Four Tray Gangster Crip from Houston at Forum Park apartments when Houston Police pull up (1of2)

Four Tray Gangster Crip from Houston at Forum Park apartments when Houston Police pull up (1of2)

What’s good King West Man is king wish and I’m saying west guy put laughing within chart you fear me rep labeled man You feeling spicy lane right now. It’s now never might want to get us to the hood You know, I got us out here these beautiful southwest streets right this way swinging on some folks Tray guys, the crip shit. She feel can we talk about what happened yesterday? Because I got on the plane and you was like have a safe trip and when I landed he was nowhere to be found By one time bump me man one time went on some dried shit man makes loud. I Three fucking bars here. It’s kind of on flavor And you know, Texas got a real flesh saying man, you know, you come on vacation and yes leave on probation Humber real efficient nine on San Rafael Tracy, like I said went to land This is shit right up right up this way. You feel me this black here being predominantly? You know as far as like banging wise and once I start off a real BT Blocking us and a lot of my older cousins and uncles that shit was running this neighborhood and shit on some G shit No, son. Saw that thumb boys. No pointing them and Get money black man You know needs like to get that money on the wish man way too much of the drama too much sort of place you know just like Who are you? Take me no brown around this bitch, right? You gotta know who’s coming in who’s coming out? You got the cameras if a they like y’all wait a minute is West shooting the video today He did he alerted us, you know, like a little old neighborhood whites. You know, we don’t kind of cops you dig me I’m gonna take guys to the hood. I think it’s not good. So find the rub on your boat Where we gonna go to that your dress shit over that to the phone I’m saying Infamous phone appointments how that’s a FEC my team 1:10 niggas my out something by standing on your tens on the right Everybody can’t go down man. Flowing pork is a specific creep hood. That’s why I don’t know That’s why I don’t want people to get this shit fucking confused about Houston like that is an old it started So this respect that here you feed me sorry blacks in certain visits respect, you know, you come up with a false flag I’m flagging you know, what the fuck don’t happen So, you know Sam flowing parkas home But a foreign pork ribs from saying he got the west wing for a guy stupid shoes on So it’s a lot of different hoods though, you know, like I got respect for different hoods You’re gonna sign got some homies on the Navajo I’m saying I’m on the Brady field. I’m saying boy brothers You know, you got to give respect to get respect out here in this game You mentioned form part Crips and then of cold trade Crips. Yeah now form part Crips, that sounds very Houston Yeah, but for trade Crips that’s originated in Los Angeles Yeah, a lot of people want to know why some folks in Houston Claim los angeles-based sets rather than a houston-based said like foreign park, right? Right. Right, right Well, you know I’m saying so this is my four brothers Like I say, you know, you got a salute to that your penance or whatnot But the way I look at it is like this, you know I’m saying It’s a brand this is a nation You know I’m saying McDonald’s will start in, California But you’re gonna still gonna be able to go to New York got there me and still see the golden arches You know I’m saying yeah They can have whatever little other side but it won’t be the same as mcdonoughs long sans just like the same way It’s a thousand Christmas means the Christians I don’t work with how many been in Jerusalem you feeling sayings how many Muslim lives but how many been to the Dome of the Rock or whatever to Israel. You know I’m saying. So me personally. I like to practice dog It’s a seat of the coach You know, I’m saying it having to be a handout selling me from the homeys in the land, you know cosine I mean it’s happening in like y’all if y’all gonna do this, you know saying push the seat You know saying put on for the whole thing, you know, it’s a nation like across the globe is shit is like wildfire I can’t stop won’t stop like you got screaming neighborhood that ain’t never been in the neighborhood but they clearly screaming it at your own saying they talking about one Pacific neighborhood with Legendary happy you’re saying of course. They got the whole neighborhood but they ripping the one where it started from you’re saying and it’s just to show the influence that our culture has on not only Ourselves but the world around us because I see Crossing over you got si screaming Bloods and Cripps. You got a wife once claimed the Christmas I’ll try my crazy sit there. Then you gonna have to start questioning right? We got damn Well, we started to do this shit for in the first place you feel it I’m saying was it’s a brotherly love that was just a unified was this for progress in ourselves? It’s the lead others out of darkness and was trying to overcome some type of certain struggle at the end of the day You know I’m saying so it’s like how I look at it, you know using this shit them bring my Brotherhood together. Yeah Well, I’ll take a stroll through the wild motherfucking be with ya know I’m say with the West right there, but leave from spike my head over the phone to the compound, right? if it was for 20 more both see I said only Alright Alright Big homes gotta be smiling down now to see this shit. There’s been tension wires from a couple of high schools Goddamn me and you show the pass on the people I don’t know why people act like they forget How many people from the South went to the go rushing mode over there out there to Kelly man? Yeah, I stop acting like gang. I know kinfolk down this way Yeah, y’all get some real fighting style like talking on wood for Louisiana something like that way They like the big homies. Don’t come down here to hide I try night I’m alright Let’s be real this shit right and vice versa niggas take that if maybe you know the lay low get on that the way Catch a little easy breaking his lifestyle. We live no Southwest is very fast part of the city man, you know, I’m out of pimping out of hustling why the gas is going No today Friday, you might see something on the host