flipthrough of all my bullet journals + 2019 set up

flipthrough of all my bullet journals + 2019 set up

hello! it’s seo from tbhstudying and i’m here with a flipthrough of all of my bullet journals in addition to my 2019 january set-up. so we’re gonna start off with the flipthroughs first, and i did speed throuhg them because if i didn’t speed through them, then we’d be having….. like a 30 minute long video, and as much as i appreciate and love you guys, i cannot do a 30 minute voiceover immediately after recording my podcast episode (so that’ll be going up sometime soon) but right now, let’s look at the vaguely cringy journal. that is my first bullet journal this was a notebook that i got from the dollar store. so yeah, one dollar literally just functionality. like, i didn’t care too much about anything else. i just used it to write down my tasks and get things done, and that’s not inherently a bad thing it’s just,,, i really like experimenting and using my bullet journal as a creative outlet so i probably wouldn’t do a fully functional, only functional, only task bullet journal now. but looking back, it’s interesting to see where i started out so i started out by trying to emulate the bullet journal system (the original one) but then slowly i started adding in my own little things. you can see these little hourly schedule things that I cut out of graph paper and put in i think i’ve talked about this before but they were just, like, i took a piece of graph paper and i wrote down the hours on it and i color-coded them based on what i would do during the day. i later discontinued this because… i don’t know, it was just way too much work to cut out the paper and write the hours. and idk, highlight every single thing i was going to do and it was just not my thing and now, we have my second bullet journal and i did skip a couple of portions i started this bullet journal in april but i realized that i had my password and my school id and my ap number and things like that in it which, you know, i don’t really wanna disclose. and now, we’re in august for my bullet journal, and this is where I really started experimenting more with being decorative, adding extra stickers, and like, drawing and doodling and using a full september-like monthly spread and just using it more creatively and i found that this really fit me a lot better than i used to and i really just experimented with format and then i eventually shifted over to my vertical layout which i really liked i kinda wish i went back to my vertical layout nowadays, but i realized that going day by day, like, putting in the days in (ahead of time) just didn’t work out for me you can see here. i kind of experimented by making the vertical columns thicker i added a lot more decorative aspects and just things like that and i just journaled a lot more and again i did have some very personal journal spreads in here so i took my favorite ones that were the least personal and now we’re on to my third bullet journal and my third bullet journal is when i really started to go ham on the decortation bits. this is when i started developing my own unique style this is the third year of using a bullet journal i just wanted to let you guys know that it really doesn’t matter how long you bullet journal. it’s just: do whatever works for you and um, yeah, this is when i realized i zoomed in way too close and so, i zoomed out a little bit but yeah, going back to my original point i really want to emphasize that it’s okay to take time to really find your groove and really figure out what you want to do with your bullet journal because i took three years to figure out that i wanted to make my bullet journal a more creative part of my life and make my bullet journal something more flexible. so I no longer wrote in all the days like, pre-writing all the days and spreads and instead, just started doing whatever i wanted and that was a lot more freeing for me. and i also added in a lot more calligraphy, a lot more color some pictures that i printed out, stickers, and washi tape, and all that stuff i no longer really print out photos anymore because i realize now that i may have used art and photos without permission from the photographers or the artists themselves and i kinda regret that but there’s nothing i can really do about my former bullet journal and now i just use stickers and washi tape and calligraphy to decorate my bullet journal and you can also find pictures that are free to use on sites like unsplash and things like that. it’s just… nowadays, i don’t really do that and i find that i save a lot more printer ink. i now use my printer ink to print out my senior research papers and my senior projects and things like that so the ink is still being used, just for more functional aspects and yeah, i think i really peaked with this bullet journal because i did a lot of creative artsy things i really improved my calligraphy compared to my first and second bullet journal and i really started drawing a lot more i got a lot more comfortable with expressing myself and i really started to, i don’t know, just find my vibe? and i really found my style and i guess mine is more of a distinctive cluttered style compared to other people. it’s not very minimalistic it’s very maximalist. and it’s very… i don’t know it’s just me and I’m really