Forum Trajanum – Playthrough – slickerdrips

Forum Trajanum – Playthrough – slickerdrips

hi everyone I’m Tom and today I’m gonna be playing forum Trajan um which is a new game from Stefan Feld where we are again trying to impress the Emperor Trajan as in one of his previous games but this time we are governors of colonias and we are going to be trying to build some beautiful buildings here before we get started our always recommend you turn on Klingon subtitles because if I’ve made any mistakes they will be noted up there and if you would like a static camera then that’s linked in the description where there’s just a camera looking over it all or if you’re watching this at a camera hello you can switch to the handheld one anyway let’s get start it so we each have a similar board a similar colonia that we are governing and every round we will be taking tiles from here using them to gain resources and then trying to build buildings here to gain inputs on this central board and move up these tracks and things you know it’s a Stefan file game all of these things link together eventually I promise you I’m playing a two-player game today against little class Marty and the only real difference is that the the board shape in the middle here it’s smaller for two players you know so that there’s there’s some competition over things so I am the first player which is why the game gives you this strange rifle kind of thing before you come in I’m just being silly I know it’s not a rifle it’s some people on a rollercoaster with the Hansa I get the rollercoaster symbol to show that I’m the first player and the first thing that we do every turn is reveal two of these Street cards now these were all shuffled up at the start of the game and you put eight out for each round of the game there’s three rounds and you usually put these in that space up there that’s a bit of a reach for me right now so I’m gonna be having them down here maybe so we reveal these two Street cards and now we need to take tiles from our boards from rows or columns that correspond to these symbols here so these streets we’ve got via pawns impera Taurus or VLE generis so we look for these symbols these are going to be rows so we’ve got the the bridge there and the Legionnaire so we need to take tiles from these rows and we don’t know what’s going to be on these they are they’re going to be some combination of resources or some kind of benefit or something like that that are going to help guide or thinking we can be thinking about to the goals for the game there are these are different every game there’s just one for each round at the end of this round we want to try and build two different buildings you know one above the other so since two rows have come out I’m thinking that maybe I want to take two tiles that are above each other so these two these two these two these two because these are just these are just blocked off spaces these are in the way I think let’s although you are making a column less effective for later on which might come to come back to bite us but I I’m gonna do this I’m gonna take these two and these go here and I get to secretly look at what I might be getting at the same time Marty would be picking he’s gonna go for some different things I think keep his options open later on in the game and he looks at the tiles that he’s gone so I have just got basically resources workers that are gonna come and help me now we do start the game with a coin a builder an assistant and a Tribune yes I remembered and yeah this is where we can get more so that the different colored workers I could get a blue worker who is gonna help me build blue buildings and maybe take control of the blue areas on the central board there it also get me a builder who is good at building buildings the gray tiles which are the tiles that we want for the goal of the game so maybe I want another one of those while it’s arthur they’re green worker would let me build the green buildings and the Tribune is useful for so basically I’m gonna have to make a choice which one do I want to keep because the other one is going over to Marty and we get to use one of them to gain resources from you can give up two Tribune’s to keep both tiles or you can give off one to review to make one of the street cards wild so if there’s a particular thing you want you can you know get rid of it that way you can make the street card anything you like I am thinking about buildings most of all and the Blues have got quite small areas and finishing an area gets you a nice little bonus so I’m more inclined to grab this one and pass this one over to Marty so he doesn’t know what he’s getting at the same time he’s trying to decide now he can either get a red worker an orange worker or and a builder or he can have a worker of his choice that’s any colored worker can you see that static huh and he can get to slide his beautiful slider his slide bar one space to the right now this slide bar is going to determine a couple of things you whenever you score the tasks the trajan tasks at the end of a round you get the points based on which section you’re in so fulfilling them at the moment is three points each but if you can get this slide bar all the way across could be worth five even seven points you’re also going to score your largest area of envoy’s that you’ve put onto this central board and that is done using the bottom so at the moment if you could get a huge area of ten envoy’s on that main board you’re only gonna get four points for it whereas if you can slide this all the way along you’re gonna get 25 points for it at the end of the game also there’s a upgrades you can get later on where you can flip this over and so it’s easier to get those bigger bonuses so he’s kind of I think he’s gonna do that he’s gonna concentrate on his slide bar so that’s what he’s keeping he passes this one over to me and so now I have to decide do I want the one that I picked that is going to give me a which one was mined this one’s mine the blue worker and the Builder or I can have a red work an orange worker and a builder now there the orange areas that have come out just the way that these boards have been a ranger there’s a couple more boards in this all cheerful together just put out in a random order I’ve actually ended up with a huge red area and that’s that’s not a bad thing but once you have put an end via you have to keep putting them in here until this is full you can’t just go off and be in another one so I think I’m gonna stick with the blues for now I am going to put this one over here now if it’s if it’s not yours it goes over here face-up you didn’t take that one so I take the benefit that is a blue and a gray and the invoice oil comes over here facedown on my ship space now there is one leftover tile after setup that goes there to start with these tiles here are going to be the ones that we put out on the main board and so you want a good supply of those so there we go in around we’ve revealed the street cards we take a tile each from the rows and columns keep one and pass it to the right then in so all that happened at the same time okay so we’ve done all the simultaneous stuff I’ve picked a tile and discarded the