Functional Forum presents Kelly Brogan, MD: What Functional Medicine Does TO Your Brain

Functional Forum presents Kelly Brogan, MD: What Functional Medicine Does TO Your Brain

My next guest… you know I was I was thinking after I
watched the The Hunger Games that wouldn’t it be awesome if there was
actually a real Katniss Everdeen because you know I don’t know which is going to
happen first the real revolution or the revolution cuz you know there’s two
there’s two movies for the last one and I was trying to think the other day I
was actually gonna write a blog for my body green called who is the real
Katniss Everdeen and would she please stand up and I think it’s Dr. Kelly
Brogan. So she’s gonna come here and give us a little time. All set. That’s your music intro. No
wait you a get mic. Everyone gets a mic. I wanted to talk
tonight about what functional medicine can do to your brains as clinicians and
what it can do for the brains of your patients. But I wanted to start by asking
how many people here love their job. Yeah so that’s what I anticipated seeing and
I can certainly echo that sentiment. I departed from conventional medicine very
abruptly after my fellowship and I often reflect on how I used to think and I’m
sure that there are many of you who have been you know in the conventional fold
for years if not decades and I wonder if you reflect on the differences between
the way that you think now and the way that you used to think and I’m reminded
of a term from my medical school neurology clerkship which is anosognosia and it means lack of insight into a clinical deficit and I think it’s very
relevant to the way that our allopathic colleagues are practicing because I
think it’s you know they’re they’re doing their best. They’re struggling in a
broken system and I think it’s very hard for them to acknowledge that they’re
applying acute care medicine to the management of chronic disease for
this endless whack-a-mole game of symptoms depression that drives further
pathology. I think it’s really hard for them to to appreciate the problem with
the fact that at the bottom of every prescription pill bottle for their
patients is just another prescription pill bottle and that leads to 20% of
Americans taking five or more prescriptions for a lifetime. And I think
it’s particularly hard for them to acknowledge the gravity of enmeshment
corruption and multi-layer conflict of interest between the practice of
medicine medical science and a 1.3 trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry.
And I don’t think it’s their fault because I don’t think that they have the
framework to ask why their patients are so sick and I don’t think they can see
beyond a pill cure but I think that’s what functional medicine offers. I think
it offers this framework. And I think it offers a lens through which to look at
the enormity of the crisis that we’re in our food our air our water our
technology and our health but I think that it can feel really nihilistic like
the sky is falling and I’m sure that there are so many potential bright
functional medicine practitioners who fall by the side of the road because
this is so fear inducing reckoning with this reality and I can relate still. I
was at an airport a couple of weeks ago delayed and I picked the only thing off
of the menu that I could potentially stomach and it was a baked chicken with
a side of broccoli and all I could think about while I was eating it was the GMO
antibiotics stuffed chicken who lived in a tortured life in a coop so that I
could you know so that I could have lunch and the pesticide saturated shell
of a plant that I was eating and that certainly doesn’t make for a very rest
and digest experience and then I you know I think about taking my
five-year-old to a birthday party and watching all of the kids eat pizza and
cake and all I can envision is the
interleukin 6 that’s like teaming through their veins as they’re consuming
those foods and that doesn’t make it very easy for me to commune with the
other moms. But but I think that the mandate is to acknowledge that we are
poisoning our genome. That we are devolving ourselves as a species before
our eyes. But then to recognize that we can potentially leverage our
relationship with the natural world for change. And that’s where there’s this
spark ignited and a hunger for a new type of knowledge can build and it can
really become a passion partner and a lifestyle I mean in the end functional
medicine and his practice is a lifestyle and it can be so consuming to almost a
pathological extent. I was reading a conference brochure the other day and my
daughter who’s unfortunately very accustomed to seeing me reading a lot of
my life you know on the cover was this mitochondria right so it’s like a brown
bean shape thing and she came up to me and she said mama I’m so happy to see