happy with where I’ve gone now so far and I’m happy with all the aspects that I’ve incorporated in my bullet journal and i guess a couple of tips i have for people trying to do their own bullet journal to find their own style is: don’t be afraid to mess up. don’t be afraid to explore, and don’t be afraid to find different formats and play around with different things. so yeah, you can see right here, i tried a lot of different… so, you saw the horizontal calendar you saw a different kind of style like vertical versus putting the washi tape in different places journaling, taping in different things, doodling, adding in pictures that i took myself. it’s just things like that it really takes a lot of exploration to really find what works for you so i’ve been using the same journal throughout the last four years i guess, so i’ve used the essentials a5 grid journal after my dollar store notebook but i do want to emphasize that you can use any notebook to start a bullet journal and i know some people use composition notebooks, some people use the leuchtturm (and i’m pretty sure i’m pronouncing that wrong) those kinds of notebooks or like a moleskine or a rhodia i will say i’m not super happy with moleskine notebooks so far. like, my experiences with moleskine notebooks have been that the pages are very very thin and things easily bleed through and for me, that doesn’t really work because i use a lot of markers, a lot of highlighters, gel pens, just thick ink pens now, we’re on to my current bullet journal, which is the bullet journal that i’m using right now. i didn’t finish 2018 in one single journal. i ended up overflowing to a new one, which i’m not really too mad about again, in this one, i doodled a lot in class, especially in ap lit. like, in ap lit, during our discussions i would just annotate and make notes and just draw along with the class discussion. that was pretty fun. i really like doing that. i also took a lot of lecture notes within my notebook. i guess, this year? this season? it’s not really a year because i didn’t finish a full year in it but just for this notebook, i did a lot of research, got a lot of lecture notes and things like that overall, i’m pretty satisfied with the way i’ve been going and i’m super excited to see what 2019 have in store who knows? i might switch up my notebook after i finish this one and try a different brand but again i am a creature of habit and we shall see so now for the actual 2019 setup, i decided to go with a closing spread by putting goodbyes in a bunch of different languages on the 2018 side and hello in a bunch of different languages on the 2019 side so it’s like a goodbye, an international goodbye to 2018 and a hello to 2019 and i will say: my handwriting for some of the languages and different alphabets such as russian or chinese or japanese it’s not very good also, i tried writing in hebrew… that did not work out very well and i could not write in arabic for the life of me so i just wrote out the romanized version of them in my spread and i don’t know if all of this is correct i just used google. like, i just googled up “how to say hello in different languages” or “how to say goodbye in different languages” but you know what? we’re working with it. i think i have some turkish in there, have some greek some german, portuguese vietnamese, finnish korean, russian also dutch, i think? and norwegian danish, swedish, it’s just a lot so, on to the 2019 calendar spread, i forgot to do this and film it at the same time so, that’s pretty much it it’s different from my usual ones which i’m super happy about and now about january: i decided to go with a dnd theme because i play dnd quite frequently and in the month of january, i’ll be dm-ing 2 campaigns, so i’m really excited for that so, i decided to make my own, i guess??stats page? with my strength, dexterity constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma, which are all core stats in dnd. i use the fifth edition, but it’s pretty much the same. and i even drew out a little inventory of things that i usually carry around with me and i gave them dnd-esque names like “bag of holding” for my kanken, “a flask of water” for my water bottle, “a book of plans” for my bullet journal, and a “device of calling” for my iphone. just fun things like that :”) and yeah, you can probably tell, like, my strength, dexterity, and constituion are very weak very average, like, i get sick very frequently. i have a close relationship with the common cold, but i talked with my friend about it and she said that my highest stats were in charisma and intelligence and you know what? i’m taking it. so, here is 2019 i’m super excited i branched out, did a lot more things differently. so you could probably tell from the flip through but my overall yearly calendar has been the exact same for like,,,, all of my bullet journals except for this one so, i’m really excited about this horizontal style i’ve got going. kinda changed my mind halfway through december and decided to do a more red/green christmas theme rather than the blue I was going with and yes i am sticking with a blue for january because I just really like the color blue and i’m doing whatever i want in my village and also, yeehaw so, there is that. thank you so much for watching, and i hope your 2019 is wonderful. bye!

