Exploring The We Love Gumby Fan Blog

Exploring The We Love Gumby Fan Blog

Do you love Gumby? well that is the
question posed in this latest disturbing and freaky tumblr account and if you
don’t don’t worry you will for those of you who may be unfamiliar Gumby was an
American TV show about a little green play character called Gumby the Gumby
show and subsequently the Gumby adventures ran from 1957 to 1989 and
follows Gumby on his adventures through history we love Gumby is not quite as
kid-friendly and charming as the original TV show the we love Gumby fan
blog is began on June 21st 2018 with hi we are Gumby fan blog we love Gumby so
so very much please follow and become one of Gumby’s
fans we all love Gumby here me watching Gumby hoping waiting waiting waiting
waiting look at Gumby play guitar he is so talented I wish I we’re as talented
as Gumby let me meet you Gumby so somebody’s already got a creepy
obsession with well let’s be honest in retrospect and already creepy play
figure got some new Gumby toys I can’t wait to play with Gumby all day Gumby
Gumby he’s here and he will be sure to stay let’s all see what magical games he
can play he can change into anything interesting hashtags you got there Ryder
of this creepy fan blog our friend Gumby soon we will get to
meet Gumby for now he is somewhere else please come back soon Gumby one of the
earliest questions asked on this tumblr it doesn’t make me feel any better when
I was little my mom was falling asleep as she was telling a story and said if
you have a heart gumbies a part of you can you confirm this statement as
Gumby’s number-one fan Gumby is part of us and one day we will
become Gumby until then Gumby is always watching yeah
not creepy at all are you gumbies friend no I’m good I
just checked my friends list there and it’s all full so no room at the inn for
you Gumby thankfully we are waiting for Gumby another user asked where is Gumby
where it’s gonna be where it’s gonna be etc we do not know where he is but he
will be here soon and I hope not to be honest this is we Oh when folks don’t
worry this is gonna take a very dark turn soon at the next exit so strap
yourselves in so already kind of creepy this is
clearly about somebody’s weird must be frankly and disturbing obsession with
Gumby as I said things take a dark turn quickly do you know how long you can
live without skin but then it seems like a change of heart we we’re so very sorry for this post it
was a mistake Gumby would never say something like
this we strive to do better from here on out we will fix our mistakes okay that
doesn’t make me feel better at all why are people mean to us we are just a blog
that loves Gumby and also seeing how long people can live with that scheme
but that’s neither here nor there just to go meet luck yeah I don’t worry about
it no skin yeah sure fine great order under the bridge let’s move on
Gumby is perfection here’s a spooky one for you
friendly message from our friend Gumby about love nice right
wrong nothing is wrong sure Gumby is for children children love
Gumby yeah just look at that expression of pure happiness on this kid’s face he
loves Gumby here the story takes another turn opening a YouTube channel soon to
Chronicle heirloom of Gumby stay tuned I’m strapped in another question asked I
saw that weird gift about Gumby on equality that gif has a random frame of
Gumby with the quote I was a mistake it’s gonna be okay Gumby shouldn’t say
that to kids Yomi doesn’t say that it doesn’t happen
in the picture why do you lie so does definitely something going on here
because I know what I saw and here’s the first youtube video we
have a new youtube channel all about our loaf origami we are looking for the
source in our first video we will find it we must find it who is the person in the YouTube video
what was that background noise is this person in danger the person is in a very
very bad place in that video don’t worry they will be safe once the bad thing is
removed oh what’s the bad thing well apparently what is the bad thing do
you know why it was after this person the bad place is bad because there is
something there that shouldn’t be the person is going to remove it
who is there are they friendly everyone is friendly if they’re a friend to Gumby
but the bad place is not a good place to be existence is sin video number 2 does
not make me feel honey any better and the question I know you’re already
asking is this an A or G we don’t know what that is we are just a blog that
loves Gumby we’re sending him back down tonight
the prodigal son who the hell is the prodigal son maybe the next video will
tell us is the prodigal son the one seen in the
first youtube video you know who he is he made a mistake
Gumby loves to dance and having goddamn creepy eyes fur it gets more messed up
is this what he wanted father is this what you meant by fixing error mistakes
was this part of your plan hashtag he won’t hurt me anymore who
father this blog cursed don’t you like what we
did all right to disagree this is christophe de wazoo
are you okay what did you do what is in that black bag the prodigal son has made