stronger there. We all want you to jump back So faster to see just yet though, right the pills like the College the blades you want saying The suckers making say they afraid you feel like you’re going down Especially a city Oh man, some good gas some Cali only ate the lady y’all know we’re Good on Thinking about the system say I need a drink and everything. I need to spend get a bottle of Haiti. It’s a celebration Just listening to a little bit of music off your CD Wow That tent that Tookie that took the interview on yeah, man, that was tricky interview around glad you brought that up, man I’ve been saying for a wild man doing this interview – creepy adventurine Drives, December 13 and you know saying anything about being authentic He’s paying homage, you know saying some of these new new love niggas forget them. I gotta pay homage ran and uh, I Know a lot of people, you know, I’m saying like to remember people memories in certain ways and paying homage in certain ways You know for anybody that’s a real G like they say they are if you go back to old father, December 13 We know that’s one of the big homie wrong saying they have to take the needle So you’re gonna say, all right pizza him, you know saying let’s respect and look to him on some real gangsta shit You feel me like? No gang. That’s why I’m dropping it on and I got here I started off with the interview and I ended with the interview, you know saying from the big humming ring, you know, I’m saying destroy The mind of a great man, you know, I’m saying that really deserves a second chance a man like a Nobel Prize winning man You’re always saying well, he won’t had to me. You’re gonna say how many Nations can say hey look man When I found this was a Nobel Prize winning, you know I’m saying who’s the top Houston artist out right now King west’s the top. Fuckin. Here’s all right And I but it’s a few dudes I like that I fuck we write man is doing a thing man You got the big he got the big homie Got the humming for the others. Say the sauce walka doing this thing man with the sauce He got the whole world scream when I drill no beautiful thing man to see the influence of the culture you might have heard of The flowers gotta make so In many war Getting wrong. We got a lot of Legends man, you know saying I’m really under the whole love me You know back in the days. We had a culture Carl screw, you know, I’m saying screw music You know I’m saying with that’s a whole nother episode man and taking out their clothes out man. For real Southwest man is built way ain’t Beautiful burn my on my room is a little tighter tighter The Beltway eight right here. There’s the Beltway when we off the belt, you know Built we’re pulling up on system or the phone wrapping around the loop from a building 50 mile My life man, like really all around the city, but mainly I’m talking about the Time my first choice over here first every man. I was first everyday I said My grandfather writing for the majority of my life, you know I’m saying But I was kind of moving around over to be honest, you know sent from the south side sitting outside I was a very lovable child good for what was mom and dad man, mom and dad Wasn’t around at the time man No, mom was dealing with what she was dealing with, you know the same store across the globe, you know Drugs big shout-out to my queen DOS. I love you. My below I’m saying she beat that. You know, I’m saying strong woman No, I’m saying the Ephram is 10 110 See, oh sorry, no phone foot side up 30 This specifically define Got a lot of rappers of sick home Try shoot a little videos cuz it’s so cochepaille it We could dare him that literally hit a screen hit the soul streaming from the concrete step, right? Somebody went down to some of these very other ways a Sniper car coming through this hole one night Mother fucking I probably lacking like a model for the ran and he hit me up like hell it was crashing on saying them Shit that five loss and kick him over maybe even the matters at home but it must have been my ancestors or something telling me like y’all put everything in one hand and pull out your phone like Chick I was born So your own sales crap? Coming through bitch Right over here by the motherfucking me pull this shit this is making for like the toes and go to Take it out through this bitch you feel me but so much way art on my man. What’s okay ring? time I go to take it out to the beach this nigga watching me watching me right talk about how I’m running through this beat All right all the way to the side some chest right old up was good You already know like It so pushy love out this bitch Big provide this bitch. So you right through here now Trent the Hitman and bullet must have ricocheted hitting me in the foot There’s a little band out right here. We used to have Ducked off the neck bitch. My people came my with that banging of the wrist Shit so my new blade on these trees don’t know cap It’s the jungle man. I love it You know, I love my people from it, you know fan shout out the humming from the tens again o samba Let’s try you got hip moving mo Staying at the way this gift some bread and some paper These very streets right here of mine They putting a lot of work man singing like news get Beat strip naked out of a red clothing rain on his very set on crypt like so much Like I had to tell at home Like look who got to stop Stripping niggas ass niggas like these a stripper nigga ass nigga how they rent clothes and walk these things air something That was like the best case scenario This slowdown with light on goal. Just you know saying anything like I was in the early years I’m one of the day one little I says I’m saying, oh do fo o Run it through back here I’m saying I hold up Royce and saw that sort of big Harmons no Freda guys, three one time freeze a load we hurt Our P lows this shit branch. I’m sorry. It’s got sugar branch and a double He was dunking over. This guy used to be opening ran through this hole right here. You feeling sad And just a little chest while I was in my camp. I’ll come right over Oh something but Shit shows leave You know how eagerly gotta get to the So y’all know kept yeah say this is the Crib I got a Christian rear-ended 713 on our music platforms Apple I told SoundCloud you two going on the deal with music sister child, man I’m saying one of my favorite artists