Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

82 thoughts on “Extreme Baking Championship – SNL

  1. This isn't a skit. This is just B-roll from a never-aired episode of Nailed It, featuring a fan of the show, and overworked single father, someone who pretends to understand pop culture references, and a guy who bakes cakes for Tumblr.

  2. I mean. Yoda is a cartoon character, a comic book character and a Lego character if you want to get super technical or whatever I guess.

  3. If I were on a cooking show and got voted off, I'd be like "you're really going to enjoy the dish I made, later tonight. Better stock up on the pepto."

  4. Imagine being a small, up and coming bakery in NYC; one day getting a request to make a cake for TV- and then this happens

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