Exclusive Interview With Saudi Blogger That Loves Israel

Exclusive Interview With Saudi Blogger That Loves Israel

this video is made in Israel and Saudi Arabia I hope that it will bring peace closer to the Middle East today I have a very special guest all the way from Riyadh hello everyone from Saudi Arabia my name is Mohammad saw it I’m from Riyadh I have visited the israelian very wonderful journey that Tanjung my heart deeply and I would like to thank you hon Anya I met you an ocean him it was very interesting so tell me what happened how was your first time in Israel to talk about my experience I never had this feeling before I mean I hear about Israel many times from Google from YouTube I didn’t expect that that I will make my dream and visit the country I don’t know how to describe my think it’s very wonderful like I am in heaven what surprise do you the most about Israel the most wonderful thing that surprised me in Israel is the people you know I saw the people they are they live together the coexistence I saw many newspaper that you know under media showing a different image that there is no coexistence the people cannot live together it’s a war and it’s not as not a good and it’s not a right at all it’s very amazing you know like when I saw the people from different religions they stayed together if they didn’t tell me about their relationship I would I would thought it’s they’re like family Mohammad tell me what was the thing you enjoyed the most in Israel the museum the nature everything is like complete everything they call it in Hebrew Muslim everything’s perfect so after your visit do you still think that Israel wants peace what I saw in Israel the people when they talk about peace and their dreams about peace and to make the Middle East safe and greater and without peace we cannot live what is your message to those that hate Israel for those people who hate Israel I would like you to think deeply and I invite you to come and visit Israel you will find a different experience you will find most of the propaganda and the bad media about the rival is not true Muhammad your boldness is inspiring thank you so much for supporting peace and Israel and I can’t wait to visit Saudi Arabia in the near future [Music]

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  1. Both generations of Abraham,GOD BLESS THEM BOTH. SHALOM & SALAM🇮🇱🇸🇦❤️💪🏻

  2. Hananya, all you have to do is google for Riyadh Israel Embassy – To understand that the web site is already online. Most likely, a week before the September elections in Israel, the public announcement shell be delivered. Nothing here is a coincidence. Even the latest lifting of the ban of Saudi women to travel, without a male guardian, which was made a month ago – everything here was organized by president Trump. So in a month time there will be a formal peace agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, complete with exchange of embassies and normalization of relations.

  3. انت ما تشرف العرب يا كلب الله يلعنك ويلعن السعودية …مع الاسف بيت الله عدكم ما تستاهلوا يا ولاد الكلب

  4. Moving video.
    Ben Gurion would not even dream that muslims would ever be able to express possitivity toward us.
    I salute him for showing support while major part of his people don't like us(describing it softly) :pp

  5. Another amazing video my Brother Hananya. I love Israel with all my heart and I think about Israel every day when I read the Bible. May God Richly Bless the work of your hands Hananya. I know Shabbat has ended some hours ago, but I say with tears in my eyes, Shabbat Shalom to from the USA.

  6. can you do a video about the 4 million palestinien to show how israel is open and accept peace with the all people in the region , thx

  7. That is so beautiful greetings from an indonesian muslim,i really love israel,we are friends not enemies.salam 🇮🇩❤🇮🇱 shalom.

  8. Peace with Arabs would be nice (not holding my breath, but it would be nice). Cases like this are encouraging. Good on Mohammed Saud for his courage to stand up to the typical mentality and good on Saudi Arabia for finally, slowly pulling themselves out of the 7th century. 👍

  9. Why did not you protect your guest from attack by the Palestinians? We are afraid of repeating this position with all the Saudi tourists in Israel.

  10. Wonderful work! Thanks for sharing, this message. Our heart and prayer to Israel and Saudi Arabia, for both country to open the opportunity in working together, clear misunderstandings and create peaceful relationships to achieve prosperity together.

  11. You Israelis never r can't be a good example of good humanity Palestinians are the LIVE examples infront of this whole Universe & this Wahabi Saud are spoiling themselves…it's better if you guys don't use the word PEACE in social media…though there is a History about you shiths in our Holy book of Quran that you guys are DISOBEDIENT of our Almighty Allah so that's not your fault @ all 😂😂 if you guys are playing a role as a Terrorist with Palestinians brothers & sisters

  12. חנניה אתה עושה עבודה מצויינת, כל הכבוד!
    ואפשר את הלינק של היוטיובר הסעודי הזה?