you reading a book about hot dogs for a change and it was sort of emblematic to
me of sometimes how a part you know you can feel in this pursuit this pursuit of
such a new such a new kind of knowledge but I think that in the end it’s it’s
about it’s about exercising the right to accessing a new kind of
information and bringing different a different kind of curiosity and it kind
of humbled aw. Shedding the hubris and thinking about how we can use the
precautionary principle in our real lives. And so when I think about how do I
use this in my practice I often refer to an analogy that to me makes a lot of
sense. So when I think about meeting a new patient,
I envision them like this wilting withering plant that’s been on a shelf
in a dark you know recirculated air room under a fluorescent
light and they’re coming to me and they have all of these you know paper clips
and sticks and pieces of tape holding all their limbs up and my task is just
to bring the basics back to them. Right? So sunlight clean air water and to
rehabilitate that soil so that I can help them take that scaffolding off and
to recognize their native vitality and I can bring them these fascinating
concepts like Zeno hormesis and coevolution with the microbial world and
I can help them to recognize that they’re not just a diseased organ
walking around. That in fact their organ is in a system of systems that is in a
human that has this incredible interconnectedness with an ecology of
plants animals microbes and the energetic forces that connect us all.
Because we’re really not Androids with chemical levers and prescriptions
deficiencies. And I think that brings me to so what can medicine functional
medicine do for the brains of your patients? And so I think about as a
psychiatrist I think about human behavior and this huge umbrella that is
encompassed by mental health. Right? So everything from schizophrenia to
day-to-day malaise and forgetfulness and brain fog and I think that it’s
particularly vulnerable to the reductionist one disease one pill model.
And I think that the fact is we really don’t know very much about what causes
states of distress and mood disturbance but we do know that misregulated
inflammation and oxidative stress are the underpinnings of every chronic
disease whether it’s autoimmunity or cancer or metabolic syndrome. And we know
that the comorbidity between psychiatric syndromes and these chronic diseases is
too great to ignore. So we have an opportunity I think to spare generations
of people from mind-body toxins that are peddled as treatments
and in my opinion there is no room for integrative medicine here because I
think we need to open our eyes and acknowledge the lies that we have been
told by industry and we have to think about how we can use evidence to teach
us about a more intuitive intelligent medicine. To teach us how to send the
body and the mind a signal of safety in such a dangerous world. So how do we
do that? Right? So I think it makes the most sense
to me to start where natural medicine doctors have been starting for centuries
which is the gut right and to use data to help us understand a bi-directional
relationship between the gut and the brain. That cytokines are these
messengers that travel and communicate through the vagus nerve and the
microglia that they interfere with feedback loops in hormones and
trafficking of neurotransmitters so that we’re really decimating these false
boundaries between immunology, neuro chemistry and-and-and endocrinology. And we can look at the data that tells us that that fecal transplants and rodents
changes behavior. That lipopolysaccharides of bacteria induces
depression. And that probiotics and humans in randomized trials mitigates
anxiety. So we can start to think about things like fermented sauerkraut as
preventive medicine but I think we also have to put on our activist hats and we
have to help our patients understand how to interact with the world through
medical consumerism. We have to teach them about physiologic birth and
breastfeeding. About over-the-counter and prescription drugs like proton pump
inhibitors and oral contraceptives antibiotics and NSAIDs and about foods
and their choices gluten GMOs and sugar and I think that in this way this is a
precautionary message that is such powerful prevention but functional
medicine also offers healing and it does that sometimes in
such a specific and tailored way to an individual that I think it can feel like
fairy lights illuminating the path home for some patients. So functional medicine
brings concepts like biochemical individuality, toxin mitigation, organ
reserve, an informed choice to a conversation that thus far only has two
words in it sick and drugs. And I think that in my opinion allopathic medicines
swan song has been sung. I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard it and I’d like to
change the game together thank you

