First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

Bree: Hi guys. Um, so this is my first video blog. I’ve been watching for a while and
I really like a lot of you guys on here. I really like Paytotheorderofofof2. [chuckles] You or she, you’re really funny and your videos
are always really interesting. You seem really nice. Then there’s theWineKone or Wine,
just WineKone, I’m not sure. You are totally [laughs] retarded,
but I like it. Well, I guess a video blog is about me. My name Bree. I’m 16. I don’t really wanna tell you where I live
because you could, like, stalk me– [woman screaming]
[movie Psycho music] Yeah. Oh, well the only thing about my town
is that it’s really boring; like really boring. [whispers for really]
Really, really boring. That’s probably why I spend
so much time on my computer. Hum. I’m a dork.
[laughs] Um. [sighs] I didn’t really have a plan
for this video blog but, hum, I guess I’ll just do this. [rock music] ♪ I remember when. ♪ I remember, I remember
when I lost my mind. ♪ There was something
so pleasant about that. Bree: Okay. I, I hope you guys enjoyed that. Um, um. Bye. ♪ So much space. ♪ [rock music playing]

100 thoughts on “First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails

  1. 2006: Nope
    2007: Nah
    2008: Prob not
    2009: Hell No
    2010: I dont feel like it
    2011: Maybe next year
    2012: nah still dont want too
    2013: no
    2014: no
    2015: no
    2016: its been 10 years, but no
    2017: prob not
    2018: maybe soon

  2. Bruh, I completely forgot about this whole phenomenon; R.I.P. to THE original youtuber IMO; Lonelygirl15. You wrote the formula on making original content fire emoji fire emoji 100% 😄

  3. Fancy people believing YOU. Because YOU really do look like you've been around the block about 50.000 times. I wouldn't believe YOU even if the day was really Wednesday.💯💯 Percent

  4. this is when I decided to create this youtube account. Feels kind of ancient even though it's just been 13 years, so, nothing basically. Good Job! To all of you:Miles Beckett,
    Mesh Flinders,
    Greg Goodfried,
    Amanda Goodfried,
    Marcello Daciano,
    Colin Hargraves,
    Glenn Rubenstein,
    Amanda Goodfried,
    Jackson Davis,
    Kevin Schlanser,
    Mesh Flinders,
    Miles Beckett,
    Yumiko Aoyagi,
    Jessica Lee Rose,
    Yousef Abu-Taleb,
    Jackson Davis,
    Becki Kregoski,
    Alexandra Dreyfus,
    Maxwell Glick,
    Katherine Pawlak,
    Bitsie Tulloch,
    Crystal Young,
    Melanie Merkosky,
    Raegan Payne,
    and Kevin Schlanser for reeling me in! And apparently another billion or two ppl, too!

  5. YouTube went from simple vlogging characters like LonelyGirl to racist reactionaries, anti-immigration, alt-right/alt-lite, anti-Non-White & far right wing personalities like Lauren Southern, Steven Crowder, Sargon of Akkad, Richard Spencer, & Gavin Mciness. LOL.

  6. Lonelygirl15 is a production company that used an actress to play this girl. Darn! If only this was real, I would, then be able to say that we still have a girl account that has been the #1 most subscribed. Brookers is the girl YouTuber who has actually done it, with 10K subs, at a day and age, when YouTube was still a new web site, but she got terminated, which is a shame.

  7. 2006: Nope
    2007: hot yet
    2008: almost
    2009: mmm nahh
    2011: fuck no
    2012: Not right now
    2013: Just a little more
    2014: Mm nah i dont feel like it
    2015: soon soon
    2016: no again
    2017 : no(but in spanish)
    2018: Hell to the naw
    2019: Okay now

  8. Wow this was one of the first types of videos I watched here on YouTube,way younger and gullible thinking this was all real 😂 🤦🏻‍♀️ .when it came out that she was a actress, I still had no idea what the hell was going on 🤷‍♀️lol .

  9. The fact that she keeps looking off camera and stumbling along with pausing with her words, as if she was trying to process what she had to say while recording, already brought me to the conclusion that this was all a set up. Not to mention the high quality captions. Especially during the time this was recorded.

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