14 thoughts on “Forum Trajanum Gameplay Runthrough

  1. I had no idea this game existed haha. But I've been hearing the same sentiment about Carpe Diem in that both games feels like Stefan Feld has gone back to his roots, though Carpe Diem might be the lighter game. I hope you get to do a run through for that one, but thanks for doing this one! I will be on the lookout for this one. 🙂

  2. Was figuring this game was going to be "too heavy" but from this video, it's more that there's just a lot of options and paths toward victory. I like that.

  3. Stefan Feld designs great games, the sky is blue, General Relativity is the most accurately predicted law in all of Physics. These are just facts.

  4. You're women citizen on crane from the setup are supposed to be in opposite side of each others! Great game thanks for the playthrough 🙂

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