  13. Interesting isn't it. Now when the Saudis start telling everyone how good the Israelite are, everyone starts having a go at the Saudis. Press TV (Iran) just released a video about this a few hours ago.

  14. As i already wrote in a comment earlier on youtube, I believe in peace between the people, not between governments. Therefore there should be more visits from middle eastern people in order to spread the truth (and a different view) about Israel and Israelian society.

  15. Was this even a real interview or just cut up clips pasted into your video. lol. Anyways don't take the Arab bait Israel.

  16. I want to give you something he did not talk about his country and also a lot of people are skeptical that he is Saudi now these clothes wear Saudis only on occasions and is worn in public places Or something else when they were going out this person said the Palestinians do not strike The Saudis will also be misguided and supportive of the Palestinian cause🇵🇸🇸🇦

  17. Now, let's see an Israeli walk around in Saudi Arabia wearing some Jewish religious symbols. Go ahead. See what happens. ..
    I guess you don't know that all citizens of Saudi Arabia must be muslim, or else. "Tolerance" is a deception. You are being fooled. (Taqiyya) ..

  18. It is great that there is peaceful co existance between religions inside Israel borders of 1948. The same peacefulness also exists in Iran where Iranian Jewish brothers and sisters live in harmoney with their muslim Iranian brother and sisters. However the relentless expansion into the west bank is not peaceful at all and it is also against geneva conventions and against international law. Most people behind the BDS movement accept that Israel can exist. The BDS movement is principally against the expansion into the west bank. One love to our Israeli and Palestinian brothers and sisters – we give you both strength and love to stop the illegal expansion into the west bank. One Love.

  19. The jewish faith is against having more than one representation of God. In Christanity there are 2 representations, one in god and one in Jesus. From this point of view the Jewish faith has more in common with the muslim faith. If one is of the opinion that there is one God whose overidding attribute is promoting love then those who follow God should seek peace with fellow human beings. Peace in the west bank can best be achieved by refraining from expandining into the west bank. Simply stopping the expansion will ensure the security of Israel and make the region peaceful again. One Love.

  20. I also found it hard not to go to Israel without preconceived ideas because of the biased media reports , but wow it was so not what I expected, the people, historical sites, beautiful nature reserves, innovation, the country is amazing. One day may there be peace.

  21. Baruch HaShem! May God bless you both! Beautiful, encouraging.
    Hananyah and Mohammed, you are doing great things.

    HaShem bless you and keep you safe

    Shalom b'shem Yeshua

  22. First please go change your name Mohamed is present islem second is exsist a contrey his name Israel?????? because I know just palastine me

  23. He's sick for sure . I hate zionest people and The Fu*** israel There is no one love it but they try To Fix there probleme with this monaFek

  24. Shalom my dear brother, I loved your conversation with Mohammad. It is inspiring!! I am s Christian from the USA. I pray for Israel, and peace for all the Middle East. I love people. May Yeshua continue to Bless you. Shalom!!

  25. i love you thats what i call a true and smart muslim who supports israel you are amazing and also hananya for your awesome videos make more videos please so people can see the truth about the wonderfull and peacefull israel best country in the middle east where all religions live and work together i myself im a muslim from morroco and i am a huge israeli support i have israeli flags in my room at my desk and at my wall thank you for this video

  26. Ask him wheter is it true there no any other religion ? Ask him Whats the diffrents beetwen tje word Allah and God? And ask him has he heard the word Deivam? Kadavul its a Tamil word…If he says no that i respect hes religion? And tell to hes all Prechers frm Arab do not Search for people who are weak in faith to capture lands!! Coz we are damm aware of it

  27. Great one, thanks for uploading it.
    Loved to watch it.
    Goose bumps brother, Israeli questions and a Saudi gentle man responds.
    Bravo Saudi dude for placing your legs on Israeli.
    Hope I will see a video of someone from Israel lands in Saudi and upload a similar video.

    God bless you both, with love from India

  28. You know what God Bless you Mohammed <3 <3 It truly feels heartwarming to see angels like you that want peace in the Middle East. Regardless of what side people choose in the Arab Israeli conflict I reckon a majority of ordinary people just want to have peace and harmony <3 <3

  29. How should I love an occupier that kills kids and women? How do I love that ?! You guys are killers, stop acting like your government is a legitimate, you're killers and occupier that trying to act as a legitimate government where the blood of Palestinian people all over your hand

  30. Israel is the real enemy of Muslims and one day we the Muslims will unite and free the land of Palatine inshallah!!
    Long live the daring Muslim countries like

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