“Forum – Lectiones Latinitatis Vivae” Author’s Review

“Forum – Lectiones Latinitatis Vivae” Author’s Review

Salve. Ego Philippus sum. Quod tibi nomen est? Dic, Aureli, quis magister est? Exspecta, quaeso, Aurelius non sum.
Ego Alexander sum! Rosa accedit. Salvete, condiscipuli! Vos, qui estis? Ave, pulcherrima. Nomen mihi est Philippus. Hic est Albertus, amicus meus. (lente clamat) A-LE-XAN-DER! Why do we need a new Latin textbook? There are so many Latin methods available now. Well, we can say that there has been in the last thirty years in the States mainly also in Canada and in other parts of the world a constant development of the
techniques to teach modern languages in a more efficient way. What Forum
tries to do is precisely to apply all these techniques, all these very recent
techniques to acquire a second language to the study of Latin Forum has this particularity It is a method that teaches you to speak Latin. Why are we teaching people to speak Latin? For only one reason because all the last
years research shows that unless one speaks the language it is impossible to get to the step where you read fluently. So, for us to speak Latin is a means in
order to be able to read the classics Forum is following natural progression grammatical progression that follows the steps and the tenses that would have appeared on the lips of a child for whom
Latin would have been her or his own mother tongue. Another feature that we
can mention is the fact that grammar is completely inductive. Other methods have grammar induction but here we have grammar induction through TPR. You have before every chart all kinds of exercises which try to drill with the forms in order to help the students acquire the paradigm before they are
guessing the paradigm themselves. I would mention also another point, which is that all the dialogues have something particular and it’s that they are related to characters. So, you have a group of 10 characters: a teacher, parents and the students of the teacher, who interact. Each one of these characters has a very strong personality and the personality helps
creating a background, a context and helps understanding what is going on. Another feature is the number of games that have been foreseen in
this book. Also the illustration of the book. If you follow the pages of the book,
you will see that it is full of illustrations illustrations of the
characters illustrations of the objects That also help making Forum
a very visual book. That is very helpful for people to learn Latin. The Forum book has been experienced in the last years by a group of different teachers from different backgrounds from from different languages, mother tongues. It has been in the making ever since 2009. A group of 6 co-authors
have participated in this book and have used this book in their own
teaching. What we can say from all this experience is the following: Someone who
starts learning Latin with this method very soon will feel completely
immersed in the language. so that for the time of the class one is not anymore thinking in her or his own mother tongue but rather in Latin. And, of course, when you start going to the text, to the original text and you try to
read original text little by little you see that you are not anymore translating,
you are reading. And this is a very powerful experience.

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  1. You cannot read classics fluently unless you speak Latin… Challenge accepted. But I suppose If I managed to fluently read Latin texts (probably not a classics – I'am more interrested in a renaissance Latin) I'll be able to speak fluently as a side effect of it…

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