.

  26. Why were they not able to film her preping for a video? Just curious. Kinda made menfeel odd at the end when they talked about their experience doing this video and talking to her, it felt like the interviewer was not as genuine or really interested in her, more interested in the sucess and spectical and attraction Li has, because she is a very genuine, kind and special person.

  27. this interviewer is a cunt. she shouldn't be in a job where you have to be communicating with other people. i would hate her. u can clearly see that they dont give af about anything they do all they do is jsut latch on to others peoples fame by making videos about them. sad.

  28. TBH I loved her videos and the ones I prefer to watch in my spare time. Personally I find the videos enriching, beautifully shot, and there is a calming and therapeutic feel about them, compared to majority of those with rubbish content. ❤️

  29. It never surprises me when the news media, even from China, go out of their way to get an interview, and then the minute they get back to homebase, they try to pick holes in the person they just finished being all nice to. So what if she talked about bamboo and what types of bamboo there is for ten minutes? She makes things 'from scratch' because she knows her craft and what her grandfather taught her. And wonderful grandparents to pass on such incredible skills. I have not much time for for 'hit and run' journalists, especially the two faced kind. Liziqi inspires people by sharing Chinese and family traditions with millions like me, and that's why we love her videos.

  30. Absolute garbage interviewing skills. Retard thought his ripped pants was the main delivery of the video I guess?
    "Countryside and nature" "She knows her bamboo"…wow, im speechless at that level of stupidity.

    Mad respect to Li Zi Qi tho, her videos are the best…

  31. The end of the video made me sad and disappointed. Learning about such an interesting and passionate person and then watch this ordinary people making fun of her is so not fair, but also puts everything in perspective. The interviewer and her partner lead such ordinary lifestyle.

  32. I read a profile of Li in a Hemispheres in-flight magazine and I couldn't wait to check out her videos once I got home. Seems like she has curated an ethereal and exquisite image, but that type of work does not exist in a vacuum. It would appear that she has the full support of the Chinese government behind her, and that doesn't appear to be an entirely bad thing. Whatever means she has at her disposal, she's doing amazing work and it seems like we, the viewers, are the lucky recipients of her viewpoint and respite from the hustle of the modern day world. xWBW

  33. Sería genial q pusieran traducción en varios idiomas, sus videos fantásticos llenos d paz y sobre todo de amor con el q atiende a su abuelita, ojalá puedan leer mi comentario, bendiciones para li es formidables tendría más suscriptores en todo el mundo

  34. You guys had the opportunity to visit her. That was rare. Please don't disregard knowledge.

    At the end of the day, she'd be more successful than you interviewers anyways.

  35. I think this idiots who do Interviews are one of her bashers as well, better stay mysterious than to mingle with this kind of arrogant people

  36. That's fucking interviewer looks like a pig!! Get a life jerk… Just Die and Go to hell.
    Your life is a mess eww jealous jealous. ??????

  37. She doesn't respect or understand what it takes to be successful so instead the interviewer decided to use jealousy because it's not part of her soul to be a person who can learn to live with nature, she doesn't deserve to understand Liz.

  38. Do everyone a favour and switch your job. Li Ziqi is doing YOU a favour by agreeing to this stupid half assed interview.

  39. Thumbs down for the rude disrespectful interviewers. Li ziqi is a beautiful being and I would rather listen to her all day then watch another 1min of their vids. Idiots!

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