Food Products I Got This Month | Life of a Food Blogger

Food Products I Got This Month | Life of a Food Blogger

– Hey guys, and welcome back to the FFF HQ where Mr. FFF is back and we
have another snack taste test. You can see our last snack
taste test linked above, but as a food blogger,
I get a ton of different yummy foods to try every single month, so we thought it’d be fun
to do a little review, kind of like an unboxing,
a little taste test, and a rundown. So let’s dive right in. All right, Mr. FFF, what’s up first? – All right, so we got a,
this is a protein shake by Iconic and it’s lactose-free. – Ooh!
– So that’s pretty awesome. – It’s not non-dairy though, right? – No, it’s not non-dairy. It says it’s a grass-fed
milk protein isolate. – Okay, so it’s whey protein.
– Yeah. So it has, wow, so it has
80 milligrams of caffeine. – Wow! – So a little energy boost.
– It’s like coffee. – Yeah, and then it’s 130 calories and you get 20 grams of protein. – That’s a lot, let’s try it out.
– So it’s like a chicken dinner.
– What flavor are we trying? – This is– – Matcha.
– Coconut cream and matcha green tea. – Trendy. – All right, give it a little shake. – Jiggle it out. I thought he was gonna
shake it without the lid. I was concerned! (laughing) – Let’s see, you have nails, right? – Yes.
– Okay, help me out. – First, we’ll try and open it. Maybe we should rate it on open-ability. All right. I try it first.
– All right. Take the first swig. – Ooh, I’m a matcha lover, so I like that a lot. It’s very coconut-y, very creamy. – Oh, that’s really good. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s overly matcha. I get the matcha, but I’m not like– – Yeah, ’cause, I’m not
full on the matcha train. – I tried, I tried.
– So if it was just all matcha, I’d probably say, ugh. It’s a little bit, a little bit too much, but this is really well balanced. – Yeah, it’s coconut,
it’s creamy, it’s matcha, it’s high protein. It’s great for on the go
when you want something that’s filling or after the workout. – Yeah.
– Really portable. Definitely love the Iconic
drinks and they also have a lot of other flavors. We tried the cafe latte, vanilla. – Yeah, love ’em. – They’re all really great, so
definitely something to try. They also have powders as well if you’re looking for
a good pre-made protein or a good protein powder brand. You ready for our next little sample? – I’m ready, what do we got?
– Okay, so, we have a Sir Kensington’s Raspberry Pink Peppercorn dressing. – Very fancy.
– I know. Sir Kensington’s makes a lot of dressings and condiments that are all-natural, made with real food,
non-GMO, all that good stuff. So we’re going to give it a shake. – Shake, shake, shake.
– Shake, shake, shake. Shake your dressing. And that was a good shake. – Aw, thanks.
– And we’re gonna just try it. We don’t have any salad, so
we’re literally just gonna try it.
– Try the dressing. – Try the dressing on its own, because you might want
some good dressing ideas. If I can actually ever open it. Oh, there’s actually an
easy open that I missed. I’m just dumb. Okay, let’s see here. Maybe we’ll open it–
– It’s a cap there. – This is why I have Mr. FFF, ’cause I don’t know how to open things. Cap, oh, oh and there’s still– – Oh, and there’s more! – There’s layers of–!
– And there’s more! – There’s layers of packaging, guys. – It’s like an infomercial. (upbeat music)
(Taylor humming) – There we go, let’s just do that. – Okay.
– Okay. We’ll do the spoon, we’ll be civilized and we won’t use our fingers. A spoon for you. – All right.
– All right, so let’s see if it’s sweet and spicy like raspberries and pink peppercorns. – All right, pink
peppercorn and raspberry. – Sir Kensington’s salad dressing. I’m a big salad lover
and I’m always looking for good salad dressings,
I’m excited to try this one. Ooh! – You can definitely taste– (laughs) You can definitely taste the peppercorn.
– The peppercorn. But in a good way! – Yeah, it’s not over-powering. – It’s not super spicy. – Yeah, and the raspberry balances it out. – Yeah!
