Finnish Artillery, 1944, Finnish Armed Forces’ Journal, subtitled

Finnish Artillery, 1944, Finnish Armed Forces’ Journal, subtitled

Our Artillery Operating. Finnish artillery — world-renowed for its accuracy — is moving to new positions. The signalmen have an important and demanding task in the operation of artillery- Here the connection between the battery and the observation post is being built. A Ńo Man’s Land opens before the observation post. The enemy front line is on the other side of the open landscape. Through the stereo telescope it can be seen that the enemy is regrouping for an attack. The observer is signalling the targets to the battery. At the battery the firing distance. the sideways corrections- and the elevations are being calculated. FIRST BATTERY! FIRE! The units are provided with material by the convoy. Field post is arriving. The frontline newspaper supplies the latest news. The pet of the whole Battery, soldier boy Seppo, sets out delivering mail. The defense goes on. The observer supplies the sideways corrections to the battery. FIRE!

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  1. Here's better example of that barrage of 1944 – many times one minute 2 000 shell horrific artillery/mortar bombardment of one single target size of about 6 hectares…..

  2. Excellent, precise subs. Thanks. Kiitos, Merci, Danke, Bangkok-Jomppa. Suomessa syntynyt, Ruotsissa, Saksassa ja Ranskassa koulutettu. Tänään Bangkokkilainen Auto toimittaja. Tässä Luksus-Leksus Video

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