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  1. i loved the idea of writing bye and hello in opposite sides of the page! i’m brazilian and it was so nice to see my mother language there. actually, “até amanhã” kinda means “see you tomorrow” so it’s not exactly goodbye, but it’s another way of saying it

  2. Practical, beautiful, consistent, and creative! Lovely journals and very inspiring. In addition, I just love the pace and length of your video. Spot on!!!! I saw you visited Pennsylvania for a college visit. I grew up in Chester County and any time I see any reference to Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, etc. I feel a touch of nostalgia. Did you enjoy your visit?

  3. I don’t use a bullet journal but yet I still love bujo journal vids and try to bullet journal in my Hobonichi Techo Cousin since it already has monthly, weekly, and daily spreads which saves me so much time. It has so much room that I can still doodle and be creative.

  4. Honestly same, with the pictures, I printed out a bunch ahead of time, and now I'm just keeping them in my journal to just get rid of them 🙁

  5. I love your videos and your style so much. And also your voiceovers make you sound like so much fun to be around haha. I'm excited to see more from you in 2019 and I hope you have a great year!

  6. She said she didn’t write very neat in Japanese and I’m japanese and that is better handwriting than me like in the last 10000000 years

  7. That’s so cool that you’re dming two games! Have you done, or could you do, any videos talking more about your games or organization of that? I’m so bad with organizing and maintaining a game, especially while studying or working, so it’d be nice to hear if you have any tips!

  8. I’m pretty sure that the one on the bottom right is Vietnamese, but in translation, it means something like “Hello, friend” which I’m not sure if that was what you were going for. If not, I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be “Xin Chào.” But it doesn’t really matter lmao.

    Also, it was very interesting to see your progress and how your style came to be. I hope you (and everybody) have a great new year!

  9. this video is speechlessly fabulous i really love your style and handwriting you have a big impact on me starting my bullet journal so thanks for the inspiration 💕 fyi i think you said turkish in languages as i saw there was ma’a as salama and salaam if those are the ones you meant by turkish they are not actually turkish they are arabic but we use salaam as ‘selam’ in daily life turkish for good bye is ‘güle güle’ and hello is ‘merhaba’ (btw merhaba is actually arabic sourced as marhaben man languages are so belended) or ‘hoşgeldin’ if you mean welcome i hope this was not too much like lecturing just wanted to say as i am a turkish person

  10. actually as an Hebrew native speaker, your handwriting is better than most of the native speakers >-< and I also just wanted to say that your video gave me so much motivation to do my own bujo♥

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  12. I love your maximalism ❤️ oh btw if it’s Brazilian Portuguese “até amanhã” means “until tomorrow” it actually be “tchau” or “adeus”

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    I still liked this video tho 🎈

  14. In Portuguese “até amanhã” means “see you tomorrow” not “goodbye”, but I found it SO CUTE. Hope one day my bullet journal can be half this pretty and I can be half this creative! ❤️😂

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  16. Hello, Seo! Happy 2019! I just want to tell u that goodbye in portuguese is "adeus". "Até amanhã" means "see you tomorrow". Sometimes google plays fool with us! 😂 kisses from Brazil. By the way : sorry for my terrible english. 😅

  17. just a fyi: the Portuguese word for goodbye is "adeus"; "até amanhã" means "see you tomorrow"
    and God knows I don't want to see 2018 again! I couldn't take it! so please don't invite it back :'(

  18. i love the way your bullet journal looks, and i have been thinking of starting one too for the longest time. the thing is i'm not satisfied with my handwriting and lack of artistic abilities, and i'm a bit too much of a perfectionist so i think i'll just end up hating the bullet journal. i always see that you sketch/plan out your spread in pencil and then go over it with pens and markers but i'm just really scared of making a mistake. i know i'm probably overthinking this whole bullet journal thing and i haven't even started, do you have any tips on not focusing too much on the perfectionism part?

  19. Adoro tus bujo con toda el alma (en español para que practiques el tuyo). Durante la mitad más pesada de la universidad me ayudó mucho el sistema de tu bujo #2. Saludos 😀

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  21. i finally found a flipthrough of 2018 journal in which it only shows the pages. many flipthrough videos annoy me with their long stories and 30 minute long running time

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    Greetings from Poland! 💜

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