FNAFNG | Blog | “Feliz Cumpleaños”

FNAFNG | Blog | “Feliz Cumpleaños”

*Conversation* Ohh look! The guests they already here Hi! I´m Circus Baby! Ballora the ballerina to you people Hiya friends! Say hello to your friend Funtime Freddy! And the Little Bon Bon. Say hi Bon Bon! What time do we eat cake!? He, also accompanies us Funtime Foxy The Minireenas, and the Bidybabs Guests, welcome to this meeting with us the Funtime Since this day, it is a very important date Today the creator of this cannel, Namy Gaga, It´s her birthday! And it´s not any birthday, because today, she’s 20 years old! -Bravo! -Two decades! -The fearsome 20 -Woo hoo! And so, What do we Funtime do when someone turns age? WEEE SING TO HIM! To your positions guys! *Ha – ppy birthday to you* *Happy birthday to you* *Happy birthday dear Namy* *Ha – ppy birthday to you* *Applause*
-Bravo! -Congratulations* Well done guys. He, much better than the practice The cake! Very well done Foxy! Good, now it´s time for all of us to blow the candles together! Ballora! What do you do? Go for the gifts! Oh! Sure, sure, Um, I am coming right away! Ok, we blow the candles all together at the count of three One… One… Two… Uh, Didn´t you expecting a screaming?

100 thoughts on “FNAFNG | Blog | “Feliz Cumpleaños”

  1. Why I thought it was your birthday can you give me a jump scare me and her didn’t scare whatever

  2. Puse el vídeo en 0.25x velocidad y se escuchó MAL MAL PERO MAL Xp. :’)

    Editado:parece que los Todos (los funtime)estan HARTOS de pastel XD

  3. Yo si crei que iba a ver escrini ballora me di cuenta porque todo estaba tan tranquilo y los animatronicos no son asi pero
    Feliz cumple que viva la mejor artista
    Bueno feliz cumple atrasado
    Esque resien me subcribo perdon😢😢😢😢😣😣

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