Hi, everyone welcome back to my channel
Melted Books. My name is Hilary, and today I’m going to be showing you what I
plan to do for my February reading journal spread. I’m doing my video this
month a little bit differently. Usually I show you everything that is
already done, and I have already drawn out the spreads and everything. I am
going to film the whole process from scratch so that I will have a little bit
of more interesting content, I guess, to show you. I don’t have anything mapped
out at all or stenciled or anything for what I plan to do for February, but I do
think that I’m going to go with the theme of fire. It’s kind of random, but I
didn’t really want to do a Valentine’s or hearts theme because I think that
that is just sort of what everyone is going to be doing because that makes
total sense. It’s February, Valentine’s Day is coming
up. I have nothing against that theme, but I did want to do something just a little
bit different. Because February is a celebration of women horror writers, I’m
actually doing the Ladies of Horror Fiction readathon that’s going on. I
think I got that name, right but if I didn’t, I’m going to include all of the
correct information in the description box below of this video. I am
participating in a readathon that will get me to read more horror, and I thought,
well, what is a good way for me to kind of add a little bit of horror and
scariness to my February theme? And I thought about going with a bloody
Valentine theme, but instead I’m just going to do fire. So I thought that fire
could symbolize anger and fear, but also passion. So that is my thinking, and
I’m curious to know what your opinion of this theme is, so if you have any
comments on that, feel free to write some below. But anyway, let me just stop
talking and get right into this video. So what I have in front of me are some
Stabilo pens. These are my favorite colored pens to use in my bullet journal.
I also have colored pencils, and I have my pastel Tombow dual brush pens. I don’t
really think that these colors will go with the theme. I really need a lot of
deep oranges and reds, and unfortunately, I don’t have any of those colors, so
that’s why I’m thinking that I will have to make do with my colored
pencils. I think that I’m just going to start- or I think I’m going to follow the
layouts that I’ve been doing. So for last month, I did the month page, my TBR page, a
page for notes where I write about readathons and buddy reads and any other
pertinent information going on in the month. I have a section for bookish
spending – any money that I spend that goes towards my channel or toward books,
I’m keeping track of that. And then I have my books read page, and then my
monthly stats page. So all together – one, two, three, four, five – I need five pages. And so
I think that instead of starting the next month right after, like immediately
next to, the previous month, I am going to leave this page blank and just flip to a
nice new spread, and that’ll be like it was for January. I started on the left
and then I continued from there. So that’s what I’m gonna do here. I’m not
really gonna narrate what I’m doing. I think that I might just do a time-lapsed
video where I show you what I’m doing just on higher speed, because otherwise,
this will be super boring. So wish me luck and we’re gonna see how this goes! [background music] Okay, so I think that that will be all I
do for my spreads, for now at least. I’m actually really happy with how this came
out, all things considered. I definitely had trouble using this Stabilo pen
which is totally not meant for any kind of, like, shading work. Using that for this
month title here, that was definitely not the best decision. But I decided, after I
just drew in the lines, I decided to go with it and do the best that I could. And
honestly, I think that it turned out okay, all things considered. So I did end
up incorporating some hearts, I didn’t just do flames. But it was definitely
mostly fire. So here we have just a month title page, TBR. And I decided to do black
with white gel pen for all of my headers. And I will have to go over those a
second time with the gel pen because I found that it really wasn’t showing up
just with one layer of ink, so I’ll do that later. But here, I’m going to write
down my TBR page. Here I wrote down my notes header. And then right underneath,
bookish spending. And then lastly, or not lastly. Second-to-lastly, I have my books
read page, and on this page, I include the number book – so one, two, three, four,
five, whatever – title and author, pages, format, genre, and star rating. I keep
track of all these things here so that it’s really easy to just input all those
statistics onto my stats page. So on the stats page, I did some flaming hearts and
then some more flames here. Total books read is the stat that I like to have at
the top, so I’ll fill that in here. And then I keep track of total pages, average
page count. I break down the format, so I’m just going to include the number
here, like I’ll read two physical books and three audiobooks and two combo.
That’s how I do that. I’m going to have my average star rating, and then a
breakdown of my star ratings here. And then I do want to include a genre
breakdown. So I’ll do one last flip through. And that’s all I have for you! I
hope that you enjoyed this video. I definitely felt more pressured knowing
that the camera was rolling as I was doing these pages, but honestly I do like
how it came out. I think it’s a little bit different when you think about your
traditional February bullet journal spread or reading journal spread. If
you have any thoughts or comments below, let me know. I’m kind of thinking that I
should invest in more than just my pastel Tombow brush set, so I think maybe
in future bullet journal videos and reading journal videos, I am going to
actually have more colors to choose from because I do love using these brush pens,
but I was really limited with my color palette this time around. So that’s it
for me. I will see you in the next video. Bye!


  1. This was so cute! Don't feel pressured this was awesome! If you want to "pre plan" what you want to draw, a lot of bujo you tubers sketch their drawings in pencil and just go over everything in colour and marker while they talk 🙂

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