French Beauty Secrets from Fashion Blogger Julia Comil | An Interview with Dr. Winnie

Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Winnie Moses from Parfaire. Today we’re going to be interviewing Julia Comil, lovely beautiful Parfaire Babe and also a lifestyle and a fashion blogger. Hi I’m Julia. I’m a French fashion blogger I did the blog “House of Comil” and I speak about fashion beauty and lifestyle and I’m French based in Los Angeles and I love discovering new trends and mixing effortless style and cool style. What got you started with House of Comil? So I started when I moved to LA. Prior to that, I was in Switzerland and Luxembourg and I didn’t know about blog and when you move in a new country it’s very difficult to know where to get your beauty treatements In which case you can have a beautiful branch? And so when I moved to LA there were all those blogs about you know Los Angeles how to have fun, what to do in LA and I decided to do also because I was doing a lot of research to start my own blog because I was trying a lot of new places and also I love fashion and every day I was you know sharing my outfit and discovering so many new designers that I didn’t know when I was in France But I thought oh it will be very interesting to do that for the blog too. That’s beautiful! So what really inspires you? Fashion and sharing? I have different inspirations, and there were all those bloggers in LA Actually I think LA was a big city for bloggers, and I was trying to find a new source of inspiration like Chiara Ferragni, Song of Style, Sincerly Jules. Different kinds of inspirations, I love movies I love actresses like Natalia Portman, she is for me very beautiful. Jessica Chastain, I love Audrey Hepburn since I think I was two years old. So many different things inspired me that can be fashion, movies and Los Angeles the city itself it’s very inspiring to me. So you’re such a gorgeous woman. What’s the top beauty secret for French women? So in France, I think it’s the same for fashion and beauty, we have to be effortless. We are very concerned about our skin – to have a beautiful skin, even skin tone, but we also wear some makeup like foundation, mascara, but it should be effortless because the French woman is about seduction. Like we say we are romantic but I think I we like to seduce, you know. That’s a good skill to have. And French men like to seduce too, so there is this kind of game you know between women and men and so we want to be pretty, but like we didn’t put too much effort into it. You gotta be ready right in the moment. Exactly. So it’s all about you know the balance between being effortless and being conscious of you know it’s own beauty and also you know the skincare. I think like the skincare marketing, for instance, is very important. All French women have their creams, tonics, everything that make us, you know, glow. Absolutely I feel like this simple word of effortless has so much knowledge in it. So what’s the top difference between French and American Beauty? French women do a lot by yourself, by themselves. So we are doing mask, we are doing scrub, everything in skincare prevention. We are, you know, using washing your face, using the tonic, then you know the serum, then a cream. There are so many things into it and we do it on a regular basis. We are doing so many small steps, but it’s not about makeup. You cannot see you know It’s very.. So natural. Exactly, natural. Also we are very conscious of you know the product that you use and compared to American we are not good at the hair. I mean since I moved here I’m so, you know, I feel like I’m not good you know doing hairstyle and this kind of stuff. So this is very new for me. Yeah, the biggest difference. Also contouring, it’s not that huge in France. In LA, it’s a big big thing. Okay, so the style and concerns is definitely different. I feel like we also have a lot of cream and skincare products. Most of our customers come here getting a little bit confused. They’ve been trying their best to pick the product Sometime you know they’re treating the condition Different for what they’re concerned. Exactly. Yeah sometime we’re here Try to gave that little bit of guidance to our you know customer. And also try to bring them to the higher, better ingredient product to show the best result. That’s a lot of education and a French woman probably started longer? Yeah, I mean the skincare industry is very important in France and each time you go to a pharmacy you have so many different products. So we, since for me and my sister actually, since we are 15 we are using cream and we are always asking for oh what is brand new, oh we want to use that but you know the saleswoman would say no. It’s not good for your skin You should try this once. We’re always asking and there are so many new things that we we want always to try the newer cream. So for me, for example, I see hyaluronic acid. It’s a very good ingredient and when I tried the first time I was 20 and I was very impressed by you know the how active it is and how efficient it is. Yeah so hyaluronic acid is one of the very important ingredient, which we already have a lot, supposed to have a lot in our skin. So externally applied, that definitely gives you more radiance, a hydrated look and that’s a big concept in today’s skincare industry. Yeah, and the French women jump on that and Julia jump on that from an early age, so that’s why the skin is just beautiful and glow. So what’s your number one skin concern for yourself? So I have two. I didn’t know which one I’m more concerned about. I’d love to have a very even skin tone so to avoid spots, sun spots, dark spots and for me it’s very important because foundation helps but there are nothing better than you know a very dewy skin, no blemishes. this kind of stuff. This is very important.. Clarity. Exactly. And the other point would be dark circles. For me, It’s very difficult to get rid of it. I don’t know why and every time I’m reading magazines, I’m trying so many creams. Mostly under eye? Exactly. And also I’m very focused on you know my makeup, I will focus on my eye so for me It’s very an area of concern. Okay, and what treatments do you do to help on those concerns? So I did Actually, I’m still looking for a treatment For the dark circle. For even skin tone, I love actually your SilkPeel facial. Excellent I love that too! It’s really useful and it goes deep into the skin, but also I have very sensitive skin And it’s perfect for my skin I don’t have you know a reaction after that. It’s a good treatment. I also tried the Forma which tightens the skin too, which is really good. And I know you have, I didn’t try it, but you have Lumecca? Yeah, so it’s the Clear Skin treatment, beautiful treatment to help to get rid of any pigments and very very effective. And I think since I moved to LA this is more a concern, which was not the case before but I feel like even if I’m using sunscreen There is always, you know, a new… new area. Very much, you are beautiful! As we can see she’s using a very good product and since very early on So the skin just well prevented for the aging concern. At this point, any medical spa will provide additional treatment. It’s more preventive at this point. SilkPeel facial is more advanced dermabrasion to get rid of this you know superficial dead layer of skin, exfoliate, and then Forma goes deeper, give you that tightening lift and collagen generation. And then we’re adding on to the Clear Skin treatment to help on the clarity and pigmentations and sun damage. Yeah, so we’re going to get you ready for your SilkPeel treatment today, and that’s going to be a wonderful experience. I know I’m always loving it and seeing the results after it, it’s I mean I have brighter skin for days and days. So I’m super excited! Thank you everybody watching and follow Julia at House of Comil. If you have any questions about French beauty or Parfaire treatments as well you can contact me on my Instagram @juliacomil or on my website and also I am on Pinterest!

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