other now we need to build once so the tiles that I can bill I can either build a single tile now these take either a builder a great to build one of these and they will get me some benefits so if I build column then I just get the column pointer which in the first round is three points later on it’s gonna be two and then one point for building one so the earlier the better for these and we do want two different buildings on top of each other I am tempted to do that a worker on the other hand you need to discard a worker of that color to build that tile and you can change two workers of the same color into one builder as well the assistants are there we do start the game with one turns there to let you change your worker into a different color so if I wanted to build a red building for example I could spend the blue worker and an assistant now he’s a red worker so I could do that there are also these double tiles at the top and you can spend one build action to build those but you know if you want a double red you’re gonna have to discard two Reds these mixed tiles so a red and the scales you’d need a builder for the gray part and a red for the red part the double tiles also allow you to put more envoy’s out at the same time as well so I’m going to go for the building planner I want to accomplish that task and so I’m gonna spend a builder and and so the thing I want to think about do I just want three straight points or do I want to build one of the other symbols that will advance me one space on the tracks so I could get myself a worker of any color and a Tribune I could get myself two assistants or I could get myself a coin you need to pay your workers later on I I do have a special ability by the way haven’t mentioned these yet twice per turn I can turn assistance into workers of any color that’s what I started the game with well I could have picked this one once per grant once per turn I could turn an assistant into a builder Marty gets an additional bonus when he completes areas on that central board and we hopefully gonna get more of these later on I think I’m gonna build myself this scroll here off it down there and I advanced on the scroll track which gets me a worker of any color I think I’m gonna go for green even though yeah we could I’m gonna go for a bullet I’m gonna stick with blue and hope that we can just build loads of blue things and a Tribune as well and that’s it that’s my whole turn Marty he’s discarding the one I gave him and he’s taking a worker of any color and he’s advancing his slidebar one so what color does he once think he sees some competition for blue if I’m gonna be putting a load of blue down maybe he can have been a completely area and get extra bonuses for it so he is going to try and muscle in on this blue action the end where he goes facedown on this space and now he has to decide what to build and I think he wants to be first on the blue so maybe he wants building and yes he is going to he’s gonna use his builder his one gray and he’s going to build himself what does he hunt he is going to go up you compete for the same track it doesn’t really matter there’s no race he’s gonna go for a different one though he is going to go for the VARs up here and place that down there so he advances on this track and gets himself a coin but this helps him out because during scoring the buildings are worth points the build is always a point every scoring scoring happens at the end of every round so there’s gonna be three scoring’s each buildings worth a point fair enough but if you have a citizen in that row that’s active that’s been paid for they need pain during scoring it’s worth two if you have both citizens in this row every building in the row is worth three points each so yeah you might really want to get this populated if the cards come out that let him do that okay then that’s the whole first turn so there’s going to be four turns per round three rounds in the game okay what have we got this time we’ve got the amphitheater and the cat statue so we find these columns on here they’re both columns this time they’re White’s pictures so we’ve got this column and this column that we need to take tiles from unless we want to spend tributes to change that now I am going to go for this tile here now this activates a construction crane I’m gonna get myself you know uncovering a crane gets you in the first scoring three points per structure of that color in your Colonia so you know it gives me a chance to score three points for every blue building that I’ve built and I’ve built up a couple of blue workers I can also exchange assistance for more workers so yeah I want to be putting some double tiles down I think so yeah I’m getting I’m gonna uncover this that’s one of my options my other option I’m tempted to ruin the task that I was going for by putting another building here that’s different and then I would have fulfilled that task I’m gonna grab this one and I’m probably gonna put a double blue there because you know the crane is now active that’s three points each that’s more than that tusk was gonna give me and what’s my option here so I can either get myself another citizen which could go in these rows so this would let me flip my flip my back arm but it’s called the the bar flip my slide bar and every time you get a slide bar upgrade in the future instead of just moving at one space you move it to the next tree space so I could I could flip this over and make it easier really to school these things so instead of the first one being 2 and then 3 to 4 now 2 to 3 gets you the first one 4 to 5 gets you the one after that this is for working out your biggest area later on you’ll see it in the scoring don’t you worry or I could put it down here and this would let me exchange once either an assistant for money or the other way around money for true beings the other way around just let me have more exchanges and make this row more and more valuable since we know this row probably isn’t gonna have that many buildings on it I think yeah we’re gonna have this exchange power that I will 95 percent completely forget about okay what what’s Marty gonna pick he has the same kind of a choice so he he had his does he go for he’s got the blue work I know does he go for a crane or does he save the crane he would get a similar kind of option for he doesn’t want to go for the slidebar doesn’t he I think he is gonna go for the blue crane maybe he’s not gonna work on it as much as I’m going to but he is gonna put it right there I’m doing it already we’re selecting our things he hasn’t seen what he’s getting from me and yeah I haven’t seen what I’m getting from Marty this is the one I’m giving him of deciding way in advance plan all this out okay and the bear marty Hillen cover this one because yeah maybe he can get a load of buildings in here as well where there is gonna be a citizen and so the option is yeah he’s gonna keep his citizen I’m gonna keep mine so neither of us won the option that the other person gave us although I could take Marty’s assistant and builder by spending my two Tribune’s because I’ve got to now that’s not really what I want so I’m gonna hang on okay so we’ve both taken citizens we’ve both taken