IceCube coming up back in the day with NWA y’all said like Real big lazy Explorer as well say like put without the wish I thought with a lot of artists about the west Side three I’m gonna be I’m a connoisseur the crash. So, you know, we’ve got that trying to push my shit. I definitely like giving and a bit different This time I hit Carl critics wrong soon, which is a slang for croute we slide our hand I hate summer sins from nationwide shitting me like a hawk written it yo, sir So just talking about the life that we chose were saying the decisions we make daily living this lifestyle You know and trying to stay out of trouble trying to stay positive Trying to feed our families Yeah, no, I don’t sir you have any idea I can tell you who I am I’m not even from here away from I’m from Los Angeles, California LA. Yes, sir Alonso al ons Oh Al ons oh yes, where’s first name Alex a Lex18 70 Appreciate that sure right back What’s going on We have had problems where we wake up like right now we’ll be in sued because somebody was killed here It was people neither none of them lived here or anything and they were coming here sit together and say He just talked to me and said hey, I need to come give you guys to trespass He can’t do it on his own Right, like I said, what we were doing actually is just don’t want to stop committed right here he talked about his childhood And they would just get in the car So that’s who’s MPD, huh? But you guys know people here right, I mean you guys can come visit a friend here can’t you Lisbon You can come visit a friend So basically these young black men are not wanted around here, let’s keep it real Keep it real you’re not wanting around here Even though you grew up over here you got friends over here over here Over here, they gonna hit us with a Trespassing I think I’ll give ticket for that It’s just because I got the camera right the camera brought all the attention huh, he got a second Second HPD just pulled up We going anything wrong These specific black men are not welcome here. How about that? Now but they have friends here. They grew up here and this is their identity. This is part of his identity I’m not trying to argue So because I don’t I’m American can I speak Can I speak I’m an American. Can I speak as an American? I’m not trying to argue I just feel it’s a little unfair That’s my opinion is just a little unfair that these men who have an identity in this place That want to speak about it can’t do it I’m surprised that the police came out here for this you could have just came up to us and said hey What you guys doing? We would have talked about it. We would have discussed it It’s a police But I’m sure as soon as they get their IDs they’re gonna leave We’re gonna drive off as soon as they get their IDs Mr. Kotter Yeah, mr. Johnson suggested Take area warrant art Thank You Sal appreciate profits here. You want to live? You don’t know about me how about me It’s not it’s not it’s not against the law not a crime to be ending it it’s just the most for most of the business practices a Gang bangers involved in is the crime but y’all are doing that out here. So that’s why no y’all in handcuffs. Go to jail. Alright that’s I mean as we all know respect to the two-ish today, I’m Respecting it on the pinyon handcuffs. Don’t haven’t been y’all been cooperative with me You know good walk through the manager and stuff like that So I’m showing you guys respect just like y’all been showing me respect, right? So that’s why that’s that’s why I think school as it is. That’s why y’all aren’t cuffs Y’all aren’t going to jail just yet. You know, I’m letting y’all know. Hey you got stuff on there You don’t need to call the city courts and get that taken care of cuz obviously next time Well and they’re mine, okay, I didn’t verify them because we have to verify before we’re taking about the end So once I hit verified, it’s very possible that it may come back saying hey, no there they’re good They’ve been cleared out but it’s even if you get bonded out of jail, I’ve had people that’s but you know, hey I just spent five years of Tec and I run them and they’ve still got city Houston warrants Okay Because it’s it doesn’t just cuz you get out for whatever you were Or it doesn’t mean clears all your warrants I’m saying cuz well you still got it to be responsible for those now Do all I understand what y’all are doing out here Absolutely, I get it. You’re you explain to me how much I’ll do it and that’s how long good and You guys I very much appreciate the fact they all there you go heart out here on this window trying to do you know Any kind of drug and gun deals or anything like that or trying to shoot people up. I can very much respect and appreciate but the fact the matter is this isn’t even my Property even though y’all aren’t doing anything Still against the law This broad day like what what the fuck you will be doing a variety like camera crew and I Feel let’s go to the elementary school The officers seemed extra nice do you think he was just doing that cuz of the cameras or Jump gentlemen yourself he kind of talked like you kind of knew your stuff You know saying and with the camera being rolling You know black my Medes, you know, I know what the fuck it is, right? They tell G ways gonna do you might have to set the city on fire? You hear me? It’s the same story everywhere That’s why I feel like this has a coach to us as a people should really appreciate The little bit of culture that we do have mall Santas gang culture whether they like it or not as a part of our culture Feeling leaving right for so much. You know, I’m saying from our beliefs our religious our practices to you know, I’m saying Now this is what we could this is what we blossom into after going through 400 years of slavery and all kind of poverty and all kind of Systemic breakdowns to keep us, you know, I’m saying oppressed and shit Thanks for watching Street TV net if you’re not subscribed, please hit that button below and click the bell to receive alerts and notifications Feel free to comment below so you can give us your feedback and be sure to watch the two related Episodes to the right if you want to support this platform or follow us on social media Visit the links in the description and thanks for watching Street TV net

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