Forum Trajanum Final Thoughts

Forum Trajanum Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for a forum Trajan um and this is the sweet stuff this is felled uncut this is the pure business if you’re a felon attic you have to seek this out cuz you know I’ve enjoyed every game that he has put out over the last few years but this is like really harkening back to his glory days back to his burgundy Trajan makalah days his Luna days I mean you know Merlyn is nice and you know I mean all these lighter once he’s been doing over the years haven’t I haven’t actually seen the other one that’s coming out to here carpe diem don’t know anything about that yet but this is the stuff this is what got me hooked on the man and all it delivers so big is is a gigantic puzzle to solve round after round even though the core decision to make is right just which to citizens to pick up based on these cards these cards tell me to streets to activate to citizens and but that’s just the beginning first insanely tough decision which Street um because there is so much that goes into long-term and immediate short-term planning based on these Trajan Edict cards that make you know how it is you want to develop your city you can’t achieve all of them so you’re gonna go for that first one in that third one you’re gonna do that second one you’re gonna ignore them and really focus on other stuff all valid all viable what street do you go for first tough choice but made even tougher if you happen to have some the not Tribune’s I forget the term the the all of yeah the tribunes the tribunes because they can let you ignore the street restriction and go wherever you want that’s the first tough choice second tough choice okay I’ve chosen my streets I’ve got these tokens and now I have to give one to you ladies or oh my god I can’t this one is terrible for me but it’s exactly what you need I can’t give it to you am I gonna give you this other one that’s good for oh my god and that’s awesome that’s not something we’ve seen a lot in failed games that kind of direct uh uh you know interaction free players this gift-giving thing I mean kind of reminds me of nutri Dom over the card drafting in that game which is introduction to card drafting long before seven wonders came along is absolutely brain that same kind of ah if I give you this I’m giving you the keys to the kingdom but I need this key for my kingdom uh all sets a second tough choice which of these do you give and then eventually you get another one back from your opponent and now the third tough choice I can only have to meet one of these haha oh my gosh I won’t actually – well you know what if you haven’t had two Tribune’s you can toss them and activate both but then that means you’re at the mercy of the street cards in the next round but uh huh so I mean also I have to pick one of these and you know and there’s more to it than just what resources my gettin am I gonna put more of a noose around my neck because now I’ve got another full-time active citizen that I’ve got to pay every year and will I actually get the full use out of him never mind the fact that if I do that that’s one less oh not Tribune not that it matters but the the people who get sent back to the forum oh I forgot I can’t think of their names the Envoy yeah that’s one less envoy you have to sent back to Rome to get that power you better use that power you better build on that guy street so that he will give you lots of points cuz otherwise why did you take him okay Bo then clearly I should throw him away but I don’t need these builders right now but if I have on this that lets me convert um you know assists if I happen to get an assistant then I can get the Builder on one and I could set myself over the future so the choice of which of these to use and then if that weren’t enough I finally chosen now what building or buildings am I gonna build this turn am I gonna get more Civic things because I’m at barely scratch the surface on this I mean all of these different Civic buildings give you access to really cool powers like taking the seats of power um yo or increasing your scoring potential with this bar y’all tons and tons of stuff really important stuff or am I going for those colored buildings to get more of my envoys out there because if you get like a gigantic I mean you can you can get in a group of envoys like six seven eight nine ten if you get a ton of envoys and you get this scoring track upgraded and all the way to the end that can be multiple times like 20 points and you can ignore everything except for that and go for super gigantic paydays uh-huh but I mean you’re giving up a lot to do that because this is a game you know a lot of people I don’t understand the the pejorative point salad like that’s a bad thing uh yo I love games that are constantly drip feeding me mule rewards I mean who doesn’t want rewards I mean it triggers the dopamine Center the pleasure centers of your brain every time you get a reward and you tick another box it’s like what the entire science of modern video game design is points outlets are awesome and then a lot of people say oh well in a point solid it doesn’t matter what I do because no matter what I get points anytime somebody says that they so fundamentally do not understand what a good point solid game is because a good point solid game yeah you could do a little bit of everything or you could focus on two or three things and do amazing stuff but once you’ve set that plan for yourself will you be able to pull it off because in a game that has such interesting confounding you’re like I’m just gonna draw two cards what will those two cards let me do oh my gosh it’s just the just blows the doors open um you know this game from start to finish is pure agony but in the best possible way and again if you’re a Feld fan if you love Macau as much as Jenna I do um if you’ve played burgundy as many times as we have you know what I’m talking about and I’ll just delivers in spades I love it uh-huh I don’t know if this I mean this has been a really good year for euros but this might be my number one of the year of course there’s a lot of stuff coming out at us and there’s a lot I haven’t seen yet but you know hey I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Feld fanatic through and through I wear that badge proudly and forum Trajan um oh man it lives up to the pedigree to the legacy of mr. Feld good stuff good stuff forum Trajan um and that is the rundown folks thanks very much for watching have a very very nice day talk to you later so long bye bye

