Free Blogging Platforms | Blogging For Beginners | Start Blogging With These 4 Blogging Platforms

Free Blogging Platforms | Blogging For Beginners | Start Blogging With These 4 Blogging Platforms

Want to start a blog? check out this top
four platforms coming up in this video Hey guys this is Mukund and you’re
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youtube inbox now let’s start with our top blogging platform list from where
you can start off with your blogging career it is the most chosen and widely used platform till
date it is the most popular platform among so many bloggers choose and as per their statics. wordpress is powering around 26% of the website which are
online today on the internet you can see the popularity of this platform by it’s
numbers so if you want to start off with WordPress you can get it done in two
ways one you can go straight to and start with their
step-by-step procedure or two you can download the wordpress script from their and install it on your server but if
you’re not that Pro and don’t want to get involved in scripting and servers
you can go with the next platform. Now this platform is not
that famous like WordPress comment yes if you agree with me or no if you don’t
agree with me now blogger is for those users who want to start actual blogging
with their separate platform who would love to have freedom of the platform but
at the same time they don’t want to get involved in technical stuff blogger is
managed by Google so if you are planning to start with blogging experience with
your own name and platform you can surely go with There are
some advantages of signing up with the blogger for instance it’s free you don’t
have to pay for any hosting or domain you can start off with their
domain name and free hosting another advantage is you can connect
your Google ads and Google Adsense immediately without a hassle as the all
platforms comes under one company now if you want to do carefree blogging and
don’t want any special platform you can start your blogging with this next
platform. Yes the Quora the uprising blogging platform Quora is
getting so much popular nowadays and so many people are using Quora to write
articles and get some traffic to their actual blog if you do not wish to
maintain any domain or hosting you can surely start with Quora not only that
even if you are not coming up with any kind of blogging topic you can simply
start answering users question and develop your writing skills now while
answering questions you will see that you are getting followers and upvotes
for your answers and that’s a pretty much good thing for a new blogger and if
you think that you are on the verge of getting to be a good blogger how about
you check out the next platform. This platform is now
growing now that more professionals are signing up for this platform the
platform is getting noticed it is quite famous but not that famous
as of it is today you can actually sign up for a free LinkedIn account and start
your own page and start writing articles on that particular page or even if you
don’t want to start any page you can just start writing article and post that
onto your profile so whoever is following you will be able to see that
article whether it is on your LinkedIn page or on your profile your followers
will have an opportunity to get involved in your article like Facebook you will
receive comments likes and shares make sure you cherish that now you know
top 4 blogging platforms from where you can start off with your blogging career
or at least start something I hope you will use any one of those or use more
than one now it’s up to you if you like this video then please give it a thumb
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One thought on “Free Blogging Platforms | Blogging For Beginners | Start Blogging With These 4 Blogging Platforms

  1. I'm a student nd don't have financial independence but I want to create a blog for free
    As in ur video u said blogger don't require host nd domain name
    What about WordPress is there any way to create blog (host+ domain) using WordPress for free ?


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