100 thoughts on “Florida newspaper calls for removal of Broward County Sheriff

  1. When there is such corruption oozing forth into public view, can you imagine the corruption that has occurred & is occurring out of public view?
    Every single department of the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO) needs to be relentlessly, methodically, thoroughly, & mercilessly investigated to be certain that ever criminal within BSO prior to this corrupt man Scott Israel's taking of its top office & since then be identified & punished proportionate to his or her crimes. Indeed, I'm sure that when it comes unto BSO's "Child Protection Services" realm wherein the most defenceless of society, namely children, are hauled into away from their families, there will be found stories & evidences of sexual abuse & other atrocities perpetrated or facilitated against the children & their families that will bring even seasoned investigators to tears, sobbing, & nausea.
    Yeah, Governor Elect Ron DeSantis had better be sure to do what Rick Scott, for some strange reason or reasons, never did, namely get rid of Scott Israel & any of his cronies within that institution & see to their investigation & prosecution. Rick Scott nearly suffered even more than he Rick Scott was made to suffer by the Democrats & specifically Brenda Snipes & even Scott Israel during the 2018 midterm election because Rick Scott didn't do his job of really going after political corruption & Ron DeSantis had best take note of this & not make the same mistake.
    I think the people of Florida are so awakened & fed up now, though, that DeSantis will not be able to not act swiftly, decisively, & unapologetically in these matters to bring the corruption to an end.

  2. It was the Obama policy to keep the crime causing Black students from getting records for bad behavior just created more crime and disorder in the school.
    So they are smart @sses and do whatever they want in the school to the point the teachers and police can't even tell them what to do. So why have any rules ?
    The school monitor lets Nicholas Cruz walk in w/ a bag w/ a rifle when he wasn't suppose to. The school monitor CAN'T tell Cruz what to do. The inmates rule the nut house.
    For the cop outside. Why should he risk his life for a bunch of snot nosed kids who don't behave and CAN'T make them behave. Never mind Cruz. Look at David Hogg and Emma Gonzales. SJWs to the Nth degree. i heard that Emma Gonzales was bullying Cruz in the past. Maybe Cruz should have taken them out and we'd have some sanity now in solving the problem.

  3. A Democrat controlled County: the County of Brenda Snipes and corrupt elections, the County of Debbie Wasserman Schultz of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Awan brothers and DNC scandals…what do you expect? This is what Democrats are: thoroughly and hopelessly corrupt swine. And we just gave them control of the House! God help us.

  4. 0:00 then your not a real man accepting responsibility as a Sheriff. That man should be removed from post, stripped of reward, stripped of pension and disgraced on National television. I'd love to go hand to hand with sheriff and beat his sorry ass. Boxing ring down the street lets go big guy, yo hold the post and now you have to defend it.

  5. Resign???
    This mutt conspired for 6 days to cover up the malfeasance of the Coward of Broward, Peterson.
    He should be under indictment facing charges for those crimes.

  6. Sheriff Scott Israel is nothing but a democrat political hack. Not a law enforcement officer at all. I have lived in Dade County for a long time. I know exactly who this clown is. He is a self serving, self promoting , ambitious politician who supports disarming the rest of us . He has always been exactly this kind of jackass.

  7. It goes down from the educational department all the way to the sheriff department for failure to do their job! This also includes the F.B.I. ! That kid Nicholas Cruz would have never been able to get any kind of weapons if the Sheriff department issued a J.D. card or even worst Baker Acted the kid!!!

  8. Sherriff Istael gave money to Gillum's campaign. Broward county is CNN County!
    That hag Snipes is refusing to resign too after she tried to steal the last election! The liberals have invaded that county like a Cancer!

  9. i should have an option to opt out for paying for this shity government services that does nothing but serves and collects. local police all the way up to the fbi are dirtier than a public restroom. nothing but frauds and phonies and wealth consumers.

  10. Cumberland county sheriff's office in NC is a mirror image of Browered co. It's only a matter of time until a catastrophic failure on behalf of local law enforcement happens here.

  11. The officers spent 4 hours a year on gun training then the rest of the time on memorizing the cornucopia of gender pronounce.

  12. Another Dog and Pony show. I saw a video of the "Perp" struggling to stay on foot walking nearly a mile from the school, while police surround the facility. I'd be surprised if they performed a GSR test immediately after he was admitted to ER? No truth yet.

  13. The Police have no duty to protect American lives. It's settled law. see Warren v. District of Columbia. Which makes any infringements on the 2A even more reprehensible

  14. Isnt this the same county where they have such a big problem counting votes?
    Gee whiz! What a surprise! This county seems to reek of INCOMPETENCE and NO CONFIDENCE.