a mistake his mistake is in that bag he’s going to fix it
and make it all better now hashtag father who is the father is Gumby the
father who hurt to you are you okay can I help you I’m so sorry
no one was supposed to realize how much of a mistake I am father was right I
need to do better I need to do better so the prodigal son is the writer the mod
and the father is gonna be or the father is somebody else which is a weird
obsession I don’t know just again master whoops that wasn’t something Gumby would
say I’m so sorry for the inconvenience followers will be getting back to our
regular posting shortly yeah whoops you say that again last night people were
asking if we are okay thanks for the support
yesterday was hardly a walk in the park but today were very much better no this
person is very clearly losing their mind I am too just reading this let me tell
you especially because I’m getting healed burry me out of this the person
writing this is obviously being forced to do it which makes sense and they’re
obviously quite distressed I mean this is this whole thing is distressing so
they have every right to be that’s fair let’s hope he puts those legs to good
use tonight whoo and I feel like they’re gonna eat
the legs or something then not long after we get he posted in big cup
letters which if you put it with the previous message you get help he’ll bury
me nice I am a much better child know that I fixed my mistakes I hope father
is proud of me well I hope so too so you won’t get you
know buried alive or anything likely prodigal son character and another video
even more disturbingly it appears to be a person in a body bag writhing around and then well I guess they saw the
message hey I think you posted the wrong video that doesn’t look like anything
gonna be related whoops you’re absolutely right we’re very sorry about
that and we’re trying to stay on track more yeah I think we lost gonna be a
long time ago pal I don’t think this is positive at all we’re sorry you feel
that way we’re trying our best you don’t think this is positive at all well no
shit I’m gonna report this account to the fucking police what was in that bag
pie a nun no need to panic we’re just a blog that loves gonna be another video you have you ever gone outside before father
said the world out there isn’t safe I haven’t gone out in a long long time
your father sounds terrible he just wants to keep me safe this is just
becoming baffling to me I’m not going down to the bad place again things are
not looking well for a prodigal son how do you achieve what you love I think he
meant to Google that boy damn eat right exercise and escape your father is gonna
burn you live and eat your legs and force you to become a Gumby or something
we all make mistakes I’m sure your father and your brother
how to I don’t have a brother definitely the prodigal son is writing
this you know probably getting buried alive will do that to you make you toe
the line so to speak thank you to all who volunteered as a special helper
we’re getting more bags to accommodate you all in the near future
whoops shouldn’t have volunteered hope you like being buried alive then they
have some kind of spies out attack this is when the person who writes this is
literally losing their mind Maude is terminally ill hashtag we have
to work faster hey father or whoever this is people tend to get terminally
ill when you bury them alive it’s not really conducive to a healthy you know
human being the next one really gives me the chills ways to fix a human step one
remove skin step two replace with clay step three we
are still working on the rest step three become Gumby that’s
terrifying another video after this because you try to pick someone like in
the Sopranos style away like a Chrissy no one loves me anymore probably because
you tried to turn someone into a Gumby it’s your own fault asshole so this Arg
is weird we have the father on the prodigal son I think that so I think the
mod did the rider and prodigal son they’re the same person
prodigal son left was taken back and by the father tortured by the father and
then started toeing the line before they started to go you know who-who lose
their mind at which point the father took puck over the account second
writing the weird really creepy stuff because the son was proud of a son was
terminally ill the Father wants to turn people into Gumby’s very good a later message doe says that
the prodigal son is getting better so who knows and also what are they going
to do with those volunteers no one loves you anymore well putting people in a
body bag and burying them alive will do that to you
not gonna lie I’ll put a link to the blog in the description so go take a
look if you’re interested maybe you’ll want to sign up and become a volunteer
too thanks for watching guys hope you enjoyed the video please let me know
your thoughts below on the Gumby fan blog and how freaky it is maybe you guys
can probably find some more interesting stuff about it and if you haven’t please
don’t hesitate to subscribe and all that thanks guys thanks for watching see in
the next video my cap

