february reading journal spread (cc)

february reading journal spread (cc)

Hello everybody and welcome back to my
channel. Today we are doing my February bullet journal spread or reading journal
spread. This one I wanted to, again, keep it simple for this month but I also
wanted to go with a Valentine’s Day theme but also not make it too cheesy or
tacky looking which it’s easy to go overboard with the pink for me. The pink
I think looks really cute and it was very hard to not put pink in literally
everything but I think it turned out really cute and I am so excited for you
guys to see it so right there you just saw me write out February I use my
Tombow pen for that in black obviously and then I made little banners off to
the side and I think those turned out really cute I got the idea off of
Pinterest and I think it just turned out really adorable and I might use that in
future spreads as well and then here I’m just writing out the calendar and I did
actually mess up the days I think I skipped like the 27th or
something so you can’t really tell but yeah that’s just kind of like my little
secret so yeah I will just let you guys watch this and then over on the other page here I
am just using my little pictures I printed off. I get these pictures from
Pinterest and I print them and then just stick them in there and I think it’s a
cute little detail that just kind of makes it look nice and then here I tried
to show you the washi tape I was using it’s just black with white dots but that
didn’t work out very well. I tried, an attempt was made. Then I got these
stickers off of AliExpress they are little… what what’s the word… I
can’t remember what the flower is called but they’re little watercolor stickers
that I thought were really cute I just added a couple in there. Moving on to my
TBR and haul spread these ended up being my favorite of the whole spread I
just got really creative with these and I’m super happy with how they
turned out they’re so cute and I am just absolutely
obsessed with them. I just did little banners for the titles and then you will
see what I do for the actual list. So what I’m doing for the list part of
it is I added an outline of how big I wanted the space to be and I
just took some thick washi tape that I got from Amazon I believe and it is kind of
a pink tinted marble and I added a border and then I cut out pieces of
almost construction paper it’s like a thicker paper and I taped those into the
middle with the tape runner thingy majiggy that I have but I think this
turned out so so cute and I was really proud of myself for coming up with the
idea and yeah I just I just really like this All right now moving on to my actual
books read spread this one again is just a banner I did rounded corners on
this one I don’t know why I just felt like doing it and this is super simple I
did boxes around where I would actually put the book titles and I just
think it looks pretty cohesive and for those of you who like know me I read
more books than I gave myself room before but I did move it on to the page
after this and I added another one I just don’t show it in this video
because I it’s not that big of a deal But just so you guys know I did give
myself room for a lot more books than just the twelve that I made room for on
here in case anyone’s wondering And so that is going to be it for this
video here are all the spreads once again I hope you guys enjoyed let me
know what you think down below in comments I just really love this
I think it’s so fun but yeah thank you guys so so much watching and I will see
you in the next one bye bye

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  1. Yess I really love these spreads, I believe they give off the feel you were working towards because they totally scream a Valentines theme imo : )

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