29 thoughts on “Forum Trajanum Final Thoughts

  1. This was unhinged Rahdo and I think I love it. Great runthrough, better Final Thoughts 🙂 THANK YOU AND NOW I'M GOING TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET THIS AAAAAAAGH!

  2. Thanks for the video Rahdo! Now i’m even more excited for the game. Didn’t think that was possible.
    I really liked Carpe Diem but this looks like som next level stuff 😁
    Feld is the man!

  3. "This is what got me hooked, this is pure, uncut meth … I mean Feld :sniff: I meant Feld."

    Sorry Rahdo, I couldn't leave this joke on the ground, but I'm a huge fan and I say this with love.

  4. You can tell how good a game is by how many octaves Richard's voice goes up when talking about it! Rahdo's Octave Rating Scale …

  5. Rahdo, thanks so much for your videos.
    I'm torn. I want to love Feld games as much as you – other than Castles of Burgundy, which really works for me, his games end up feeling really dry to me. The game looks really dry, but it also looks like it has a few clever game state manipulation mechanics like Burgundy that leads me to really enjoy that game. The original Trajan was just too "lifeless" and static for me.

    Maybe I'll have to try it out and buy it if I like it.

  6. Has there ever been a release before of so many great and potentially fantastic games in one year? So many choices ..$$$…

  7. Gosh i had been waiting for a review of this game for so long! i was already excited with all the good feedback (in spite of component complains) for Carpe Diem but Rahdo now posting a video of Feld's bigger game…yessss! it seems like an interesting game. I am very excited for it. Thanks for the awesome runthrough…I was suspicious with your excitement so I had to go check out the full runthroughs after all this hype; it does have some great mechanisms and tough choices to make 🙂

  8. Thanks Rahdo for this great review. Proud to have been involved with development on tthis one. Sorry to not be seeing you and Jen this year at Essen. Cheers.

  9. Oh, no! You invoked Macao, my all time favorite game! I think this looks too heavy for my husband, but not going to be able to pass this up–just in case.

  10. What a buzzing runthrough and review….thank you Rahdo!! Delighted that Feld is back with the big guns!! This is like music to our ears!

  11. Hey Rahdo! Long time lurker on your videos. Just wanted to say keep up the good work! You have more fans than you know. Oh, and I like the new format for final thoughts since you've got new your setup. This little gaming corner is pretty neat.

  12. “feld uncut”, haha ,, I’m buying your normal unbridled enthusiasm on this one, seems like he was right in stride on this one. sign me up for the “best possible agony !!” (-:

  13. Is this too complicated for a 9 year old? The kid is mad about Rome so he'd love the theme, but I'm afraid it will be too hard for him for now. He is good at Carcassonne, 7 Wonders Duel and Azul but he can't plan Caverna strategies as good as he'd need. I'm planning getting this or Dice Hospital….. Decisions!!!! Thanks Rahdo for your reviews. They are useful and amusing!

  14. I played it 3x by now and the pushing sliding track see s to be a determinant strategy! If you invest in it (and others don't), you WILL win! So while I really enjoyed the dynamics of the game, It felt disappointing there is no variety on which strategies to invest…

  15. Good morning. My teenage daughter received kick ass for a gift. How do you like it? ( I saw it on your shelf)

  16. I just played Trajan earlier this evening. I did what can be described as "truly awful"….and it burrowed so dutifully into my brain parts. Watching this Final Thoughts hit all of the notes on why I love the Feld gameography and why I need this one in my life.

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