bag citizens actually it’s random how they come out but that’s just the way it’s worked at okay so yeah we kept I think although Marty doesn’t do his yet so I’m building I am building a double blue so let’s lean over and grab that I’m gonna put that there and when you build a building finally you get two for a color structure place an envoi in the forum in an area of the corresponding color now since we haven’t placed one yet we’ve just built two blue buildings now we do have to end voices now putting a citizen there didn’t get me a new envoi to put out so I’ve got nothing to put out in the future right now this is a bit dangerous because if I do this Marty is surely going to going to grab the bonus for completing an area and I did want to go over here because you do get bonus points for being adjacent to this eagle maybe then I want to just go for this area here and just get it over with get it completed and I don’t have to worry figure out there that area is now completed so I can either take myself a Tribune and assistant a coin move my slide bar or take two points I think let’s take another assistant because I can turn these into workers two per turn okay then Marty did his citizen and oh yes so he gets to flip this over has he really done it I think he slid it along when he shouldn’t have it back to where it should be now so what does he won now he hasn’t actually ended up with a let’s do another great building he just wants to fill his thing up with buildings he you know two workers of the same color can become a building a builder or other than a building but yeah he’s just gonna have to go for a blue isn’t he just a single blue and I’ve made a nice double space as well yeah these were both four buildings unfortunately he’s gonna have to destroy that and just place a blue out here put one out and he’s gonna go for this three area because yeah he wants to be next to the Eagles okay Newton and what have we got here we’ve got the bats and the ships so something from this column and something from this row so I could get myself another double here and try and get that building goal done and it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a building in this this column well maybe I want to do them up here in the future yeah I’m gonna take this one and hope to uncover that space although it might not happen yet the street cards I might have to use one of my things to make a street card wild I could do that right now but now I’m going to so that was from this row from this column I’m gonna take yeah it doesn’t can we master – I’m gonna take this one so I’ve ended up with either a builder and slide my bar or read in a blue Marty yeah he’s not too bothered how these come out he could use his Tribune to make one wild so he’s got another space maybe he wants this one clearing he’ll wait though for that he’s he’s gonna take two next to each other yeah he’s gonna take this one and this one so he gets those options so what am I gonna pick keep one and pass the other along I don’t care about my slide bar I know Marty really cares about his though so yeah this is where the thought comes in do I just take something I don’t really care about because I got a bit with Africa because yeah it will benefit Marty it’ll benefit his strategy it will actually let him skip two spaces because he moves for the next tree I’m gonna pass it over there yeah so that’s what I’m keeping what’s Marty keeping or passing over does he want to build it or does he want a red worker you want to build it doesn’t he wants to build loads of buildings so yeah he’s gonna pass me the red or the Tribune and so let’s come to me now do I want to use my Tribune’s to get both of these I will get a Tribune back I think I do I want a lot of workers so that’s two red and a blue and a trivia slash just keep that one Tribune a two red and a blue marty hasn’t got that option he is gonna go for just the Builder and the slide bar okay then so what do I want to build I think I haven’t got any double space I’ve got any space to build something double I’m going to just go for a red building so expend him get myself just a single red and I’ll put it up here cuz I kind of want buildings in this row cuz I’ve got the citizens already I get to put oh I haven’t got an M boy there oh I haven’t Pete with time no I haven’t put the tile down I have heard of my benefits but there we go I’ve got boy I want to put it in here because if I did put a blue down I can just go to the next blue you don’t have to build adjacent now in other areas you the only rule is you know for Marty if he puts another blue down and it has to go in this area till it’s full I do want to build adjacent though because I’m going for that large area which yeah it would benefit me if I’m going for that to build up my slide Bowl but that’s kind of him hearties think it’ll all work out don’t worry there we go so I’ve built a red thing put an MBA at Marty is building a building because that’s all he’s got so I think he’s going to go for he’s gonna go for something in here so what does he want if he built a scroll he’d get a worker and a tribute to assistance or he could get the bonus of as if he’d finished an area I think he’s gonna go for the pots again so he’s gonna plop that down there and yeah it’s a different row you just want different buildings in the same row so yeah y’all spent that and he’ll go up here because he gets the bonus twice because of his starting ability here okay that’s so he’s gonna take himself he’s gonna move his slidebar two more times he could it’s only it’s only two spaces because the trees are here I think he’s gonna go for one slide bar he’s gonna go for to slide boss that’s that’s it’s his right and that’s what he’s gonna do okay and the final turn of this round already we’ve got ships and men so the men are here ships are down here I’m gonna choose here for ships because I want to try and put down another double blue again hopefully I get that chance although I can turn these into blues with my special powers I do want another coin as well thinking about it now man I will choose this one help me man no you haven’t got a blue either and Marty where does he want he’s gonna use a Tribune to ignore the ship and take one from here instead and the man can just be something here he wants to put a building down here so he’s got the tasks done cuz he’ll get more points for doing the tasks cuz he’s moved his slide bar up and he’s got opportunities to get builders there I think I’m gonna take hmm yeah I’m gonna take the worker in the Builder so that’s the one I’m keeping I’m passing this one to Marty he doesn’t know yet as a secret and he’s gonna pass to me he knows I kind of need a coin I think he wants the two people though yeah he’s gonna pass me that one so now we have to decide to make our choice I flip these over and see our he’s giving me that a coin and a man but I can get a coin by swapping something else so I don’t want that I want yeah read worker and builder and it gets me a ten boy although I’m gonna build a double tile I’m gonna give you get to put one end way out because that’s all I’ve got so I get where is it read and builder and I get a double read would be nice but I get the