[FREE DOWNLOAD] #1 Tumblr Bot – How to get Tumblr followers & more!

[FREE DOWNLOAD] #1 Tumblr Bot – How to get Tumblr followers & more!

you guys today I’m going to show the stem of the boats I’ve been using for a while now I paid for it but now it’s temporarily free so get it while you can I’m not going to show everything just many futures so the cool thing about this boat is that you can manage multiple accounts at once so for this video I’m going to use two of them and here on the left you can see all the main features you can use so for this video I’m going to show the followed by tag one so in this book you have to specify the tech you want to see what first I’m going to go its follow for follow because everyone you follow where this tech will follow you back it’s a gateway to guys followed by the way I get like 100 a day with just that tech and in this box you have to set limits of people you want to follow you the max is 200 because tumblr has a put a lock on it you can’t follow more than 200 people a day see that so I’m just going to follow 5 for this video so you just press Start and you can go to the event log and you will see everything happening so now it’s following four fuses now it’s logging in videos tumblr where it’s going to for five years okay I’m going to stop this for now I’ll show you do and follow all as well you just have to press Start and it’s going to follow all of them it may take a while to see if yeah okay let’s start as you can see it started and following see I’m not going to show everything just download it on the link in the description I think it’s www feet terminal bot calm so yeah that’s it if you have if you have questions you can just send me a private message say see you later

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