Exploring Urk – Travel Vlog (Video Blog) Travel Netherlands 🇳🇱

Exploring Urk – Travel Vlog (Video Blog) Travel Netherlands 🇳🇱

Vlog number two! We’re here in Urk. Well actually I’m saying that in an American Way. But in Dutch its called “Urk”.
They have their own traditions and they wear special clothing. So the name Urk. “Urk” comes
from Orc which comes from Orca (Whale) which is the killer whale. I never knew that before.
Something new we just learned. So this thing behind me is an oven. This is where they smoke
the fish. Here in Urk it is custom for men to wear a golden earring. The
golden earring has some kind of crest in it, and… it stems from way back in the day when
all these people here were fisherman and if they would drown out on the sea they at least
would get a proper burial because they would have gold in their ears. So my mom just offered
to get some salmon for us, smoked salmon and he’s always hungry. This time he said: “no”.
Too fishy, did you hear that people he said “no” to food just so you know. So its not
just all about food, they also have like.. a garage sale I guess. Let me show you. So you
can basically get all kinds of stuff and it pretty cool cause like over here I will show
you in a bit, you have like really old jewelry. Yaay! The sun is here. Time to put on my glasses. Okay so… there is this thing called pickled herring, and my mom is going to eat it right
now. I think its really gross but she loves it. I love it! Up to the lighthouse yay. Do
you think we can stay up there for a long time? I don’t know we
should check. It looks kind of busy right
now… soo we might be, they might push us off. Okay so I just read on the sign the lighthouse
was built in 1617 and the first light was in September. It’s pretty cool kind of
looks new though. The building is probably a lot newer. Yeah, maybe a fire burned it
down or something, I don’t know or maybe its just our imag… imaginee… Imagination. Don’t choke up in front of the camera. You’re funny. Maybe its our imagination, I don’t know. This our second vlog. we’re going home now.
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11 thoughts on “Exploring Urk – Travel Vlog (Video Blog) Travel Netherlands 🇳🇱

  1. Cool Vlog guys! Was nice to have you guys show us around. Would recommend maybe interacting more with some of the locals? Perhaps just a short interview to get an idea of what its like to live in the area? Just a suggestion, but good vid.

    Cheers from New Mexico!

  2. didn,t you go to the bars
    there is a bar like evry 10 meters.
    you can find kids from 14/15 in the bars.
    its realy crazy.
    its realy fun.
    i am also 15 mysels im there evry week.
    i life there to.

  3. Hey Chloë, fijne ouwe collega van me (Rick van de CD-afdeling 🙂 ). Leuk klein wereldje dat je iemand nooit meer ziet totdat je een een bvlog tegenkomt waarbij je een bezoekje hebt gebracht aan mijn hometown…
    Leuk filmpje geworden en moet zeggen dat je je ook goed hebt ingelezen.

  4. watching your video convinced me to visit Urk. Was there yesterday and it was truly lovely!!! Thank you so much for recommending it <3

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