building points for any blues out I’m gonna use my power I’m gonna turn a builder into a blue that’s not a builder that’s an assistant and then I’m gonna spend my two blues to put out another Dobler there it goes and I get to put two envoy’s out if I have them I haven’t though unfortunately which yeah this could be giving Marty an opportunity to complete Brad don’t think he’s gonna go for that just yet anyway so that goes there yep that’s it Marty is gonna grab this one but he wants to build a not the blue worker well though he is going first in the second round he is gonna be able to complete that thing yeah that’s gonna be good a blue and the grey he’s got loads of em boys and he spending the invoice spending the Builder so he wants anything other than the vas I think he’s going to build the column and while it’s three points so he wants it here so it’s above so there’s two different ones on top of each other even though that’s not in a row with a citizen but it will work out I think so yeah he wants three points finally someone he’s hung the board four points and yeah that’s it isn’t it we’ve posted on our things I think oh I wanted on my turn I wanted to turn let’s say let’s say I’ll turn it how Tribune’s on assistants are really useful for me now I did want a coin though didn’t I because I don’t care out these being inactive for the scoring because I’ve got no buildings in these rows but I want to keep the special power so yeah I’m gonna use this ability I’m gonna retro actively have used this ability on my turn turning a Tribune into a coin because now we come to scoring so first of all pay your citizens one coin per row there we go that’s two coins and the same for Marty because he’s got two different citizens as well we’ve both paid for them no cranes Marty didn’t actually get a crane no he did didn’t he got a blue but then he didn’t build any more blues hmm oh well he’s gonna get some points oh I’m gonna get myself three six nine twelve points so a nice little boost for me I can’t quite see I’m hoping that is on 12 points static cameras you’ll know Marty it just gets history now different grey buildings per row I’ve just got here there’s no citizens so each building is worth one point so I get myself one Marty this one is worth two points it’s in the two points column here so two or five for his buildings we’re gonna have to look at we have to knock these out of the way to try and see the numbers and then envoy’s orthogonal adjacent or on top of eagles I can I get points Marty is adjacent so that is one point largest connected area of envoy’s mine is one two three four so I’m gonna get myself two points because I haven’t moved this slide bar one to Marty’s is one so yeah he could have done with getting one more thing out really so that he would does four points he’s missed out on there but he’s gonna make it up in a task in a minute now the fulfilled Trajan tasks now neither I was concentrated on the bottom part which I didn’t mention but yeah I didn’t do either of the tasks the tasks are do this building thing have these resources not pay them just have them and I probably could have done this but yeah I didn’t marci though has done the building tasks two different buildings on top of each other so that gets him which area is he in five points so yeah he is in the lead point twice two points ahead so that’s done with Trajan tasks for the next round is have four four tiles in a square basically buildings or colored things so to prepare for the next round we pass the roller-coaster goers on to Marty he’s the first player now and we stack the next part of the column so now the column tiles are only worth two points each and these are the new street tiles and yeah we want to have some spare coins and assistance if we want to do the task twice okay then let’s take a look at the street cards for the new round we have the Colosseum and the bridge that’s fire duct is it I don’t know stop guessing things they’ll realize your ignorance so Colosseum Marty yeah it doesn’t particularly mind he just want to build in a square unfortunately where he’s already got three buildings he got something blocking this off here he could go over here yeah with the with the bridge here I’ll take that one because this could be the part of a square here where he could go for green pour you know I’m covering another crane but that’s not particularly interesting he’ll uncover this because a building here wouldn’t be a bad thing so he’s got himself a coin and a worker or an assistant and a worker of any color as well he’s gonna I just want me to have assistance there although he wants coins for himself and he can’t earn them normally yeah he’s gonna keep the coin one you’ve no you know begrudgingly for me building a square be easier although not with these cards that have come out now so this column this row I’m going to just have this one I could uncover yellow and really go for yellow maybe yellow is next to me not next to an eagle no no I get that just gets me to builders that I don’t really want yeah I’m gonna go for yellow crane is the focus they stopped although the crane now it’s only to point first structure so what have we got green and a blue or two builders I already got to fill this I’ll pass that one on to Marty and we now decide so use one and get rid of the other Marty’s gonna keep this he wants a builder of any color and a coin we turn these cranes over by the way to show that they have been scored and they aren’t waiting for the end this round so a coin and which color would he like probably wants to keep going adjacent well though yeah his workers now on adjacent are they cuz I’ve split them up so maybe he wants to go into red or green it’s gonna go for red yeah orange whatever and so he gets rid of that’s hot and what does he want to build them he wants to build things in a nice square of course but he’s just gonna go for oh he’s gonna go for the blue isn’t he yeah of course ah whoops didn’t destroy too much there it’s going for the blue because he’ll put that down there and hope to make this a nice square if we can get rid of this envoi now he puts one end way out in a blue boom he’s finished the area he gets two bonuses so what does he once more slide movement yeah he’s gonna take two more slides because yeah why not be excessive about it two slides whoosh now if he can get his areas of now just getting one more person next to each other cuz yeah he’s only got his largest area is one one adjacent person so as soon as he’s got two people out there that’s seven points in scoring and look how this races up 20 points if he can get ten people next to each other although he hasn’t really done that much in void placement yet maybe you will though okay my turn I once for me having assistance is a good thing for the task maybe or I can turn them into a lot of stuff so I’m going to take an assistant and a worker of my choice and it’s gonna be yellow yeah because I want [Music] own ability yellows this around Oh time so a yellow and an assistant where’s this guy supposed to be if not this guy okay this may be some cheating going on here is it there subtitle I’ll say whether I’m right about that or not I don’t remember having a double here