100 thoughts on “Fatal shooting at newspaper building in Maryland

  1. I am not surprised that this actually happened because we have a stupid president that loves call in the press the enemy of the people so this is what’s going to happen.

  2. Guns will always fucking be here. Get the fuck over it. No amount of anything will ever remove them from our communities so stop fucking crying about it. We need to find another way while at still having guns present. I don't want to hear what should or shouldn't happen. Guns are staying whether you and me like it or not. Can we grow tf up and stop whining about this shit and stop wasting our time with gun control. It doesn't work. People want guns, they have guns, and you WILL NOT take them. They won't let you. So let's all come together and find a compromise. Start eliminating the killers and fucked up people from our communities. Every single person in this country should under go evaluation every 3-4 years legally so we can tell who's a fucked up person and who's not.

  3. god, people are already blaming Trump and his supporters. Blame the shooter. Do people blame the music executives whenever a Cop is shot? Since they make the Rap music that glorifies shooting Cops?

  4. Blame lies with Trump encouraging his Nazi followers to attack the 'enemy of the people' the Media. Trump's got blood on his small fascist hands!

  5. Does anyone really care? Besides the families and people directly evolved, no one really cares. In a week most won’t remember and on the 1 year anniversary people will be like “oh yeah that happened”. After that it will be forgotten. All this will turn into is a black vs white, republican vs Democrat, pro gun vs anti gun fight that makes everyone involved look stupid. But hey that’s America!

  6. Just another normal day in America.It is a country full of hate and anger.It is also a country built on genocide..

  7. Just a few dead?? NRA's not doing a good job in training the shooter…
    An old retired guy kills more in Vegas..
    A school teen got more in Florida…
    This Maryland shooter is a disgrace to America…Deport him to the other side of the wall

  8. "God works in mysterious ways"…yeah well then he fucking hates you. Fuck your thoughts and prayers. If you believe there's an invisible man in the sky, go get a mental health examination. Tragedies like this will never stop. People will always have access to firearms…nothing we can do about it. Hope is a prison. Faith is a fail safe.

  9. Bravo president bone-spurs.
    Your attack on the news media now has a body count.
    Make sure you ask jesus for forgiveness tonight when you go to sleep…at 7:00pm.

  10. Well that's a hell of a way to bury testimony from capital hill on FBI corruption of the Obama administration. Way to go deep state!

  11. Motive: The shooter Jarrod Ramos lost a defamation case against the News paper in 2015:

  12. Milo Yiannopoulous said he couldn't wait for vigilantes to shoot reporters on sight only a days ago in response to maxine waters' call for protesting the trump administration…. sounds to me like the FBI should be knocking on his door.

  13. Argonaut1211 second agoI lived in the US for many years and finally, and thankfully, returned home to Canada, in large part because I was so appalled by Americans and their fucking insane obsession with guns and the "right to bear arms" (as if was a God-given right handed down to Moses from the mountaintop). I concluded that the US will never see its way to having a sensible attitude towards guns and so, unlike every other civilized nation, will suffer mass murders like this forever. For an otherwise smart, compassionate and decent nation, this is a disgrace.

  14. People this ain’t no school shooting this is normal shooting that happens outside, this is a adult shooting on adults not kids so come down


  16. “….can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight.” – Milo Yiannopoulos

  17. Kill more , kill until everyone in United Snakes is dead and completely wipe out. Barbarian have no place in this world.

  18. tanker bridge burning on oteldola in Lagos…watch the video here ==>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-TxLBElrjQ

  19. I’m not American but I feel bad for all these souls that have been taken. I hope that people could live in peace everywhere.

  20. There has been way too many shootings! I’m so tired of what the world has become. Can’t people just understand that they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing?! Gosh. Make it stop! #Makeitstop2018

  21. There are more pointing finger comments instead saying condolences.
    Welcome to the NUSA, New Unites States of America, the dreamland of hatreds and desperate people.😣😏😞

    Come on guys, you all dont have to be haters and stay civil going through this bad period of the time.
    We have passed worse tests than what is going on now as a nation and we will do again and again….. 💪💪💯

    Stay as USA …..🙏🙏🙏

  22. It's been more than 24 hours and I haven't seen the face of the shooter or a name. Man being white is radical

  23. Hope this wakes CNN up. Stop dividing America with your biased hateful opinions. We love America! we love our neighbors! we love our history! You only love news, the worse the better.

  24. The 1st amendment needs to be revamped to reflect the day and age of technology. Sites like Alex jones, Breitbart and people like that Nazi-opolis guy need to be shut down. Inciting violence needs to be a punishable crime too. If a shooter says a dog made me do it then the dog should be held accountable too.

  25. It’s a guarantee fact and scientist and other groups have proven that prescription drugs is the number one killer in America. Alcohol is second

  26. WOW … They shoot and murder journalists in Russia .
    Did we learn this from them via Trump ? … Think About It !

  27. Fake News! Fake Deaths! Conspriacy to defraud Americans! More headlines to come! HA! Democracy by Bullets. This is the death of the 1st Amendment by the use of the 2nd Amendment.

  28. Hope the US doesn't want sympathy from the rest of the world, because it will not get any…. You want guns Trump, this is what happens!

  29. I don't think the grudge turned the shooter upset to hurt many TONKY BIZARRE FENOMENOs as I heard in different clip, 🕹️ I want to advise the society what I am realized after I peeked the shooter picture, the shooter was pointed with the satellite to make him look different and when they noticed it was the perfect time to set bad thoughts inside his mind some FUCKERS inside the monitoring chambers did set the thought for firing many people what now are died🃏 sincerely 🦍 I believe some fuckers inside the monitoring chambers think people never realize but I could notice everything, the same fucking issue we have in California but we are mentally great to realize what happen and we have conciousness to decide good for ourselves to live better everyday🏔️🗽 one more thing I believe the Congress men and women should've forbided the sell of riffle what must be used for soldiers only seriously

  30. So many edgy, overly-aggressive second amendment supporters in these comments who don’t have a clue about the world outside of their own borders 😬🤦‍♂️

  31. I would love to take a holiday in the USA but to many people have guns, and support trump, the US is becoming a joke.

  32. Proves that America is pretty much divided. Only way out is call for independent: West America for Trump supporters, East America for Hillary supporters.

  33. america, the terrorist state of the world, I respect all peacefull americans brothers and sisters, but america is the reason why most of the countries are fucked up, cant you notice america is dying little by little

  34. move your office to maryland so the same thing happens to cnn. make the world a better place and die

  35. Some(not all) of these racist comments against White people are being posted by White supremacists trying to further their agenda of creating a bigger racial divide.

  36. As usual, the conversation days after this incident is focused on the "mental illness" of this "Mass Murderer.
    If he were Black, he'd be a "Thug from the Hood," and everything bad thing he did since age 5 would be reported.

  37. We need armed citizens to stop mass shooting and murders. FACT: Guns are used more to save lives than are used to kill innocent people, and the people who murder people with guns shouldn't have got guns anyway, they were either illegally obtained them, or shouldn't have passed the back ground check but the FBI allowed them to pass the check.
    Also, stop blaming guns for murders, guns don't just hop out of their holster and kill someone

    Banning guns will do nothing but INCREASE gun violence.
    We also need to have armed citizens and police officers exterminate gangs.

    I hope this changed your mind on guns if your are anti-gun.

    #NRA #MAGA #Trump2020

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