F! Validation Ken Kunin’s video blog. onsongaus.com TV

F! Validation Ken Kunin’s video blog. onsongaus.com TV

all right so I’m going to take you back
in time right it’s 1997 and I’m finishing my first with a band
full-length record and it’s a it’s a pretty grungy rock and roll record and
there’s this one nice quiet piece on it’s kind of a beetle II thing where the
country meets the sea and we’re recording this song and it’s fairly
stripped down and acoustic and applying it for the producer and I come to the
bridge right and it’s a little 3 chord combination that you didn’t like the
third chord it’s a bit too bit if you’re going from a B minor to an F and I like
the progression it was well again right here’s the quarter coming up right here
whoa whoa no one else anyways it’s what I heard in my head and
because it’s what I heard in my head I was pretty certain that it was probably
the right Court here’s the point okay here’s the point of today’s big Saturday
video log the point is is there comes a time where you have to back yourself
because if you’re in the middle of creating something and you’ve written a
song and you solicit this person’s opinion and that person’s opinion what
will happen in time is your concept will become diluted it will become thin you
will start changing things to create someone else’s vision instead of the
only person in this case that really really mattered you your idea your
vision and it is so easy it is so easy in this life to continually seek
validation and the only thing that happens when you do that is everything
in time gets watered down gets watered down because all of a sudden something
that was hold something that was original and something that was unique
and something that was you has way too many question marks attached to it there
comes a time where an excuse where I’m leading with this you can’t give too
many fu mm SS because if you do we’re never going to know who the hell it is
that you are we can’t say oh yeah it’s Jean or it’s steve er it’s Jean or it’s
Mary and what’s unique about them what’s really cool about them is their ability
to stand bare to be naked and go yep that’s what makes them unique that’s
what makes them different and all I’m saying is there comes a time within your
own development that you need to be great not for everyone else not for the
manager and not for the label and not for your mom or your dad or your
girlfriend or your boyfriend or the person across the road but you need to
be great for you and when you are you’ll sleep at night knowing yep I put myself
out and I promise you that that will allow
other people to not only love you but probably even more importantly over the
long term respect you if you can be super or commercial and that is true to
yourself we’ll look I take my hat off to you’ve got a great skill but be yourself
and that is what is going to excite other people in their journey and their
understanding of you all right that’s enough ranting and raving for a Saturday
morning it’s a beautiful day in Brisbane I got to get out of here have a great
week please if you haven’t already like our Facebook page that’s that’s our
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fantastic until next time adios take care

8 thoughts on “F! Validation Ken Kunin’s video blog. onsongaus.com TV

  1. Ken being sincere and original is rare these days.
    You nailed it.
    Amazing message and as always very inspirational.
    I see your Larrivee too my Musicial Soul Brother.

  2. I totally agree with what you've said here. It's great to seek opinion however it's far more important not to loose your own focus. Stay true to yourself 🤗

  3. …. 🙂 Ken….I've been working on something for 2 weeks now, and I've had a question (not going to go into detail, I'll spare ya that), but I would like to just say, "Thank You," for you're help in clearing this up in my mind this morning. I feel, after watching this video, that I know now what the answer to my question has got to be…. 🙂 Thanks. Nice talk.

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