but I suppose I’ve just made the double I could put a double color down but I only have one envoi so I think what I’m gonna do I do want to double tile out I’m gonna go for a half yellow half building thing by spending those and on the other side of the double yellow tile is a vas so I’m gonna put that down there I’m gonna put my envoi out on a yellow space and it may as well be the one next to the Eagle for the extra point now I move up the VARs track so I get myself a coin so okay isn’t it everyone loves a coin I think we both had to turn there next round we have the statue and the Lincoln Memorial it’s the Parthenon pantheon yeah just keep guessing it will be right one day I’m stalling for time okay Marty hasn’t uncovered a crane yet maybe he wants to hear he could even get himself another citizen and get one of the bonuses I’ve got and he does want to build Reds that’s a possibility he doesn’t need more in voice right now yeah he’s gonna uncover that for the column and the row oh this could complete his square he doesn’t need to put something in there right away oh no it’s he’s giving away a citizen though that’s a bit of bad luck so yeah that’s that’s his choice I don’t want it at the crane uncovered I’m already working on one although yeah they do all stuck up but you can only build so many things in a round so I’m going for a square on to some where was I I can kind of help myself with the square by uncovering one from here maybe and then for the column yeah right the a system would be nice this this lets you ignore the envoi placement rules and you can put them in any area you don’t have to wait until every area is finished and this means that eagles can’t adjacency diagonally as well as orthogonal e all this gives you it’s the thing while he’s got there gives you the bonus twice when you complete an area the moment I’ve got these workers I want yellow don’t suffering and I even got any invoice I want to build a pen boy so yeah I don’t want this is isn’t yeah let’s just take we don’t want the last one from this row because that’s gonna it’s gonna hurt us later on let’s let’s take this one so these are my options so Marty hasn’t really got a choice he’s passing me a citizen no matter what what do I want out of these another coin would be nice blue would be okay no I think I’m actually gonna go for the coin and the Tribune so Marty’s choice he he hasn’t got much to work with really here as he but he is gonna maybe he doesn’t the system but he is kind of throwing this away for good if he does that he’s got rid of another I’m not sure how many you have on your board but yeah he’s seen both of his and he might just be throwing it away I think by using assistants as workers would be nice or assistants as billed us to you know fill these up with buildings oh no this is tough no he’s gonna discard it he’s gonna just discard it and he’s gonna get himself a blue worker and a Tribune and he’s gonna go for a red building so just one worker just a small building there so he has done the square now for the task so he wants to have two spare coins and an assistant and he already needs two coins that would have been the thing if he don’t go to another citizen that’s another coin to try and earn yeah he just get to put someone out on red now he does want to build up to his other worker here but maybe he just wants to be next to the other Eagle that’s another point and just accept that this one might just be off on its own for the rest of the game yeah he’s gonna do that my turn I flip them over and see I could have a trillion in a coin I don’t want another coin but oh yeah definitely yeah Marty’s a bit gutted that he had to pass that over to me because now I can place this here buildings on this row would be worth three points each even though I can only get a maximum of three on here if I ever even managed to do that I can get a worker of my choice and I want do I want a particular color I want yellow this round don’t I I’m gonna yeah I’m gonna do that get myself a yellow worker it’s the bonus for having a second one in this row and I think then I would like to do a building in this row because they’re worth loads I want this kind of building the scales here yeah spend my builder because the first step here I’ve just realized I should have gone for this first probably gets me two assistants assistants are my gold this to me look at this I can turn all of these into workers that I need I’m gonna turn one into a worker right now into another yellow worker I only get to do twice per turn there we go brilliant okay next turn we have the statue again and it’s a same – that’s weird okay so what he’s done his square he doesn’t have to worry about that he he’s gonna try and get these double spaces maybe maybe get some things out here so that’s the rope and now in the column here he’s already had yeah he’ll cook uncovered this one he wants to put a load of buildings here as well so his options there all the bag so he could he could get buildings buildings with loads on this row and he’d get himself a coin or a Tribune and in the same row they don’t cost more coins it’s a coin per row that’s got a citizen in it so that’s tempting or an assistance in a coin just a little bit tempting for me yeah having double spaces available is nice even though I kind of want buildings over here yeah I think I’m gonna go for here I don’t think this rows gonna come out again gonna go for here is this nice availability so two coins we do want spare coins don’t we two assistants I’ve got a load so I’m going to keep the coins marty is gonna keep the citizen he doesn’t want to pass me another one of those especially since it could be my second on a row as well make buildings worth a ton on here yeah he doesn’t he’s not gonna do that I pass him some assistance he’s not convinced he’s keeping the citizen putting it here and he’s gonna take the coin now he can no can pay for his citizens at least and if he can get two more seven points for doing a task yeah he kind of wants to think about that unfortunately having done that all he’s got is a blue worker which doesn’t really benefit him very much he’s he’s gonna be putting in my all the way over there he can turn it into a different color by spending his only assistant yeah he’s gonna have to do that unfortunately yeah I don’t I feel like I’m letting Marty down again oh no so yeah it’s gonna be a red she’s building a single red he doesn’t want to do it in assistance zone he’ll put it I’ll put it down there maybe and he gets to put an embryo out another one on red this yeah he will he’ll build up gradually maybe he can do it by the end although it’s not urgent is it puts one out there and that’s him done for me so I can either take two coins or an assistant in a coin yeah nice try Marty but I’m gonna take double coins thank you very much so yeah I’ve paid for my systems now I’ve got one spare and I can turn one of these into another coin if I need it I think I’m gonna be able to do that bottom task getting a square though oh wait a minute yeah I wanted to get a double free didn’t I here I think a little bit of a take back here we’re gonna move this along and just act like I took this tile so that I’ve at least got a