full journal flip through 2019

full journal flip through 2019

hey guys it’s Kaitlyn and today I’m
going to be doing a full art journal flip through this is the second art
journal that I filled it’s a mini moleskin art edition and it’s says sketch
book on it when you buy it this journal has never done me dirty so I highly
recommend I am sitting in front of a window so you guys can hear the birds
chirping and the leaves blowing in the wind so if you hear cars excuse that I’m
going to try to talk loud enough so the cars aren’t a big disturbance but we’re
just going to use the natural sounds of the neighborhood so in the beginning of
my art journal I was doing a hundred days of our journaling and my art just
sort of really suffered it was really not the best spreads or anything so I
stopped doing that because I just didn’t really like the way things were turning
out and I was burning out really easily but this was inspired by a picture I
found on tumblr and this quote just is just a pretty generic quote and I sort
of liked how this turned out but also sort of didn’t I like this side more
than this side not the biggest fan for this one like I said in the beginning
I’m not the biggest fan because I was doing a hundred days of art journaling I
thought of this concept and it was prettier in my head than it was on paper
I wish it turned out differently but you know it’s about working with things and
trying to get better at it this is what I had not a lot of experience with
watercolors so I used watercolors and watercolor pencils for the leaves I wrote this quote in my notes a long time
ago and just used it at the beginning of this art journal I got these pictures
from tumblr and cut them all to the same size and sort of matched them with the
part of the quote that they’re about yeah I think that this one’s pretty cute
this is one of my favorite spreads that I’ve ever made this is after I stopped
100 days of our journaling I’m pretty sure or just like right before I stopped
doing the hundred days it’s literally my favorite quote it says become intimate
with your fears listen to them sit cross-legged give them your undivided
attention offer them comfort and offer them rest
and I could have done better on the girl that I drew I’m not the best at drawing
people so I’m still trying to get better but you can sort of see a little bit of
evolution throughout this and the background I just love doing that kind
of background and I love the contrast between the red and the black this is my
favorite spread and I’m pretty sure it’s my followers favorite spread my art
journal account is Kaitlyn_journals if you didn’t know I’ve seen
illustrations of green houses like glass greenhouses everywhere and I sort of
just created my own concept for that and this was based off of the quote and I
sort of had the plants growing out of the greenhouses just to symbolize never
let a person stop you from growing as in like the green house is somebody
limiting your growth space people seem to really like this quote and I do too a
lot so I’m really happy with how this turned out for this spread it’s a little
more personal it’s Instagram versus reality and sort of the negative
comments that you say to yourself versus what people say to you that are actually
true so this Kaitlyn journals I just did journals because I posted on my journal
account but it would actually be my main Instagram and then Kaitlyn’s mind and
this is really sloppy but I still like the concept of it this was during finals
and I was so done with it and I just wanted to leave and this is what that
was about I love this spread it was so easy to
make and it was so much fun apparently this is a quote from a twenty
one pilots song I think maybe not okay I forgot whose quote this is from what
song but I saw it on an illustration online and used it so didn’t realize it
was from a song at all but fans were quick to tell me that it was the
background is tombow dual tip markers and this is too – and then this is sort of a
Sun and then I thought the background was a good color combination this is a
picture I took like three years ago that I cut up and just
pasted it here cuz I just had this picture floating around and I had
nothing to do with it and then this is just a really super
cute quote I drew this in the spring and I was really unmotivated and really
stressed from finals sitting out in a field when I drew this these actually
blew away in the wind it was really funny but yeah that’s where that came
from this is an old picture from 1935 and I
got it at a vintage store and used it to make this spread the whole spread was
inspired by that I tried to find a quote that fit that and I wrote here what’s
written on the back of this picture and I had to like research to translate
where this was because I couldn’t read the handwriting very well so I tried so
many different combinations of spitzenberg and I thought maybe it was in a
different country but it’s actually in New York I’m pretty sure I drew this one
on a nine-hour car ride and that’s why it’s a little sloppy but I still like it
I think it’s really simple and really cute this spread I sort of liked but
then I messed up the center part and I tried to fix it and now it’s just really
thick and now I’m not the biggest fan of it but I do like the quote we can only
learn to love by loving I think that is one of the most true things I’ve ever
heard and I tried to go with a blue and red type of contrast but I’m not sure
how that turned out I do like a hair on this one though this is the last journal
spread I did before I took like a year off of journaling so from here to the
next spread there’s almost an entire year break um I want to run but where
could I go I guess I ran away from my art journal honestly um I just had
travel fever this was at the beginning of summer last summer and I was really
just lusting to travel and I ended up going to California that summer and it
was an amazing trip so this is this year’s I’ve had this picture from a
magazine probably like a Teen Vogue magazine honestly since like probably
six years ago I’ve had this picture and I had it hanging up in my room because I
thought this girl was like the prettiest I’d ever seen and the pose is cute and