100 thoughts on “Exploring The We Love Gumby Fan Blog

  1. Yeah go on tumblr and you'll find thousands of people doing this LARPing shit. Those messages are par for the course for tumblr. Most don't go to the lengths of creating a youtube channel, but yeah, it's still pretty low effort. EDIT: I meant the gumby youtube videos are low effort, not this channel itself. It's a good channel!

  2. We get it you’re sooooo creepy and scary. Yuckkk I’m sick of this hacky lazy way of making videos

  3. Gumby studied mind control, He likes it. Pokey is buried somewhere in the Superstition Mtn. You must find  Pokey. Bring a friend for Father to play with.

  4. I met Art Clokey at a film festival in the last 1980s. The people in the audience were kind of strange with their questions because they had all developed alternative concepts going on in the cartoons. One person asked if the G & J on the side of the heads of the Blockheads were his condemnation against religion. Clokey just answered no that he thought J & G looked the most like ears. It was weird because every deeply thought out question turned into really simplistic answers.

  5. That wasn't a person in a body bag, siily! It pre-gumby, just lumps of clay. ( however bad the impression was ;/… and it seems more like some weird BDSM attention hoe shit- go figure. Wait, where is MeGain Sparkles???

  6. I have a crush on you! Please come meet me one day! I love that chapter! That chapter is perfection. That chap is mine. I love that chapter! That chapter is my friend. That chapter I love so much. Must find that chapter!

  7. Ooooooooooooooooooooh my GOSH this is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Even if it's a so called ARG it's still really creepy. I used to watch gumpy when I was really little. He creeped me out then. At 16:33 on the video, someone says "Watch it, Chris". Is Chris the prodigal son or his brother? Or maybe his sister?

  8. What the fuck. I’m sleeping in my 10 year old room with the lights on for the rest of my life. Shit man I’m a pussy I can’t handle this scary shit.

  9. "We're just a blog that likes f*cking with your head!"

    Ya'know, if you switch Gumby's name with that of The Great Pumpkin, it would be pretty funny.

  10. Asylums are full, no vacancy. Get used to seeing wierdos posting all kinds of psychotic bs on the net.

  11. You ask the hard questions mike. Like who is we. And where is my boi Gumby. We need to know. I need to know

  12. Gumby is dead, I killed him and cut him up because he kept making stupid mistakes like, spitting instead of swallowing and I buried him in ur garden well, parts of him anyway. Ps enjoy ur evening, father is watching u don't forget.

  13. I like ARG's and all. But this one was a little poorly done in my opinion.
    Not to be down on the poster…I mean art is art and all you cant "fail" at art.
    An expresion of your feelings and thoughts made into a show piece to instill those feelings into another is a great thing.
    and I love the creepy ARG's even more.
    But it just comes across as trying too hard to me.
    But this video is great. Love the series..Ive been watching the whole catalog of them.

  14. my guess is someone messed up in the head that was obsessed with gumby kidnapped someone and made them write all that stuff and now that person is probably gone insane too

  15. at 10:21 there is a secret message. if you look at the capital letters that look random, it says "he'll bury me" very creepy

  16. There was nothing at all creepy about Gumby. People always want to make older things weird or creepy. Look up the video on Youtube, Gumby Dharma. It's about Art Clokey the creator. He was a very interesting man.

    The Gumby Fan Blog IS creepy. But, I think it's just trolling.

  17. Right after 7:45 you can see an orb shoot towards the camera. Reminds me of what paranormal investigators capture. I bet its someone with some demonic oppression going on.

  18. If the doors in your house look like they were 110$ a pop, the "ARG" is immediately out the 5000$ custom window that was made for the accent wall in your 2nd living room..

  19. first they ask how long one can live without skin then said they love gumby ….. just means they want to skin gumby and have sex with the body I mean come on its not strange at all its quite normal. lol

  20. Imagine being the character designer who made Gumby and now he's a big meme and someone uses it for a a creepy ARG

  21. Why do people read too much into this shit? It’s some eejits taking the piss and laughing at all the gobshites who are lapping it up. The world is literally FULL of retards lol.

  22. Sick f**k 'art film, or Japanese. The CIA used claymation and LSD to drive people to jump from tall buildings during MK ULTRA I bet.

  23. It ended 7/25/19: https://welovegumby.tumblr.com/post/185847558318/all-good-things-must-come-to-an-end

    Evidently the story got out of hand.

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