square free that would be the intelligent thing to do and I could get a double yellow yeah that’s gonna be my building double yellow so I could potentially do both tasks although they’re only worth three points each to me so it’s not not as much okay so I do a double yellow I have got two envoy’s at last so yeah I could even be doing this and then building some greens later on and just try and keep blocking Marty off into this tiny area so you can never really get a big one going I I think though in case we can get the diagonal to Eagle we are going to do I now have no envoy’s again though so they’re gonna have to build up because yeah doing these double building onlys you’re either not putting enough out there or you’re spending everything that you’ve got doing it okay the last turn I have round two took at the arch and the horses Marty and particularly have a preference he’ll yeah this on his special buildings only where he’s already got those uncovered he could spend a Tribune to change this but as not only he desperately wants to change he’s gonna take the arch from here and the horses from here and he’s hoping for reds he wants more reds they can movie slidebar again the last space which would let’s see he’s got an area of three it’ll be with one extra point to do that but then he’s just getting a coin yeah he doesn’t want to do that it’s gonna pass that one over he wants to try and get some kind of building I even though it’s gonna be a green that he doesn’t really want he’s hoping I pass him over something good and so I get to do that the the horses and the arch so I could try and get a double although yeah uncovering this spikes putting a building there would be really nice and then the arch let’s just do down here so I’ve got my other bag here oh no I’m passing Marty a citizen no matter what the benefit of this would be getting the extra coin and not having to pay for another citizen and buildings here would be with a load of points but we did talk about you know what if the Eagles scored diagonally that would get me a load of points oh no that’s completely the wrong oh yeah there we go that’s the civil for that yeah I’m gonna have to take that I think pass that over to Marty so at least yeah he’s giving me a sip oh no he’s not giving me a citizen tile I have to give him one so yeah it’s balanced out doesn’t it we each had to do that so does Marty wants bag citizen get him some flexibility here maybe turn is extra Tribune into something make the buildings with more on this row but it’s someone else to pay for he’s actually gonna discard that he wants the green and the white so hopefully now he’s gonna get to you know maybe take both of the tiles in a future round and catch up a little bit because all he’s gonna be able to do with what he’s got here yeah unfortunately he’s not gonna have the coins in the assistance bear all he’s gonna be able to do is build a single green he hasn’t even got an assistant to change that so yeah that’s not that’s not gonna that’s not gonna help his he’ll just do it down here that’s not gonna help his crane it’s not gonna help his group here of concerned citizens yeah although actually this is bit risky of not linking them up but he might as well have it next to the Eagle for the extra point okay that’s his turn do I want to move my bar let’s see how I’ve got one two three four five six seven now so that would be an extra point for sliding that along wouldn’t be an extra point for tasks or anything but yeah I’ve never really done this an extra coin wouldn’t be too bad but yeah we want we want the diagonals don’t we on here so it also means I’m not getting an invoice which means I’m not putting anyone out for this action the way it’s got to be I’m afraid okay then now ideally that would have been Marty’s citizen tile I could have put out then I would have got an M boy out of the bargain but no it didn’t work out that way so we want another spare coin and AD assistant to be spare yes we’re gonna do so we’re going to turn this guy into a coin with this power so we’re gonna have the spare coins and assistance so we’re gonna do the task and I think we’ll turn our remaining assistance if we can’t build the double tile anyway with what we’ve got available so we’re going to turn him into a yellow and just spend the yellow to put a single yellow out see down here buildings all with points let’s just put it here cuz yeah we’ve got the yellow crane remember I can’t put an embryo out onto the board there unfortunately so I just get a building out there okay so we are on to scoring first of all cranes I am doing yellow two points each in round two the second scoring so two four six eight points for my crane of 15 so twenty three and Marty’s crane was red so two four for him then gray building two per row so let’s see one two nothing but three four five yeah I haven’t done many buildings have on one two three four five well no we’re gonna we’re gonna lose our card storage space and then Marty gets two five six he hasn’t done that many there really is he six one two three four five six then we do eagles so I now do diagonally adjacent as well so I’m gonna get myself one two three four five it would have just been one so that’s a really good thing to have taken I think four five Marty one two three four one two three four now large connected area of envoy’s this is Marty’s gonna get more points from me even though he’s got hardly any area I need to get working on that slide Boyle although I feel like I’m Way too late I should have done that ages ago yeah rather than taking this power here it’s helped me a bit okay so my area is three four five six seven three points one two three Marty’s is three that gets him seven points yep okay now the trajan tasks for me I did the square and I have these resources available so that is going to be six points for me one two three four five six Marty did the square but not the resources he gets seven points so yeah he he did fewer tasks but more points for doing it the slide bar is paying off for him and yeah that’s the scoring the roller coaster go is passed back over to me and it’s time for the last round we’ve build up the final bit of the column so now the columns are only worth one point each not great okay and that the goal is to have any colored building then two grey buildings then any other colored building and have three difference citizen tiles out and I’ve done that already anyway so let’s see the cards we’re gonna have to must cover up the player aid with them oh it’s the same card Oh No so two from this row which I’m not too sad about I can get things next to each other at least although for this for this great big column neither are as is in a good position to do that maybe here would be best from me because yeah the way we’ve already been built and you know we that’s been face-up since the start of the game one of us could have been thinking about that but we were thinking about other things clearly I’m just gonna grab these two and not think about that Marty now he could change the cards but mmm he’s gone cover the yellow crane just in case he builds some yellows she’s got no yellows belts he doesn’t want to build yellow stone he’s got and he’s not