Facilitators Looked Past Legal Concerns In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Facilitators Looked Past Legal Concerns In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Facilitators Looked Past Legal Concerns In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Gowdy is a good lawyer, but what breaks him is that he can spin conspiracy theories into a legal matters without being able to land into the veracity of the facts they created in their conspiracy theories…that was happened into Benghazi affair. So each and one of the investigations they had concocted against the Clintons. Politics at its best but this guy got cut up into the whirlpool. So bad. I like him.

  2. Trump is desperate cuz if doesn't win in 2020.
    It's the big house for him. Trump and his mobs need to be imprisoned.

  3. Just here to watch all the #TDS people think they finally got Trump. See you guys in 2020, when Trump wins again. I have my popcorn and drink's ready to see you guys cry once again. #Trump2020LandSlideVictory

  4. The Johnson Barr is currently brainwashing-briefing this guy to give the non-answers they prefer for his Oct 17th 'Plead the 5th' testimony.

  5. Oh ya Trump is so confident in the job he is doing that he has to commit Felony Campaign Financial Fraud to try to get elected in 2020. What a weak and disturbed man.

  6. These guys are exactly like the "Plumbers", the Watergate burglars that was the tip of the iceberg for the Nixon Administration.

  7. Trey Gowdy was in my mind Mr. Constitution. IF he agrees to represent Dementia 45? He will be forever stained with the corruption of this criminal. He will be thrown to the trash heap of used Dementia 45 people.


  9. Wow, this is a complete ring of corruption.
    But that's exactly the way trump has always operated.
    What I find Astonishing is the fact that so many are willing to go along with this corruption.
    Selling their souls to individual 1.

  10. I can't get over it. I may nit have agreed with all of trey gowdys opinions and policy ideas but i at least respected him as a person and a congressman.

  11. Trump wants war with Iran. War time president has more power hope and pray he doesn't get his wish. Many dyeing for his chance of re election. Scary ,sad times.

  12. Hey , Mussolini , can you spell N-I-X-O-N …..and W-A-T-E-R-G-A-T-E ……hows about S-P-I-R-O A-G-N-E-W ……give a try , I gave you some hints !!!

  13. US Supreme Court US v Nixon: Executive Privilege does NOT apply to Congresional Investigations, he had to turn over the tapes. He resigned between turning over the tapes, and the full House of Representatives voting on filing the Articles of Impeachment. BECAUSE of that decision, Obstruction of Justice charges were included, he had done the exact same thing as Trump is, denying Citizens of the United States of America their right to testify to Congress. An Obstruction of Justice has absolutely NOTHING to do with the results of an investigation, it only applies to the actual investigation. ANY attempt to block or hinder in any way an ongoing investigation is an Obstruction of Justice. What that FOOL in the White House doesn't get, the Statute of Limitations clock can't start counting down untill he stops breaking the law. His latest B$ just keeps pushing it into the future.

  14. I can only imagine how many scams and corrupt schemes Trumpanzee and his swamp are doing,that we haven't or never will hear publicly.

  15. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. It was called the Emancipation Proclamation but after that the remaining slaves were hanged from the neck until dead, and this was called a picnic (?)

  16. unfounded information spoken about with more words and frequency is still hearsay, could she not stop spewing out the same shaped TRUMPLOVE lies, such hatred in the media has to go before anyone will ever believe again.

  17. MSNBC you as publisher of your own videos here should know better and give the actual date along with the published date. I consider it to be improper reporting to do this and misquote the actual date of the production of the broadcast thereby leading those who decide to 'click' it is breaking news.

  18. 1: Rudy Giuliani IS the personal lawyer for the President of The United States of America.
    2: We now know that Rudy Giuliani is ALSO working for these two Ukrainians, Lev Parnas, and Igor Fruman.
    3: The Ukrainians were VERY well funded by a shadowy third person, known to be Russian.
    4: How much more treasonous CAN this become? We're living in a trashy, third rate detective/spy novel. This is beyond disgusting…

  19. What about RUSAL, the Russian Company thatMOSCOW MOB MASSACRE MITCH brought to Kentucky. OLEG DERIPASKA Putin trump and McConnell’s GOOD FRIEND. trump lifted SANCTIONS to allow him in OUR COUNTRY. He also has made SIZABLE DONATIONS to trump and McConnell. RUSAL is reported to be a front for the Russian Mob

  20. They are going to return funds, they are only saying that because they were caught. No one takes money and put it in a bank and don't spent it because they think its illegal, what they should have done is reported it to the FBI.

  21. Donald Trump is having major regret over winning the presidency, he thought he could take his criminal mentality to Washington DC.

  22. WOW!! You guys are actually so twisted. So NOW the president is being impeached? Hmmm..you skipped right past the IMPEACHMENT IQUIRY? What about others who said she was not fulfilling the role properly??

  23. Racheal makes it so clear that anyone with a 5th grade education can clearly understand the truth…if any one disagrees, just admit what you are!!

  24. So… they're giving the money to charity you say.
    So… if I was to rob a bank (or anything else) and get caught after doing the crime, can I just donate the proceeds to charity and walk away? Yeah, no…. I guess that option is only for the 'special' people in the upper level society.

