Welcome everyone,
I’m gonna take a moment of your time and dedicate a video to my Youtube channel
to something close to my heart It was a personal initiative that I started a few months ago. I talked about it to other video maker friends and they pushed me up to make a video on it to tell you about it and especially to try to reach other Youtubers other creators on tiktok or instagram I’m going to take a few seconds to explain to you what led me to make this video and then I’m gonna explain to you concretely why I did it Everyone knows, the earth is dying There is a real problem in the CO2 emission into the atmosphere Personally for 1 year I have tried to improve myself for this in taking better habits in transportation or taking better eating habits But that’s not the subject of the video I’m not in the best position to give advice because I still have a lot to improve The idea for the initiative comes from an article that I read in 2019 about the CO2 footprint of streaming I’m gonna give you some figures from this article They are certainly approximate But nowadays, the hundreds of millions of hours watched on youtube generate 600 tonnes of CO2 every day This figure made me realize that I am partly responsible for it dear video makers, the goal is not to stop our channels which allow us to transmit our passions The goal is to limit as quickly as possible our channel impact on the environment According to these articles 1000 hours of video viewing emits 6kg of CO2 In opposition a tree absorbs between 7 and 30 kg of CO2 per year So I said to myself a few months ago, It may be a first solution to try to limit the impact of my Youtube channel Plant 1 tree every 1000 hours of viewing I would like to share this initiative with everyone The ratio of 1 tree / 1000h could be adapted The goal is to start acting I also know that planting trees is not a sustainable solution but everyone has to start acting I invite all my friends, all the video creators, on Tiktok, on Youtube, on Instagram whether it’s brands, singers, rappers join the #youtrees movement The principle is simple: Plant a number of trees proportional to the viewing generated by our channels Let’s build together a beginning of something with the aim that our passion impact less and less on the environment Let’s stop passive and take action I also call on all social media users to share this initiative with the hasstag #youtrees and tag their favorite influencer to join the movement We know what social media can do Let’s show that we are involved in to our communities, each one as they want by sharing the hashtag or not planting trees I will convey this message on twitter, facebook, instagram I have faith in you This is a very serious subject I agree to have a tree planted for each Youtuber who joins the movement On twitter and instagram tag your favorite influencers Make your favorite influencers planted together let’s make the internet planted


  1. Cesser de consommer tout ce qui n'est pas indispensable est une vraie base pour réduire la pollution, l'initiative est bonne mais comme pour tous ce qui ce fait avec les dernières générations ça ne va pas durer et polluer plus autrement.

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