going to uncover that crane he wants green if anything he’s just gonna do these two tiles okay so what have we got we can either have an assistance and a worker of any color or a builder and a green worker I think the assistant and the work of any color is what I want to keep Marty yeah either way that’s that’s too good for me yeah he’s gonna just pass me the one assistant and the Tribune so what do I want to take I want to take mine so an assistant and then a worker of any color that color is going to be and might as well be yellow so assistance and a yellow cuz if I can get a double yellow out now I can finish that area and then Marty can’t muscle in on it so he’s getting yeah he needs something to be able to build this round so he’s gonna have to take the green worker and the Builder no I haven’t done my action and so it’s a bit late for yellows isn’t it well we wanted the yellows to be done though foot not for the crane but for the completing the area yeah let’s do it so I’m gonna use this as a yellow but with my power double yellow building the only space for it to up here and I can’t put two M boys out like so that’s not a good plan so let’s reverse that and would I like to do something different instead I’ve given up as well a slide bar movement because I wanted the worker and something of any color way to see it too late to be working on your slide bar now we’re going to assume it’s too late we didn’t pay for citizens in scoring either subtitles will have told you all of this though wouldn’t they okay yeah I pay three much pace to okay then so what am I gonna do I could build a double red but I could use a double red as a builder get a building out bounce be on a track has to be different two scales so I can get myself a builder a bonus which could move my slide bar along yeah let’s treat these as a builder you can do two workers at the same color as a builder and we will build a VARs over there the visor is gonna be worth three points in the scoring not terrible I get myself an end bonus which is gonna be slide bar movements just the one solitary space there yeah if we can get it moving though it will pay off won’t it yes Marty’s building he’s got loads of empty space you just hadn’t had the resources to put something down so maybe he puts down a green stroke building the building would be a column probably the worst kind of building to have out in the third round I mean because they’re only worth a point he’s just gonna use the green she’s gonna build a single green and and although you kind of might as well do the building as well yeah cuz he’s got the chance to do it he’s gonna put the building like this so that it’s in this row or so it’s worth an extra point basically in scoring so gets a point for putting a column out and he’s done a green he’ll do an M boy and he puts it in the right place and and nothing next turn we have the chariots and the baths so chariot baths over there okay I’d like it another double space available baths doesn’t really help me does it no it doesn’t okay we’ll just have that so that’s what I’ve got available Marty yeah chariots baths he could go for he’ll go for he and here why not okay mine definitely gonna go for the worker and slide ball movement past the other one too Marty he wants does he want yellows or blues he doesn’t want either of those he could take the both that’s two things he doesn’t want he’s gonna keep the yellow if I have anything that’s closest to him blue is far away pass that over but see what we’ve got so I go first I see that I’ve been passed that one no I want worker of any color I’m gonna take a yellow and slide ball movements it’s happening slowly but surely I got myself a new envoi envoy convoy I’ve got a double yellow let’s do that and let’s put it up mm-hmm either way that the buildings are worth the same amount let’s just stick it there this cranes done with isn’t it should be face down assured Marty’s two of the guys go out boom boom finished an area slide ball movement it’s got to be where in the five-point zone everybody it’s happening Marty and now maybe you want to the both and he can put some yellows out the yellows are gonna be one away if you get to red though he could connect them up yeah ideally he’d like assistance wouldn’t he and he’s got his two Tribune’s to you know use both the tiles but he wants better tiles we got this is only the second turn isn’t it we’ve got two more turns he’s gonna go for the Builder in the yellow yes okay and so what does he want to build he could build either the VARs and the yellow but it would go down here where it’s not as useful does he just go for the yellow or does he just yeah he’s just gonna go for a building I wants it to be different than a horse oh this is where he goes for the scroll he puts it in here where there were three so now he moves up here worker of any color and a Tribune so worker of any color he wants Red’s doesn’t he yeah many Reds as he can get his hands on okay I think that was a turn we’ve both done something I think we did I can’t be 100% sure so we’ve got Big Ben twice where I built the most stuff red or green I could take Oh ball movement but I only got assistance I haven’t got trib use to change this so they are absolutely both coming off here I have built a red and I could boost my power here which would let me put an end where unfortunately I wouldn’t have one if I took that power sadly and yeah I haven’t got any buildings up here so I don’t think that’s worth chasing maybe it’s worth ignoring the crane entirely maybe more slidebar movement and we want more coins yeah we’re gonna do that one and that one builder in a queen Marty he could uncover his yellow he he could be building yellows later more slide ball movement but yeah he’s gonna do it why not and he’ll make himself a double space and he really wants buildings there so that could be a good thing so what does he want to keep Tribune slidebar he doesn’t want to give me slide bar although he does want to build her oh yeah he’s gonna give me slide bar I’m giving him builder there so it’s my turn first isn’t it so do I want slide bar and coin or slide bar entropion slide bar and coin so that goes in my invoice base I get coin and slide bar and even of the coin for that I need to remember now for my action I’ve got no people so I do I want to turn these both into into what greens available I could turn them both into greens I’ve only got one in boy though so oh I know what I do of course I turn this guy into a green build a one green there put my single guy out up here it’s still a Jason’s I’ve done an area slide bar movements boom Marty he’s gonna spend his trillions to keep both of these things two builders a green and a coin finally he’s looking a little bit more populated and he’s going to build himself let’s see oh no he would really like a sister to change these colors pink hasn’t got them he wants to get a red belt what building is on the other side of a red scales perfect he’s gonna do red and a builder and he’s going to build like this because the buildings are worth more on this row he gets to put one guy out in the Reds so one more red and he’s linked these up and then he’ll have one two three four five six seven