the outfit was cute and I didn’t know what to do with this picture because I
didn’t want to throw it away so I made it into an art journal and I used a
Billie Eilish quote because I’m in love with Billie Eilish and then used some
white gel pen to make the stars and I sort of made this rough textured edge I
really like how that turned out I was really debating on what to do this can
be hard to look at but I really honestly like it a lot
and I think I did a good job on the hands and then I really wish I didn’t
write chivalry is dead I was sort of in a mood that day so that’s where that
quote came from and then there’s red dots on each fingertip because I thought
that that looked really cool this was a sketch that I started and I was gonna
make it into like a watercolor painting or just make ink sketch but I never
finished it I think that’s the only unfinished page in here honestly this
was inspired by somebody else’s journal the background was and then I found a
quote from Pinterest and Pinterest has really inspired me lately I’ve been
utilizing it to the best of my ability for quotes and such I loved in this
quote and this idea in the colors and stuff but I just hate the face that I
drew I wish I drew it on something else and pasted it in so I could have edited
it I didn’t in it but she’s okay whatever I should have done the eyes
closed because I’m not the best of the eyes and that always gets me but she is
a force to be reckoned with apparently this was in my brain dump notebook and I
transferred it to mini size in my art journal so this just went came to my
head one day and I was thinking about mindfulness and I wrote my fullness
reminder put yourself back into your body because that’s sort of the key to
mindfulness is being in your body and just realizing your surroundings and how
you feel and mindfulness is just really important I really like this spread I
have an art journal video for this like an hour
with me this is some of my favorite songs from my chill the fuck out girlie
playlist on Spotify I’ll link that down below for you guys if you want to listen
to it I listened to it when I was making this art journal as well so it’s just a
really really dope playlist I really like it this is a crumbled up piece of
paper that’s like a list and then I just drew that cassette tape really sloppily
um this is the same girl that this was this was the first one I did and I tried
to redraw it here and forgot to do the eyes closed but I liked this one a lot
better and this quote was on the same page but I cut it all out from my brain
dump notebook she looked better before I inked her in but you couldn’t really see
her so I had to but it says don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm and
I think that is so true and it really resonated with me and the background is
grid paper from another one of my moleskine notebooks I love this spread
but I don’t like the execution as much I really want to redo it because I think
that it could be really awesome but it says if you don’t go after what you want
you’ll never have it and these are some really basic mountains and then these
are colored pencils and I just love how that turned out the color is so rich I like this spread a lot it’s sort of like
a space-themed and it says ever feel like a black hole and then I drew this
little girl in the corner and I colored it in after because I didn’t really want
it to just be a blank page and black hole sort of resonates with space so
that’s how I decided to fill in and fill it in with black I just wanted to make a
journal this day and really just did it quick and needed to get rid of some
stickers I think the quote is funny yes as a matter of fact I do personify my
plants got a problem with that I don’t like this spread but it was fun
to think about and sort of fun to make I didn’t really like it from the beginning
this is a quote from plaintiff all souls Instagram and it says plot twist your
dreams are chasing you but you keep running away from them
and this really resonated with me this sort of told me like I wanted to try I
want to travel so bad and I just was never getting out and doing it so I
bought a plane ticket like a couple weeks after this to visit my friend in
Missouri and it was so much fun and I think everyone can learn a lesson from a
quote like this you really you’re not gonna get what you really really want in
life if you don’t put it out there that you want it and go after that oh I
forgot about this spread being my favorite now but this is my new favorite
spread and I think it’s your guys’s new favorite spread to this background I
actually didn’t make people thought I made this background but it’s actually
from a notebook therapy like sort of construction tea paper notebook I cut
out that paper and put it in the background and then I drew the stars on
top of it with white ink and then I painted this with watercolor and use the
white ink on this as well it’s sort of a galaxy within a moon some people thought
it was a pizza some people thought it was a pancake but no it’s a moon so just
keep your eyes on the Stars and your feet on the ground and this quote
actually didn’t have any credit to it but I think it was actually Theodore
Roosevelt who said this and I had no clue when I made this so I didn’t put a
credit thing on it but apparently it’s from Theodore Roosevelt I looked it up
so I drew this girl a really long time ago like probably two years ago and
finally just water colored her in and it says the trick is that as long as you
know who you are and what makes you happy it doesn’t matter how others see
you and this is another quote from pinterest without credit again i up
close i really like her and the details and the hands and the elbows and the
shirt but i could have done better on the hair i really don’t know how to
watercolor hair yet and i really honestly didn’t want to spend the time
on it that day so this was also inspired by my brain dump notebook I had this
piece of paper and this piece of paper in the corner cut out and they were just
pencil and I inked them in and colored it in with a fabric estelle bold marker
and to complete that I did more on this paper after I glued these on and wrote
sweet like honey I sort of wish I didn’t write sweet like honey because I didn’t