– So. – I like it and it’s
thick and obviously I love that it’s made of real
foods and blend ingredients. So they have a whole
bunch of other condiments and salad dressing flavors as well, if you’re looking for a really
good natural salad dressing for your salads or even as a marinade or– – Yeah!
– Super versatile, so definitely check out Sir Kensington’s. What else did we get
sent that we should try? – All right, so we have a,
I’m sure you guys have heard of peanut butter powders. This is one by PB&Me. – PB and who?
– So it’s very exclusive. – PB&Me!
– It should be PB and us? – Yeah!
– Yeah, yeah, all right! Let’s be more inclusive.
– More inclusive! It’s more inclusive. – All right, so this is a
powdered hazelnut peanut butter. Or–
– It’s actually not peanut at all. – Hazelnut butter.
– Just hazelnuts. – Yeah, and chocolate. So, we’re gonna try this, just… – Just the powder!
– The powder itself. – You’re supposed to add water. – This is gonna be like the cinnamon challenge.
– It’s like the cinnamon challenge.
– We’ll see how this– – Go ahead!
– How this goes. – That’s ambitious. – Okay, all right, a little too much. – I’m gonna try it, but not that much!
– You’re just gonna leave me to do this by myself.
– I’m just gonna do half a teaspoon.
– Okay, here we go, cheers. – Cheers. – That’s wimpy. – Ooh, that’s dry. (laughing)
(choking) – We need some water! – Water! Here you go.
– I’m like, call the fire department! – Here you go, water! – [Cameraman] I’m crying! (laughing) – And we’re back. – And we’re recovered.
– With some water. – Yes, so–
– And now– Don’t do that!
– Pro tip, yeah. – I mean, you’re not actually supposed to. I feel like no one would do that other than us.
– No! – But we’re here for
the entertainment value. – Yeah.
– So add some PB. It’s not– PB&Me Hazelnut
Butter with some water. And you’re gonna mix it to
make a nut butter texture. – Yeah, so this is one of
the ways you could actually use PB&Me powder, you could
make it into sort of like– I don’t know, you could
make this into something that you could drizzle onto foods or– – Or spread it on toast or sandwiches, however you would normally use Nutella. ‘Cause this is kind of like a healthier– I guess powdering it
takes out some of the fat, so that’s kind of like the
drought powdered nut butter. Just gotta keep adding water
until it’s the right texture. Okay, that looks good. – All right, let’s try this.
– Ready to try? Nice and creamy. That’s much better. That actually oddly taste like Nutella. – It tastes really good. – I didn’t think it was gonna
taste, ’cause it’s powder, I was like, “There’s
no way it’s gonna taste “like Nutella.”
– Yeah and you guys can’t see this, but it’s really thick–
– Yep, creamy. – And spreads almost like a butter would. – Like nut butter.
– Like nut butter. – Yeah, super surprised, I
love powdered peanut butter and powdered hazelnut butter stacks up. – PB&Me.
– PB and us. – PB and us. – Okay, so we have something
that, according to the package, is strangely addictive. – Even a shark’s eating it. Do you see that? – I don’t really know how
sharks have hands to hold them. – Yeah, or why they would eat seaweed, but it’s that addictive.
– But they are! So like Mr. FFF said, they’re seaweed. So these are literally little seaweed– What would you call them, pieces? – Yeah, snacks.
– Sheets, sheets! I think sheet’s a good word. – Oh, sheets, yeah. – Very– seaweed snacks.
– A sheet snack. – Sheet snack. Say that five times fast. Sheet snack, or don’t. – A sea snack sheet snack. – There you go. (upbeat music)
(crunching) Mmm, they are strangely addictive! What’re you doing with your mouth right now?
– It’s stuck on my face! (laughing)
– Just ignore him. I always do. – But it’s really good. – Very crunchy.
– As long as you get it in your mouth and don’t
stick it onto your face. – Yeah, don’t have your
wife stick it on your face. Put it in your mouth, it’s
nice and light and crunchy and really salty, which I– salt lover. I love.
– Yeah, if you’ve ever had sushi or anything like that– – I think most people have.
– And you like the seaweed on there, it’s like that,
except it’s dry and salty and great.
– And it’s snackable and strangely addictive! – Yeah!