  15. He didn’t even move in closer for a better look. To evaluate the situation and possibly do something. He stayed back with the janitor. Or whoever that was

  16. How many of you remember Little Nicky Navarro? He, too, was BSO top cop. Navarro ran BSO as his personal empire. Thought he was bulletproof.
    BSO & FDLE were Always butting heads. The deputies were among the most arrogant asshats, and most were NYPD & Jersey corrupt cops that proves the saying that if you are a screwup ftom there, you can get a job in S FL No Problem.

  17. This is all too political and everyone watching their political future and agendas!!! What about these kids protection and right to live in safety in their own school? Robert Runcie and Scott Israel had that responsibility and they failed. We all see the truth here and even the Sun Sentinel has now seen the light Thank GOD. This "Sheriff" is a covert narcissist and thats the most dangerous of all kinds. We are in Peril here in Broward with him at the helm. Isnt that obvious by the Airport shooting and Parkland? He is incompetent and Corrupt!! I mean this is an active shooters wet dream. OUST THE COVERT NARCISSIST NOW!!

  18. What about the FBI drill that was planned at that time? what about numerous teachers students never saw before? too many unanswered questions. Of course the sheriff is dirty – i say the FBI was to. The slaughter was orchestrated/planned and executed.

  19. Broward County appears to be one of the most tainted places to live.Just an unconstitutional place from voting issues to the police Department Pretty sad

  20. Seriously though, I believe that there were some others factors and unknowns in this particular situation. Though its important for leadership to be reassessed and/or restructured given the recent blight made by 'fraidy-cop,' its 'fraidy-cop' that needs to take the most of the blame. That would be like a certified first-responding fire fighter going to a rescue only to stop in front of the burning building, then walking away. You don't like your job, then quit before you take the call.

  21. Hay fox news step outside look up military planes pouring out chemicals on all of us. Are you a blind puppet saying what your told.

  22. Broward is the county that is eff up with the election by the droopy eye old hag right?

    They have the back bone to demand the sheriff to resign, but lost it entirely to demand the election supervisor to step down?

  23. Coward County!! This department is full of cowards and incompetence. It needs to be completely cleaned out and re staffed.

  24. Israel needs to go, but that doesn't change the fact that every deputy who didn't enter that school as quickly as possible should go with him. It's a dangerous job, granted, but if you can't deal with that you should seek other employment.

  25. These cowered individuals should be fired and prosecuted.
    Not waiting for their resignation.
    They give real brave cops a bad image.

  26. While I happen to agree that Israel is a Weeney….I have to remember that “Sheriff” Israel is AN ELECTED OFFICIAL. The majority of citizens of that County, as well as that rag of a newspaper ARE AS ACCOUNTABLE.

  27. Brenda Snipes, Broward's previous supervisor of elections, and Sheriff Scott Israel need to be put in the same cell in the Broward Jail!

  28. Cowards. The first guy to pull his gun on a citizen for speeding and last to rush into danger. COWARD. Shouldnt he be charged with gross neglect of duties or something else.

  29. Hey Sheriff Israel it is your responsibility!! You Coward if Broward. Your failed leadership proves that !!
    MR POTATO HEAD need to go!!


  31. I find it difficult to blame this kid, when the sheriffs department basically put the gun in his hands, if in fact it was him who actually pulled the trigger! I have my doubts

  32. What a Ass Hole ! take him and others to court that messed up that day, Other deputies and that women Captain! CNN needs to eat there lies and fake news ! GO ARMY

  33. These are the same cowardly cops that is usually first at a crash site. These are the same cowardly cops that will watch you and your babies burn while lighting a cigarette from your burning car!

  34. I did not know the extent of the lack of professionalism in this police department, badly trained, with a flawed leader. The commander is ALWAYS responsible for the actions of his command. This officer failed, miserably, in his duties and responsibilities. And his command mirrored his failings. I can honestly say that I can only hope that I would have challenged the shooter, not run for cover. I believe that I would have challenged the shooter, but who knows how it would have ended. Better to die than to have to endure a lifetime of shame. Better to have done your duty, no matter the outcome, than to live with the memories of a coward.

  35. The sheriff and all deputies on seen should be fired immediately!!!!
    And never allowed back in any law enforcement!!!!! They all have disgraced their uniforms.


    D.A.C.A. =


    $$$$$$ with your money $$$$$$

    *Joe Biden sucks.*

    Seventeen kids left for dead by

    Sheriff Israel , the deputies and the city managers.

    So corrupt and cowardly all this time just waiting for an incident to expose the horrible lie they perpetrated on you.

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