extremely cursed andrew rannells footage

extremely cursed andrew rannells footage

my name is bum. james bum. globe-trotting super spy, master of disguises, and all-around cool dude. i never know what exciting mission they have planned for me, or where they’ll send me but this spy business sure beats babysitting my little sister hmmmmm this looks intriguing… let’s see what’s going on out there good morning, mr bum. your mission today is vital to every game loving kid around the world. it is… operation SPIT operation SPIT? SPIT stands for Secret Pokémon Information Tips. (oooh) there will be clues that will lead you to Big Thumbs, the brains behind all the pokémon games and secrets. if you’re smart enough to find him, then you will be rewarded with the ultimate pokémon tips and become a master gamer. your first clue can be found by FISHING around for information. go to the public market and wait for your contact. should you be caught or fail in your assignment, you will have your head shaved, your nose hairs plucked, be thrown in a vat of green jello and be given the worst Wedgie of your life. so good luck and get going! And I Was On My Way my first clue to operation SPIT was going to be hard to find. where was I going to get any information in this place?! i-i-i need information (laughs awkwardly) i didn’t want to fail this mission, because i certainly didn’t look forward to that killer Wedgie if i did who was going to help me? what was i looking for? WHO was I looking for? psst. hey, bum! yeah, i’m talking to you! who is that? what’s the matter never seen a talking fish before? (gasps) no! i’m not here helping you just for the halibut! (lol) qwilfish sent me! your next clue for operation SPIT will be at the stadium. and remember, don’t get caught. look what happened to me! get going and good lucks. i’m on my way my mission is to find Big Thumbs because he has SPIT: Secret Pokémon Information Tips. i was told my next clue was to be found at the stadium. but What was I looking for? what is this, some kind of game? (phone ringing) the number you need to call is: n 6 4 (lol get it like nintendo 64) SHE SAID N64 NOT 164 well done, mr Bum. you now have exactly ten minutes to get down to the pier and find your next clue, so get moving. And I Was On My Way nada! zilch! not a clue in sight! what’s a spy to do? i need to get to Big Thumbs and SPIT, but how will i know when i find the next clue? what exactly am i looking for? my 10 minutes is almost up, and i’ve got to find something, or i’ll miss the boat, and NEVER become a pokémon master. couldn’t Big Thumbs lend me a hand here? i know i’m getting closer, i can just feel it! a super spy like me knows these things. i wish they’d just spell it out for me. but what does it mean?!?! hmmmmm so to get to Big Thumbs and SPIT, i have to sneak into Nintendo headquarters; the nerve center of the gaming world there isn’t a building on earth too secure for the wily james bum haha this oughta work congratulations, mr bum. you have made it to the inner sanctum of the world of pokémon. you have deemed yourself worthy of finding out the mysteries of SPIT. that’s tips backwards by the way. now sit down and prepare to learn. finally! i was going to learn the secrets of how to become a pokémon master Pokemon Stadium 2 has some very special gifts. while using your pokémon gold or silver gamepack with stadium 2 visit the mystery gift girl repeatedly. if you do, you can receive a tentacool doll, and a pikachu bed for your room in your gold or silver gamepack catch any special coloured pokémon in your pokemon gold or silver gamepack, like the red gyarados, and upload it to Pokémon Stadium 2. you will get a bunch of cool new fanfare when you bring That pokemon into the ring rename your pokémon in your pokémon gold or silver gamepack and you may find a HORSEA of a different colour! we tried it by naming our alakazam simsala. check out the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!! try using variations of Your pokémon’s name, combinations of capital and lowercase letters, or even some of your Own clever name ideas. when you upload these pokémon to your stadium 2 gamepack, sometimes they will be a new and different colour. some of the minigames in stadium 2 have a new twist. try uploading your scissor in the ‘clear-cut challenge’, your girafarig in ‘furret’s frolick’, and your omanyte in ‘tumbling togepi’. you can even use pikachu you received from Professor Oak in your pokémon yellow gamepack in ‘pichu’s power plant’. did you know you can rent some extra special pokémon in Stadium 2? if you’re skilled enough to make it to round 2 of Pokémon Stadium 2, enter the prime cup and you can rent both the famous mew, and the newly ultra-secret Pokémon CELEBI very good, mr bum. you have succeeded and are now a worthy opponent. come upstairs to my secret office (wink) (gasp) YOU’RE Big Thumbs? what did you expect? pikachu? well i-aaaaaa come sit. let’s battle. and so another case is solved. now if I could only get my smoochum to learn mean look. I CHOOSE YOU PEPPERONI look @ the kids face here it sums up this entire video

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  1. the audio is just like that so sorry to everyone's left ears. also sorry about the solid minute of just pokemon and no andrew but at least you can learn some helpful spit for pokemon stadium 2 🙂

  2. this is going to haunt me in my sleep.

    im going to have spooky mormon hell dreams for the rest of my life because of this video.

  3. This is very disturbing, after watching this, I’m experiencing intense hallucinations and I can’t feel my fingers. This is exactly what you see when you arrive at the gates of Hell. Have a horrible day

  4. My NaMe Is BuM, jAmEs BuM aNd Im ThE bEsT dEtEcTiVe In ThE wOrLd (5 mins. later)

    go to nintendo

    BuT wHaT dOeS iT mEaN?!?!?!?!?!?

  5. Please i have so many questions where did they get this piece of footage from? was this just a joke? or is this a funny project they did? I need answers.

  6. You ever get that feeling where you wish you could just get sucked into a black hole, yeah I'm feeling that right now-

  7. I was 5 minutes into this when I realized that I was ALMOST FIVE MINUTES INTO THIS SHIT. Andrew is way too amazing if he makes me sit through this entire video.
    Also I'm sick so I'm making poor life choices

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