G Hannelius – Dog With A Blog (Disney)

G Hannelius – Dog With A Blog (Disney)

G Hannelius: Yes, I’m G Hannelius and
I play Avery Jennings on the show, the daughter of Ellen Jennings, and she’s very
strict follower of the rules, she’s very smart, she’s definitely opposite to the Tyler
character who’s more laid back but she’s really fun to play, she’s very school focused. She’s best friends with Stan and she’s
very loyal to family and friends which I love. Male Speaker: So apparently dogs can talk.
G Hannelius: They can. Male Speaker: Who knew, right? G Hannelius:
You’ve seen it right in front of your eyes, they can talk. Male Speaker: Exactly.
So the dog that can talk and that can blog what is he going to be up
to in these upcoming episodes? G Hannelius: Oh he’s up to a lot of things
so most of the time us siblings are trying to keep the secret from everyone
else that he can talk. We actually don’t know that he can blog but he talks and he talks like he’s a human
but he definitely loves all things dog. He loves his poodles, he loves his bacon, chasing the mailman, all the regular dog stuff. Male Speaker: So what’s your favorite
part of working with the dog? G Hannelius: My favorite part?
Definitely training. Me and Francesca are definitely trainers
in training you might say. We all have our little dog treat pouches
and I think that’s a really fun experience to learn really. It’s a great experience to learn how to
train them and I can kind of use that maybe in my real life with
my own dogs or I can try. Male Speaker: I know.
And what kind of dogs do you have? G Hannelius: I have a Shiba Inu which
is kind of a Japanese dog, like medium sized. It kind of looks like a fox. Actually when we lived in Maine people
like mistook it for a fox and maybe like “There’s a fox in the woods” and we’re
like “No, it’s our dog.” And then I have a Miniature Pinscher Chihuahua
who we actually rescued. Male Speaker: Oh, cool.
Now let me ask you – what if they could talk what do you think they would say? G Hannelius: What would they say?
They’d say “Give me more food. Pet me more.” They probably – I think it
would be nice if they could tell me when they wanted to go outside and inside because they’re so annoying with
their decisions, they’re like waiting at the door or they’re like outside
waiting at the door. I would hope they would tell me things. Male Speaker: So how is it working on set
and working with your crew and the cast? How is that? G Hannelius:
We have a great crew and cast and we’re really fortunate to have that. We’re really all like a family honestly.
I know you probably hear that a lot but it is true. We’re all like siblings together and we
have great chemistry and we really bonded. Male Speaker: Cool.
Now I have a really tough question. It’s really tough, I know.
You have to brace yourself. Okay, are you ready? G
Hannelius: I’m ready. Male Speaker: Would you rather be a human
being that can only talk to dogs or a dog that can only talk to human beings? G Hannelius: Wait, I’m thinking about this
– human being that can only talk to dogs — Male Speaker: Or a dog that can
only talk to human beings. G Hannelius: I think a dog that
can only talk to human beings. Male Speaker: Really? G Hannelius:
Is that strange? Male Speaker: You’d go dog.
G Hannelius: I would go dog because I think it would be fun to be a dog and I
would definitely pick being Mick because he’s got the life here, right?
He’s got the life. He’s got a park right here outside
of his living room. Male Speaker: Cool.
G Hannelius: Fantastic. Male Speaker: It’s good to be specific.
G Hannelius: Yes. Male Speaker: All right, one
last question for you. What message do you have for viewers as
they are ready to watch your first episode of Dog with a Blog? G Hannelius: I would just say I
really hope you guys enjoy it. It’s a really fun family show and I like
that it’s geared towards every age and any gender and I just really like that the
whole family can sit down and watch it together and I really hope
that everyone enjoys it.

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