33 thoughts on “Functional Forum presents Kelly Brogan, MD: What Functional Medicine Does TO Your Brain

  1. Excellent! Thank god some people are stepping forward to change this insane medical model we have been following. More power to functional forum and Dr. Brogan. 

  2. I'm very glad to see more clinicians making the shift to the functional world of healing. I've been involved in this world for over 20 years. I am surprised and saddened by all the patients that come to my door with such ill health and I am often angered and disgusted by the mismanagement these patients have suffered through for so many years. I'm fearful that if medicine doesn't embrace the functional model quickly, our de-evolving will continue unabated. I'm happy to view your video and happy to be part of the solution myself. Kudos to you Kelly for your work and this video!

  3. "Allopathic medicine's swan song has been sung." What a powerful affirmation, Kelly! Can't wait for the critical mass to awaken to that fact!

  4. Kelly, an absolutely great presentation.  As conscientious physicians, we ALL have to stand up and speak the truth.  You did an excellent job.
    Wanda Bedinghaus

  5. Thank you, Dr. Brogen, for such a smart, richly articulated and informational talk. That was wonderful, and as a Holistic Practitioner/Author, myself, I learned a few things, too! I am now a fan.

  6. We have been delivering functional medicine for over 30 years in Toronto. My husband (the physician) is 70. There is no one to take over our practice. No doctor will work with us as they are scared of the position and power of the College of Physicians which only endorses cookbook, mainstream medicine. Doctors will not speak up about the drugging of the population with dangerous, unproven psychiatric drugs, or the birth defects caused by them. When a doctor in Alberta went public on the horrifying cancers he was called upon to diagnose caused by the pollution of the oil sands, he was run out of town by Health Canada and the College of Physicians for creating mayhem. If you are watching Dr. Brogan's lecture…take it to heart. We are doomed in the lap of mainstream medicine and the only solution is a critical mass of people who are informed.

  7. I am happy for the content of this video but I am not happy with the very provocatively sexual pose the doctor emphasises in the video.  I can be criticised for this comment but I would rather have the doctor dressed conservatively so as to not be so distracted by her body language that screa
    ms the wrong message

  8. Incredible gifted speaker. Favorite takeaway: The mandate is to acknowledge that we are poisoning our genome, de-evolving ourselves as a species before our eyes. Our organ is in a system of systems, that is within a human, that has an incredible inter-connectiveness with an ecology of plants and animals, microbes, and the energetic forces that connect us all. We can leverage our relationship with the natural world for co-evolutionary change. This is a new type of knowledge that is healing chronic disease, building with passion, partner, and lifestyle; it is all consuming.

  9. Kelly Brogan MD is an elegant, articulate speaker.. enjoy this 12 minute talk on Functional Medicine!

  10. As much as I love the beautiful speech, and a lot of truth that was spoken. Can we really cross out allopathic medicine completely? Does the effort of physicians across the US for such a long time count whatsoever? Surely simple data such as change in life expectancy in the last 100 years goes to prove that maybe not all is bad, and that it's not just some evil project driven by pharmaceutical companies. I completely support further research into alternative medicines, but I also believe research and medical advances have led to longer life expectancies, and better quality of life.

  11. Her beauty does something to my brain, I can't concentrate on the subject.
    I'm gonna listen next time, when she sits and doesn't show her legs off.
    Yeah, I'm that kind of perv, a Puritan one.

  12. Kelly Brogan is awesome!  I totally agree with her on real food and being anti doctors. (One thing tho: dont wear those boots Kelly !).

  13. . how to get along with mom's who 
    feed their kids cake and pizza?
    I love it! do what's right
    even though it's going to hurt .

  14. Is this video available with spanish subtitles? If not, I'd love to do it for you. I'd like to share this with many spanish-speaking people. Thank you

  15. Doctors, for all their intelligence, are often some of the most closed minded folks around. We all know about stories of patients who complain of symptoms and effects, and the good doc once again dismisses them with some excuse that it is "not" true. The confirmation bias is everywhere. Before they memorize all that information in medical school, they should first take a few lessons in how to think. That goes for most of our elites, who run our society.

  16. Beautifully and articulately presented. As a member of the healthcare community, I cannot agree more with Dr. Brogan and her 'functional' approach to medicine and its benefits. Unfortunately, the mass of allopaths are hardwired to 'follow the scripts' that have been used and misused much too long. For me, Integrative techniques and remedies are a much better pathway to holistic health and should be seriously considered by those seeking to improve their overall sense of well-being.

    'Thank You' Dr. Brogan for your courage and efforts in educating the masses. 🙂

  17. The application of acute medicine to chronic diseases is the effective and invisible genocide they've come rely on. The pharmaceutical companies fund & design curriculum, why would they change when their bottom line depends on the diseased?

  18. Thank you. As a father of 2 young girls and completely frustrated with the medical community (sometimes referred to as the pill community) watching this video brought a tear of hope to my eye. One of my little ones is on the spectrum (ASD). I'm up at 6 AM every morning and begin my ritualistic research for answers which I know are out there. 7AM my other life of responsibilities begins. FM makes so much sense over conventional medicine that I would hope there will be a functional forum for parents. Because you are right, going to birthday parties is heartbreaking when your child is looking at all the goodies like a starving vulture and kindly tells the host that sugar and gluten are bad and says "I can't eat sugar, gluten and milk because they are bad for me". Some parents look at my wife and I as child abusers or cruel at best. So associating with other parents like me would be great support. We found a FM family physician in our little home town of Fallbrook. One of the few doctors with an "accepting new patients" stamp. Sad that she doesn't have parents knocking at her door but good for us. Thank you for all you do!

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