6 thoughts on “Forum Trajanum Extended Gameplay

  1. "If I had, like, four assistants and two coins, I could make [Trajan] happy twice" — Roman debauchery at its best 😉
    Are the white meeples called tribunes or envoys? I'm confuzzled with all these different meeples that obviously can be changed, turned and metamorphed into each other anyway. Maybe it'd become clearer when actually playing the game. Do you know if it will it be available at SPIEL?
    Looks like another Feld game that might take a while to set up/clear and I'm not fond of that, although it doesn't appear to be more opulent than, e.g., Amerigo.

  2. I don’t believe you have to pay two coins for a row that has two citizens. The most you have to pay is one coin for each row that has citizens in it. It doesn’t matter if there are one or two citizens in the row. You just pay 1 coin per row. According to the rule book.

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