really liking how that turned out but I do like
the bees and the honeycombs that are sort of 3d I think that’s really cool
this I made in like 30 minutes on a day that I really just wanted to
get some summer vibes and just needed to do something before I left the house so
this is how consumes my time that day and these are pictures printed from
tumblr like two years ago and it’s a summer sunshine and good times I should
have written good vibes honestly but I started like how this turned out even
though it took really quick so the process with this one was I drew this
girl on procreate on my phone and that was the first time I had used procreate
to draw a person or like the second time and I really liked how she turned out so
I had to transfer it to a different sheet of paper but then I was like I
don’t know what I’m gonna do for this spread so I just copied that again
reversed and cut them out in circles and colored it in red in the background and
then this quote just came to my head I don’t know if it’s a real quote but I
just thought that she was facing herself so I could say and all of a sudden I was
at war within my own mind and I was thinking about connecting their heads
somehow would like some wavy things but I just liked how simple this was so I
left it this actually isn’t on my Instagram because I drew it at like 3
a.m. one day I think it’s cute it’s a cute concept I just don’t want it on my
art journal Instagram so this is where it’s staying next is this it reminds me
a lot of this one this is another girl that I drew um procreate and transferred
and I just did not like the style of it it doesn’t feel like my style and I was
having a mid journal crisis at least I got the eyes pretty accurate one of
them’s too big but you know I suck at drawing eyes so I’m happy about the eyes
at least so this oak was basically coming from the fact that I was just
sort of fed up with not being able to draw people and just the spread in
general this I really like I was water coloring just for fun and
sort of put these cacti in a jar this was inspired by the tapestry I have in
my room and I just my favorite thing is watercolor paint swatches so I cut that
page in here too because I just love them so much I have a better white ink
pen now and I sort of wish I had it when I did this but and I sort of wish I
added some more dimension to the jar but you live and you learn this is what I
thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet
I had a typo in this but I still really like this spread and a lot of people
liked it too nobody really Minds the typos if you call yourself out this was
the first one I did for this and I didn’t like how it turned out I did like
the cute little vintage picture but I just didn’t like how this would turn out
at all so I went back and did it like this we’re getting to the end of the
notebook this page stick together this is another one of my favorites this is
be patient with yourself nothing in nature blooms all year and I got this
idea from Pinterest definitely it was a this quote on a picture like this so
when I saw this picture I immediately thought of the one I’m Pinterest and
then this girl was also drawn while using a girl I’m Pinterest for reference
and I just think that she turned out really pretty it’s really simple I could
have done more with her but I didn’t want to mess it up so I just kept it
like that chill out life is good some people read
this chill life out is good and I just thought that was really funny I just
really liked the colors for this it’s my new fabrica style bold colored markers
and I really liked how this turned out the colors just really went well
together and I probably would have taken out the green if I redid it but I liked
how it turned out either way and the way to do this is you basically write the
black letters and then pick a focal point and have all the lines meet at the
focal point it gets a little muddled down here but that’s try your best and
then this is the last page I was listening to the song
peaches by in the valley below and that is one of my all-time
favorite I could die songs like I’m that song just is my life and so I wrote
peaches and tried to make a bubble text I tried my best I can do that on
procreate but I can’t do that in real life and that is the end of the art
journal here’s the test page that I always have in the back and a little
envelope I don’t think has anything in it so thank you guys so so much for
watching my art journal Instagram is kaitlyn_journals if you want
to see more updates on my newest art journal which will be my third one don’t
forget to comment like and subscribe for more videos and I will see you guys next
week in another video peace out guys

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  2. I love this so much, i really want to start bullet journaling but i dont think i have the time or talent💀

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  4. wow this is so extremely gorgeous and inspiring <3 i just started uploading bullet journaling videos and doing different themes for every month and i feel like it's my little way of being creative (an art journal is a bit intimidating for me atm!)

  5. hello! ive followed you on instagram for a while and stumbled upon youtube by total accident! i love you art so much but i was wondering where do you find your quotes? i know you mentioned pinterest but what do you search to find such lovely quotes?

  6. Doing art isn't like a test….what others is is never what we see when we look at our art. Listen to what others like about it. You might find out that what you don't like is never noticed by others. They just appreciate the beauty your mind imagines and shares with others.

  7. Such a beautiful and meaningful art journal! I found it very important to always add something which means sth to me or which at least matches the pages perfectly. My art journaling is quite different than yours, but I love your pages- they are truly beautiful, so are the quotes! xo

  8. Wow, I love your Art Journal!😍 Especially the filled in backgrounds on the pages are something that really make your art special and make it pop out! I need to try this as well, thank you for the inspiration!😉😍

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