– Something that’s really simple, portable,
yummy little satisfying snack. You might wanna try some sea snacks. Sea snacks? Sea snacks. – (laughing) Sea snacks! All right, so, next we
have stuff by Countertop and it happens to be on our– – You still have seaweed on your face. – Okay, still stuck to my face. Happens to be on our countertop. All right.
– Countertop Foods! On our countertop.
– Ah, dang it. Countertop Foods. All right, so I’m just
gonna read these off, ’cause these are– – Got a bunch of little options. – Yeah, so, Cocoa Butter, or
cacao if you wanna be fancy. Happy Honey.
– Golden Butter, and Golden Honey. So, these are little sample
versions of their bigger size and they all have different benefits. So the Golden Butter is anti-inflammatory. The honeys have stuff for
natural stress or bliss and all those kinds of things,
so, good food with benefits. Which one should we try? Do you wanna try a different butter or a honey?
– I wanna try ’em all but… – For the sake of this video,
which one do you wanna try? – I want to try Happy Honey. – That sounds–
– ‘Cause that just sounds… – ‘Cause we’re gonna be happy today.
– Like it’s gonna be awesome. – All right, Happy Honey. – All right.
– Where’s your spoon? – We’re gonna share. – Oh, I don’t wanna share. Mmm, cardamom! – There’s cardamom in this?
– Definitely. – All right.
– Really good. – This is really thick.
– It’s very thick honey. – For a honey. – Yeah, I almost wanna
melt it a little bit before I spread it on something
or put it on hot toast, then it would melt.
– Oh wow! – It’s very strong with the cardamom, which I personally love. – Yeah, if you like chai tea. – Yeah, it tastes like chai! Exactly what it tastes like, chai. – This is for you.
– It’s almost like chai spread, I don’t even really call it– To me, it doesn’t really taste like honey.
– You could have chai tea toast.
– That would be so good! – Yeah!
– If you like chai tea or if you wanna try some of these other little spreads with benefits, definitely wanna check
out Countertop Foods. – All right, so what do we got next? – Are you ready for the last one? – Finale!
– Finale! – Drumroll!
– So, we were sent these Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs. So, these are free of
the big eight allergens. They got three grams
of protein per serving, and they’re gluten-free, and we’re gonna try the Vegan Cheesy Cheddar. – So, what is a spudsy? Is it a potato?
– Yeah, sweet potato. There’s a little potato on the front. – Oh, partying it up there. – He’s partying it up. So yeah, so the Spudsy
based blend is rice flour, pea protein, sweet potato
powder and tapioca starch, and then there’s seasonings. (crinkling) So, let’s see. See if it tastes like cheese,
’cause it’s a vegan cheese, which means it’s dairy-free,
which is good for you. – Yeah, all right.
– Here you go. So it looks like, it kinda
looks like a little Cheeto. Smells like cheese. – It tastes like a Cheeto! – Oh my gosh! – That tastes like a Cheeto.
– Literally. It tastes exactly like a Cheeto. And it smells like a Cheeto. – Wow!
– And I’m not plant-based, I eat cheese and I am kind of in shock, ’cause I didn’t think
I was gonna like ’em. – Yeah, I really like those. – It’s not like that protein bar. If you wanna watch the protein bar review where we tried a plant-based protein bar. That was interesting. Yeah, I love these a lot. These are super also addicting. – So, if you like Cheetos
and you want a really, really healthy option– – Instead of chips or Cheetos. – This is for you.
– Yeah, definitely check out Spudsy, and you will love– We’ve also tried the cinnamon flavor and that was really good, we hadn’t tried the vegan flavor as well. Lots of good flavors, nice
and natural little snack. Whole bunch of different snack options that I got sent this month,
super fun to try new things and share them with you. So please leave a comment below if you’ve tried anything
or if you need to know where to find them, just let
me know, and I’ll let you know. I’d also really appreciate
a like of this video and make sure you hit
that subscribe button ’cause I’m delivering
healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes to
you, product reviews, and fun little taste tests
like this every single week. So, I hope you all learned
some new little snacks that you wanna try and go
enjoy the rest of your week. We’ll see you next time, bye for now! (upbeat music)

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