Finding an ENGLISH newspaper in CHINA!?!

Finding an ENGLISH newspaper in CHINA!?!

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  1. as awesum as China looks, can you make a video of things to see and do there that would maybe be not tourist things. like trying to get all china and what it has to offer in a short time. what would those be

  2. How long before we start seeing product placements in these – 'Hey guys I'm just testing out the new Huawei phone today to see if it's a any good, just cause you guys are so awesome!'

  3. Give it a rest those of you who are moaning below, I have two Chinese mates in England and a couple in Canada ( Calgary) and they DO not mix at all in the UK but Canada they are Canadian , so have are Canadian in outlook. Serpentza Vlogs for a mainly overseas viewers, he gets his points across well or he would not have the following he does. I don't see you lot with loads of followers so say nice things or watch someone else!

  4. Dont watch this while eating! I almost spat my food out when i seen that dude tits fucking hell could put a eye out with them!

  5. Hi Serpent, just came across your videos now..i'm also from SA (cape town)..was in China around July this year..struggled majorly to communicate with the elders ><

  6. hi Winston . I am adil from Morocco . I have been watching all ur videos , I would to say that I was very happy to all of them . coz I got more informations about the society of China .as I am going to do trading business from , (footwear) . hope if you know some good factories which have a good quality with cheaper prices .give me their names or contacts . thanks so much and more success in ur job.

  7. 10 years in china still speak mandarin in the shit way but still has face keeping claim self is china expert. stay awesome

  8. Very cool. As I read and translate some of those Mandarin comments, I can only imagine the crap you get in China. Good Luck Friend.

  9. Can you talk a little bit about BitCoin and how its used their in China? Thanks. Love watching your videos along with Cmilk

  10. Can you pickup major english press there like New york times or washington post? What about english magazines like newsweek, people, time?

  11. Good stuff Winstonian! Just curious, have you had to go through the new process of getting your documents authenticated for your visa? The new process has been quite a hassle. I've been working on it for over 3 months now. Should be about finished though. Take care brother.

  12. 2:55 It's a shame that the fact that you are white and African goes over people's heads so you have to say you are British……. Fun video though…… It was interesting………… Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. :).

  13. Been meaning to ask. Cmilk had his car taken and pickpocketing is rampant in some cities, but I notice that there are lots of open markets, so is shop-lifting an issue in china as it is in the west

  14. Cool video! And the article is nice and not judging at all, opposite of what many may have expected. Good for you, and imho a nice rep from Shenzhen Daily! Keep on!

  15. Whenever I travel to China, the stewardesses usually hand me a complimentary copy of the China Daily Star. Is this some sort of propaganda paper put out in English for dumb foreigners like me?

  16. I am curious. How much would be a 1/2 liter plastic bottle mineral water in that newspapers kiosk?
    = =
    However I thought that by English newspaper he meant something like 'The Guardian', 'The Independent', 'The Times', etc. Nespapers published in England/Uk etc. …

  17. The 1st news stand vendor simply said "don't have it" rather than "Not a chance dude." Why are you making him appearing to have an attitude?

  18. THANKS‼️ THIS IS ANOTHER AWESOME VIDEO. I LOVE YOUR HONESTY AND CANDOR.  Keep up your excellent work in China‼️

  19. Pee on the sidewalk is unacceptable 🙂 People hate that in China, but I don’t understand why some people are still doing that

  20. Lol, an American newspaper! You can't even get a Chinese newspaper. They closed 14 newspapers, this week alone … love the Minitrue. Orwell calls the CCP's China 70 years before it happens. Can anyone tell me whether "Ninteen Eighty-Four" or Zamyatin's "We" can be obtained in China?


  22. interpret childhood dreams by religious leaders , no contempt prior to investigation. Christianity will continue in all country's
    the older th dream the better.

  23. You know alot of high end books are printed in china now, why dont you show us where they do this and all so it would be neat to tour a fake art painting studio..but the book publishing racket is what I want to see most.

  24. I would look for a hotel that caters to English speaking foreigners, and they probably have them.

  25. I am British and for a while I was wondering if he was too. It's because he's quite well prounounced.

  26. Come on dude, at least give us a transcript! Congratulations on your increasing profile, you are offering a great service.

  27. Very interesting and helpful. I subscribe to the South China Morning Post on my phone. I can only read it occasionally. Wondering if you read it; or any other English language newspaper?

  28. "Shanghai Star," "China Daily" and "Global Times" are all online. Sometimes they have them in hotels and on plane flights.

  29. Very enjoyable to watch over breakfast, and the rural GDS and the ending are great/cute respectively. Thank you!

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