Genders Tumblr Made Up [CC]

Genders Tumblr Made Up [CC]

Hello people behind screens, I’m Jac and we’re back. This is Rhawshee And back to my normal videos, I like to find The craziest things on the internet that I can find. Today, I think we’re gonna look into something It’s gonna be fun. We are going to be looking into The craziest of the tumblr genders. I’m talking about people that identify as hammocks hammocks? I love that for them. There’s a complete list is there? It’s still loading That’s too much who wrote this list? alright, so They updated in 2016 with 35 new ones and let’s just go through them first one R: Abimgender? J: Abiemgender?? A gender which is profound, deep, and infinite R: I don’t know what that means J: I’m gonna lose subscribers for this video Okay, this is too long, go to the ones with the short descriptions Adamsgender: a gender which refuses to be categorized Well, then aren’t you still being categorized exactly because they have a name for it Okay Asthegender: a gender that is derived from an aesthetic Who came up with these? That’s a lot of Brain power. Do you think there’s people out there who like J: there probably are R: know all of them? there probably are Because I remember There was like, at my old school, there was this gay club, but it wasn’t like a regular like GSA It was like, tumblr gays and I got really weird it got really weird. This girl gave like a slide show of all the different genders and It was- there were a lot of slides. This is not to offend anyone I should say, I mean, even if you think someone’s gender is crazy as shit right Doesn’t mean you’re against it right, like, even if you don’t believe it, even if you think it’s just like a weird phase right It costs $0 to just go with it. I mean, it doesn’t really hurt you. It’ll probably save you from being a tumblr post and right , save you from being attacked and it makes them happy. So if someone tells you their pronoun is ass and tits Okay, why not? Whatever someone identifies as a couch? J: Go with the flow R: Let them be a couch Sit down bitch Yeah Can I sit on you? I’m gonna look for coins in your cracks I’m awful, I’m going to hell This is your gender Anxiegender: a gender affected by anxiety me anxiegender Love that for you same Here we go, you’re one of those people now yeah Astergender: a gender that feels bright and celestial Astralgender: a gender that feels connected to space so we don’t want to confuse the two right, imagine being attacked for that Batgender- see noctalgender. Oh God can’t wait for that shrek boggender: a gender related to bogs, swamps, marsh or a similar ecosystem Also known as swampgender Okay, but i’m still The Blizzgender A gender that feels cold, snowy, and harsh When it’s paired to another gender, it’s known as wintegender Delphigender: mysterious, obscure, and sinister gender. Oh, no. That sounds bad. Sinister is Such a scary movie I was about to say slenderman but then slenderman is a man yeah Digigender: a digital gender. It can range from any digital thing or file, virus and Hi-oh often for techkin. That guy from the Her movie where he falls in love with Siri So TechKin might be my next video. What? Avengers tease. Entrogender: a gender that feels as if it is fading away mister stark I don’t feel so good oh, oh no Felis- a small cat-like gender Felecia from Marvel says hi. I hate you she’s cute, though And she’s like, half cat but like J: are you a furry? R: it works no, it just works Genderflora A gender that blooms and evolves based on the weather and atmosphere, similar to gender fluid but more planet-like So could you change their gender by like putting a sun lamp over them? I guess… that’s funny Genderpunk. I’m gonna stop reading this because I feel like I have some viewers who are gonna be like that’s a great idea, that’s what I’m gonna identify as Oh my god, I’m gonna lose so many subscribers Okay, Greengender. A subset of colorgender but for the color green I identify as green I identify as blue I bet bluegender is a gender Is it? Probably R: I bet there’s a gender for every color J: Shake my hand Oh, I didn’t know you had your hand out , t was so subtle I didn’t realize it. Alright, let’s go to the b’s, the bitchesss Is there a blue gender? [gasp] how blueist we have to call the police right? blue deserves a gender. as well as every other color: pin,k orange, purple, green, purple. yellow. I said purple twice Obviously a purple fan Lumpy Space Princess says hi Tachigender: a gender that changes quickly or that otherwise has to do with high speed HIGH SPEED GENDER!!!! right? fast and furious J: 69 R: Says hi How do you say that? Gender that feels weak and Hollow Witchgender, okay, actually I feel like some of my subscribers R: are witchgender? J: Are probably witchgender That sounds like a controversial one Zodiac gender. oof, I feel attacked. Yeah, they’re attacking you right now A catch-all gender term used to describe when one’s gender is related to or0 see, you’re the Libra gender bitch, you’re a libra, too The Libra genders I feel like that Spider Man pic where it’s like. Oh, yeah I’m gonna get all kinds of DM’s like ‘I’m gonna kill you!’ you ever had a DM like that? J: Yeah R: That sucks So, yeah, I posted on my story The official police report of what happened to Rihanna and this bitch got sooooo mad It was like kefkiencd she slapped him and that’s why he hospitalized her so And after that, I was like well I have the police report up so then I posted more stories of Chris Brown like, pushing women down the stairs which could murder them more violence and it was like Die mad right? All right, don’t- oh you should do the sign off when people are like, like and subscribe, and comment all follow our social media and stuff If you like, like the video, like and subscribe. leave a comment of what you think And check out the description box and you can follow both of us whippity dippity dab. Okay, let’s try it. I’ll dab you whippity dippity dab i’ve been attacked

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  1. Okay, I can see you don't mean to be harmful doing this video, but you really are, you don't know how much, a lot of people are going to feel offended by this video, and there will be reasons.

  2. I'm a degenderate
    ( de- gender- ate)- which is the gender of socially inept man children who pleasure themselves to MLP.

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