73 thoughts on “Fall Semester Back-To-School Bullet Journal

  1. OMG love that y'all passed on the torch! So sweet 💕😭
    I just uploaded my bullet journal setup for September and did a starry outdoors theme :p
    I like to do daily gratitudes / affirmations which I find to be super useful and fun! Great job Tomi!!

  2. I think next month's theme should be around Halloween.
    P.S. A very relaxing and super fabulous video, you're doing great Tomi!!

  3. I love this video! I've been stuck in a rut of what new things to try in my bullet journal & this video literally bas everything, a great doodles & I love the back to school theme! Definitely needed this!

  4. Sending myself to Uni soon to start studying dental, never payed attention in school and had really bad organisation so might as well have a crack at it this time uwu

  5. Absolutely love the llama doodles!! My Sept theme is back to school/stationary, planning on an autumnal/halloween theme for October.

  6. Next month theme needs to be spooky stuff (ghosts, skeletons, bats, jack-o-laterns, etc) because it leads up to the best holiday ever <3

  7. Wow! It was helpful and most of all it was interactive in a way that gave the impression that despite you being a professional that we are learning together on what suggestions to try and whatnot. Loved it so much. And definitely inspired me to get more organized in bullet journaling.

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