  25. So Trump was replacing all the inside "disagreeing officials" with his "enablers" to execute and commit all of what he wanted yo do. Anybody who still "believes" Trump as a leader of America should stop now to think what a President should do and how he should behave "within the legality"… Otherwise they all are siding the criminal conducts committed by Trump and they ate not the legal abiding people. All the money involved in the criminal schemes designed by Trump for his own benefits.

  26. MSNBC, you need to assign each show their own channel so I can be sure not to miss any Maddow! Or at least put her name first in the title!

  27. Thanks Rachel for keeping us up to the mark. traitor evil Hitler trump and Coward GOP's do not CARE and RESPECT our Nation,but only want to Destroy America for greed. Just RESIGN now traitor evil trump.

  28. Explains why McConnell has so much authority over Republicans in the senate. He let most or all of them know he and they got elected or reelected using Russia money. If they "go Rouge" they will be on their own.

  29. As a lover of mystery, observation of people and open minded person able to look at the big picture, I offer the following.
    The two men taken into custody, after having a Rudy meeting photographed in a Trump facility, are obviously not the brightest bulbs in the bunch.
    They got caught a little to conveniently, photo op and all. Does the word 'patsy' seem appropriate.
    Also, somewhere along the way someone was able to convince Mr. T. That everything that is being revealed would be completely kosher. NYET has he realized ' this doesn't look as good ask he halucinated it would be.

  30. You are saying these two Russians are involved in a scheme by the President of the United States to help him get elected in 2020.

    Of course you have facts to back that up right? So what are the facts that prove this connection? You don't have any facts proving any connection between these two Russians and the President. So why do you continue to say this is what the President has done?

    Just foolish nonsense.

  31. The Democratic leadership is in deeper


    Hillary, Obama and Joe Beiden the three Putin Puppets lol

  32. The saddest part of all of this is that President Zelensky, who was trying to clean up his country and campaigned on ending corruption in the Ukraine, has very possibly been corrupted by the US in front of his own people. Will any of them continue to have faith in him? This will leave the task of cleaning out Ukraine corruption unfinished and seriously wound the government's credibility.

  33. Just like Jim Comey's investigation against Hillary Clinton that yielded no charges, but tainted her presidential bid…shame, shame

  34. C'mon America – Give Trump a chance! He needs help from outside in order to get re-elected from inside. Trump can only win with foreign / Russian help and lies – Give Trump a Chance! – LOL

  35. The Coal giant and industrial city Donetsk of Ukraine is a gift by Trump to Putin. This is all Trump working as a Russian agent.

  36. Putin is working with Trump to set up a Dictator ship.
    For years I always wondered how a guy like Hitler could rise and hold on to power in a modern society like Germany. Thanks to Trump and the Republican political party I no longer have to wonder how Hitler came to power.

  37. After the WH dismissed the previous US ambassador to Ukraine, the US ambassador to the EU, Sondland, was "given 'special assignments' by the President (including visits to Ukraine, even though the latter isn't even in the EU, and 'actually spoke with President Trump just a few minutes before he placed the call' [to the Ukrainian President, Zelensky]. Ron Johnson said that Sondland also 'described to him a quid pro quo by Kiev to probe matters related to US elections and the status of nearly $400M in US aid [to Ukraine] that the President had ordered to be held up'. A photo exists of Don Trump, Jr, with the two arrested Russians who passed money to a Trump super PAC (even though the President claims to know nothing about the men), and video has now emerged of the same two men enjoying the company of the President's personal layer, Rudy Giuliani (who is, uncharacteristically, rather quiet at the moment). Nothing at all odd in any of this, I'm sure you'd agree!!!

  38. What I am unable to understand with the people who associate themselves with Trump is their willingness to overlook the dishonesty, the indecency, the lack of empathy, to be asked to go out every single day and defend the undefendable.

  39. Rachel. Zero credibility. And not even entertaining. A shill. Not a journalist. Propaganda. Biased. Scripted It’s nonsense

  40. Good on you Rachel. I feel you do not lie . If you do ; you are extremely good at it .keep up the good work. The only thing Hanitty can say is hysterical ,criminal rubbish .

  41. There are 3 things tying all this mess
    1 individual pumpkinghead
    2 Russia
    3 corrupcion
    There is a 4th one, stupidity, but that one is tied together with #1

  42. God! The arrogant brazenness of this gangster president is breathtaking. He seems to have no limits. His enablers and ignorant supporters are just as bad.

  43. When Rachel remarked "the IDIOTS," she wasn't name-calling. She was fairly expressing the mindlessness of the incompetent people Trump chose to surround himself with.

  44. Former Ambassador scared trumpPAB. She's very bright, knowledgeable, devoted to her job. Wouldn't commit a crime for the trumpPAB cartel. Well of course she had to go.

  45. Former Ambassador scared trumpPAB. She's very bright, knowledgeable, devoted to her job. Wouldn't commit a crime for the trumpPAB cartel. Well of course she had to go.

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