Finnish Newspaper Interview | Dave Cad

Finnish Newspaper Interview | Dave Cad

Good Morning, God morgon, ja hyvää huomenta! It is a beautiful day here in Finland today and it’s a little bit of a special day too firstly it is my birthday, I have turned 28 years old today I’m still not quite sure how I feel about that but… I’m sure the realisation will come to me in good time… but it can’t be all bad when you have a day like this to celebrate your birthday! It is however the windiest day ever known to man! but it’s also a special day because today we actually have… but it’s also a special day because we have a lady coming from a newspaper to come and interview us about our Youtubing…stuff I don’t know exactly what she’s going to ask or what to expect even because this is my first interview about anything in my life which is kinda fun! and then we’re going to be doing all sorts of different birthday related things so I thought I’d take you along today! The lady is due here in 20 minutes… Are you nervous? – Not really! You look beautiful – Thank you! I really don’t know what to expect but Cat being an actress has of course done this a thousand times so she’s all blasé about it but I’m a little bit nervous I have to say! but I’m sure it’ll go well and I will report back to you in a little while! This is going to go in my video! We don’t often vlog like this! – Well you have to speak then – so it looks like you’re vlogging Okay…well lets speak then! and just say….pineapples….and – Yes…. Yes pineapples! How are you feeling about all this? – I’m feeling good how are you feeling about it? All of a sudden we’re news anchors! – Today, in Vestra Nyland! So now we’re in location number two… – sorry I’m just being like, my little model-self here! Posing! We can’t concentrate so much on whats going on here because we have pictures being taken, you may be able to hear….**camera clicks** OK, so… That was interesting! So Anna from Vestra Nyland newspaper has just left, we sat down and had a good ol’ chat about what we’re up to on Youtube and things like that. Lovely lovely girl. It’s going to be really interesting to see how it turns out in the paper! So she said that it’s going to be out either Friday or Saturday is that right? – I think so! but now, my birthday can continue! – Yaaaay what do you want to do? Do you want to have lunch somewhere? Shall we go and have lunch somewhere? Alright, where you gonna take me? – I don’t know McDonalds? – Lunch is over everywhere – Maybe just icecream? Icecream for lunch?! It really is my birthday! I have to admit I’m a little bit nervous about how the article is going to come out! I mean Anna was a lovely, lovely girl but what if she makes some kind of scandal about us! – Scandalous! I can almost see the headline now “British Youtuber in Finland Likes Kicking Dogs” – Sorry I told her that… Damn it! – I’mmmmmmmmm hunnnngryyyyyy Two things going on now…Lunch and then we got to go shopping for my birthday dinner food and cake! Have you got your shopping list? – Yes! Good! So no birthday lunch is complete without ice cream of course! – I feel like we’re only eating ice cream in your videos! That’s true! Man, I am just so full up of good food and good cake, man… Cat makes a mean Mudcake I have to say! Last year she made this rainbow cake which was great, it was delicious but this year… I’m a sucker for chocolate! Anyway I’ve come outside now to show you once again another beautiful sunset Finland, you do sunsets so well, I have to say! but look at that! It’s just such crazy colours! I love how it’s like, crappy weather over that way and as you come over it’s pink, orange and just this beautiful blue sky

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  1. Dave, was this yesterdays footage? (6.7) or 7.7? If it was 7.7, my mom has the same birthday as you 😀 But, happy birthday Dave!

  2. Happy Birthday!😊 I live in finland and this summer is been rainy and cold😣 I think hot weather is gonna come in august😐 Finland's summer, short and wet. (sorry my bad english)

  3. You realise that you'll be exposed as the dog-kicking foreign internet monster who's hypnotised some poor, trusting finlandsvensk girl, don't you? You monster.

    Glad you had a good 28th, looks like it was fun. And ice cream is always good, particularly Finnish ice cream imo. Tried päärynä-flavour yet? Don't get that in England.

  4. You turn 28?!?! Dude you look something like 23! What's your secret? Also, if during this summer you make it up to Jyväskylä, I'¨ll buy you guys a beer!

  5. Here you go! One Finnish subtitling like ordered! Btw love your work! Keep up the good work and try to have an awesome summer!

  6. Happy birthdayyy!! 😀 I really love the music in your videos, it's just so nice and chill and it fits in the mood perfectly ^^

    And because I had some time to kill I tried doing Finnish subtitles for the video! I don't know how crappy they are but well, there you go :DD

  7. Hapoy birthday! i think these vlogs are kind movies you are perfect vlogger and you handle camera so well love your videos hope you enjoy staying here in Finland 🙂

  8. Grattis på födelsedagen 😃 I didn't know you lived close to Ekenäs 😅 but you chose the wrong place to buy your icecream. 50 meters down the beach and I would have got to meet you guys 😆

  9. Wow That was great. Happy birthday and looks like it went well and the place you get to stay is really beautiful. I really enjoyed seeing the sunset !. Thanks.  🙂

  10. Get you, Mr Dave, a D-list Finnish celebrity! "It'll be out on Friday" was your only decent Caduendo.

  11. better lage than never, happy birthday! 😀 just have to call my mom and ask if she has seen your article 🙂
    summer greetings from Lohja 🙂

  12. The "montage" part when Kat was baking your cake looked like a legit Food Network tv montage. Good work Captain Cad. Also, I'm a shitty friend for not wishing you a happy birthday, so happy birthday brother! May the wind always continue to be at your back to push you onwards to your next adventure!

  13. Are you in Finland, where it is Tubeco ie Finland youtube event which is at the Hartwall Areena from 12 to 13.8

  14. Nice to see you enjoying our little town! I wish you have a splendid rest of your summer!

    P.S. I hope my little sisters birthday wishes were well-received despite her being very nervous when she approached you. 😀

  15. Hello Dave. Can I make video interview aboth you to my channel? It would be great to talk to Finnish loving person.

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