eight which would be 12 points or 15 if he slides this along one more space pretend Rio scales gets him on here which is two assistants which is perfect mmm it’s all coming together everybody this was all 100% scripted I’ve already been last turn of the game so we’ve got bear and arch I don’t have anything in the arch so yeah I just don’t get anything from that the bear oh yeah that is my option I’m not passing anything over to Marty which yeah if I had a Tribune I could pick a different Street but I don’t see ya bit unfortunate for me Marty what is it bear an arch he could he could change it but why yeah to go for although he could change it so maybe there’s a double available there and he could get another building in this row where there’s a citizen now it would be scale if he did a red yeah he’s gonna use his Tribune take this one and then he will take the bear one there we go okay Tribune Spence so we look I’m not passing anything Marty has to pass something still so what does he want two builders or just citizens now extra citizens are just tiebreakers so yeah it’s not having extra builders wouldn’t help him so citizens would help him most of all to take a green and a yellow but no so he passes me this one passes me the builders but now ah-ah here’s where we come in I didn’t pass him a tile so he gets to pick from one of the tiles he’s had from me in the past and gets to take that instead so he’s gonna take this one which gives him worker of any color and then a coin or oh or does he take the Builder and the movements to get extra points at the end I think he’s only three points there he just want the coin yeah he’s gonna take the extra work on the coin and that’s the one he’s gonna pick spoil us for me I want the movement do I and assistants are good for me so yeah slide bar moves maybe one final time and I get an assistance so I did uncover the green crayon I could do a double green I could do a could do double red to finish the area and stop Marty connecting his things up that’s nasty isn’t it it’s probably the best thing to do though then his biggest area is gonna be six at the most oh yeah I think that’s the best thing to do swap these four to Red’s well there would have been better to do the red crane now with my power just build a double rat you know this is we never do this in real life but yeah this is if I only get to put one end way out and it’s not increasing my thing as well one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so yeah I don’t need more than ten as well I’m at the maximum here so yeah unless I could move my slide bar along it’s not worth it to me and yeah I stopped him from connecting up those three and I’m diagonal to an eagle yeah all sorts of good things okay yeah that’s my nasty last turn Marty I think then he’ll use his green and an assistant as what am i searching for here he’s not gonna have a coin though is he oh he hasn’t he hasn’t taken his worker worker so he’ll take why does he want red oh yeah I only get the completion bonus yeah red and the coin remembering my own plan so we’ll use the red and the Builder to grab this again he’ll plop it there so that’s another different building he’s got the coins he needs now for his citizens and and there’s a there’s a dot here and he gets to put an embryo out on the red which completes the area so he can let’s see he’s got one two three four five so we can make that worth a point extra with the slide here having true beans and things doesn’t matter now does it yeah he’ll do a slide ball movement and then he’ll get just two points and hope that he’s ahead enough I’ve really really cost him some points doing that and and it’s kind of yeah kind of had to do it it wouldn’t have gave me any points to get more than ten together so yeah that’s it I think oh no Marty moves on the scales track so he gets two Tribune’s but I didn’t matter anymore that’s how I break is there tie breakers okay then so final scoring face pay your citizens I can only pay for two rows not that it matters that much oh no it does matter because the Trajan bonus at the bottom here have three citizens from have a citizen from each class basically I’ve got that but they have to be active citizens oh no yeah I’ve got nothing that I can do about that so I want this one to be worth points and I want this one to be active so I score the diagonals so this one is going to become inactive because I couldn’t pay for the room and that’s cost me five points didn’t quite get into the seven category yeah it’s unfortunate but it’s what I did isn’t it Marty can pay for here’s no problem cranes I’m doing the green so I don’t know confuse me so much one point Marty did yellow he didn’t fill the single yellow thinks he gets nothing from there your buildings so one two five eight for my buildings one two three four five six seven eight Marty two four six nine twelve fifteen sixteen Wow what’s yon yeah it’s 64 yeah you can put that on camera there we go and eagles let’s see for me one two three four five six all of these not by Eagles one two three four five six Marty one two three four five one two three four five your largest area mine’s ten isn’t we work that out so that’s ten points to me sixty seven I don’t think my messing with Marty’s been enough here he’s only got five so he gets she gets nine so I’ve gained one point on him 78 and then the tasks neither our system to either task so that is the end score I think yeah it was all in the slide bar I needed to work on the slide bar way earlier because yeah you’re not really getting anything with your first load of steps but those last few steps are massive it could have you know the difference between 10 and 25 points for having the area that I had but you know I did other things with those movements just unfortunately they weren’t the right things but anyway that is just an example game this isn’t necessarily a strategy guard unless I’m playing really really well okay in that case it definitely it was meant to be one if you would like to know what I think about forum trading them then there will be a box with my face in it somewhere over here but thank you very much for watching this if you would like more playthroughs and things there’s hundreds on this channel subscribe and like and tell me comments and tell me what you think about this game if you’ve got it or if you’re excited about it I don’t know this is the end of the video I’m gonna pack this away now and then go and talk about things

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  1. The extra colored worker at start is always something I forget as well. Maybe I’ll give players a worker that matches their player color…

  2. Yeah, I can truthfully say that neither of the Feld games out this year appeals to me in the least. Thanks for the playthrough, Tom!

  3. The Patrician II bonus in the rules is stated as "You may choose not only 1, but 2 different area bonuses available". Note the unequal sign printed on the board.

  4. Thanks for the playthrough!

    @58:40 Tom reveals two black towers with the wings/propeller thing on top, but then proceeds to take envoys from the white column column for both him and Marty.

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