Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft’s Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft’s Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

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  1. There was this one time in beta it said herobrine join my game then i saw him then he telepoerted closer and then left

  2. what about multyplayer? is that cannon cuz if it is then we are in the past or the game takes place earlyer than we thoght mabye they lost there nolege and devoveld over 100s of years not evoveld into endermen mabye they devoveld and evovled a littlein 1.14?
    u thinkthis is good enghof for a g.t?

  3. therapist: the minecraft creeper with tiny arms isn’t real, he can’t hurt you

    the minecraft creeper with tiny arms:

  4. not gonna lie, that herobrine jumpscare at the beginning kinda got me, but i mean its 4:30 am and im sitting in a dark room soooo.

  5. More stuff about humans going extinct In minecraft is that the discs are secret messages from the humans and the and disc 11 is when a virus infected a human got vary infected and as a zombie he found the disk and shattered it but that’s not probably accurate I think it’s the book part and I believe it is Nicholas and I think Nicholas is also the writer of the mob biestiary also some theory’s about minecraft public servers are just simulations and that’s why there are so many people

  6. Uhm, I like the theory and actually, I had already heard the story before in another video (2 months and a day before this one was released just in case). I like that even if it is in another language and a very different way to discuss theories, both have the same point. And you have some new info that I didn't see with him and is just that at the time of disc 13 there were only 13 cave audios. He also mentions that the disc 11 is the only disc that gives a redstone signal of 11. He also mentions that before the human runs in disc 11 there is a sound of an unidentified mob. One difference is that he said that 11 seconds of silence is what we have on disc 13, not 13 seconds (which personally sounds better to make reference to the other disc)

    If its possible it will be cool to give a shout out or something about his channel because is kind of a combination of game theory with film theory in spanish and made only by one person.

    The link about his video is here:

  7. YESSSS!!! Finally someone speaking on it !! Since day one I was always fascinated by the disk and wondered what the back story was! People might not realize it but Minecraft is a lot more complex than you think.

  8. Even though I’m on mobile I could still hear nether portal sounds around my forest even though I didn’t made a single portal..

  9. Can you figure out where Herobrine came from? Like, his story came out of nowhere, and everyone was terrified of him. And I wanna know why.

  10. The Danger that made the Enderman left the world was
    That also explains why he is hunting us now, he does not want humans

  11. They should add a craft recipe 11 and 13 that should make 24 it does not play and if you play it in the juke box it spawns hero Brian but there is a catch there are no update notes and such so it spawns in hero Brian and he pretty much destroys tour world and creeps you out lol

  12. HOLY COW MattPatt! DO NOT take me back to the past like that again! I felt physical pain from my body converging on itself.

    Heh… Diggy Diggy Hole

  13. I came here for a break from the scary fnaf series and I get this… Not really complaining but like complaining lmao

  14. what if the enderman are those previous explorers just they went through a very tragic change and are paranoid and self conscious?

  15. It's 3AM right now and I'm in my bed with all the lights off and I'm terrified, especially when you play the soundtracks. And I can only think of someone grabbing me.

  16. and i thought other youtubers plugged there merch YOU have a secret spectograph that leads to your MERCH store thats right people spent all of that time just to have your merch plugged

  17. OH that explains why when I played Disks 11 and 13, i thought im only hearing a bunch of sound effects from the OUTSIDE of my base… Damn, now i dont have the guts to go into a cave rn

  18. Anybody who plays minecraft should know that zombie pig men are pigs struck bye lightning I have a theory about it but I’m not bothered to right it

  19. Game theory:*finding out the mystery of minecraft*
    Me:WhY dOeSn'T hErObRiNe SpAwN wHeN mY wOrLd IsN't MuLtIpLaYeR yEt I mAkE tHe SuMmOn ThInG i FoUnD oN tWiTtEr?

  20. WAIT!!! Maybe the ancient society of players recorded what they did. They then name their recordings in the order they were recorded. But the discs that weren't recording their adventures and were just recording music they heard was named after what the music sounded like. This part prolly isn't true but… The players protected in protective containers tough as bedrock… Or that's what they thought the container actually wasn't skeleton-arrow-proof. But then a flock of creepers came in and ate the containers or just hid them.

  21. Does that mean the ancient people were human souls but got trapped in the game and summoned the wither thing? (It’s a theory and I think 100 percent of u guys don’t understand what I’m saying)

  22. I'm new to Minecraft and when I got the 13 disc and played it, it sounded weird so I got out the disc but the tune kept playing and it only stopped after 2 minutes, is this a glitch?

  23. zombie pigman are real because you probably killed pigs in the overworld. They probably dont attack you because they remember how nice humans like you can be by feeding them. But when you attack them they remember how humans killed them and they decide its time to fight back.

  24. When I first played disc 11 I got a little chill down my spine because I was like 8 then I took out the disc and paused my game and went to get sum juice this was back in 2012

  25. I've got a Theory!

    The Journals where created by one or a group of people, the ancient builders. Not just any of them, people of the lowest Rank. They where trying to prove they could handle a higher Rank. The journals ate written as proof, or a warning to future people who find them. The disks are the remains of audio recordings. Audio recordings to document this explore's journey. Not only that, but again, the proof of their quest. The monsters are not just a product of the future Whiter Incident, but an much more ancient foe. Herobrine. He brought forth the decayed versions of their dead friends. Perhaps that story became a myth. Creepers skeletons and zombies, became a myth. Those explores brought them back to the more recent ancient builders. After more time they fleed to the Nether. Later, returning to the Overworld when the swarm of monsters had shriveled. Then the tried reviving their ancestors, leading to the Whiter corrupting the dead. They fled to the End not knowing what they where getting themselves into. After decades of living in the End and hiding from the Dragon along with eating the End's strange fruit, they where corrupted. Doomed to live as the Dragon's slaves. They now are known as Endermen. The Endermites are keeping them in line. The Silverfish are there to stop any rescue missions. The Ancient Builders are trapped and imprisoned in there own plans.

  26. What IF disk 13 was created on Friday the 13. What IF that’s why 13 is so unlucky and Minecraft thought of the idea.

  27. GUY I KNOW THE STORY OF 11: so Steve was mining in a cave, and then reading a book in the dungeon and he looked at a enderman and noticed what the big mistake that he did so he made a run witch is the running sound,but then he didn’t make it

  28. (I apologise for bad grammar. I'm Italian and here English is teached badly) I would like to make an observation. Disk 11 ends with barking sounds closing in, yet in disk 13 there are no barks. I feel like there would be barking sounds if they were connected in the middle of disk 13. I think it is plausible that the two could be connected, but probably disk 11 is more of a continuation of disk 13 than his middle part

  29. What makes glowstone glow? Maybe there is a substance inside of them, or the temperature of the nether. Also, how does the ghast live? Like, what organs does it have to let it fly, and shoot fireballs and do that stuff.

  30. wait he might be placing obsidian (first stone sounds)then uses the flint and steel gets in the nether and mines that dirt that makes you slow(forgot the name)and then idk

  31. It sounds like the person is building with dirt and cobblestone instead of running. At first, it is running, then it's building. Idk. Maybe I'm wrong about this.

  32. When minecraft was created, everyone was afraid of herobrine

    I miss those days

    Now we have mother f**** bees

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