Getting My Makeup Done by a Famous Korean Beauty Blogger

Getting My Makeup Done by a Famous Korean Beauty Blogger

Saerom: It’s very pretty
Joan: Thank you! Saerom: We actually haven’t showed this to anyone yet. S: You know how you received the matte lipsticks? We have been working on moisturizing tints as well! S: These will be coming out in many colors as well S: And this… We have been working hard on a cushion! We can’t show you the packaging yet It looks like this and it’s very moisturizing!

100 thoughts on “Getting My Makeup Done by a Famous Korean Beauty Blogger

  1. 10 mins feels like 1 min with Joan's vids… Someday we should compile an entire week of Joandays and make it a movie 🙂

  2. always love seeing you going to cafes and restaurants that are quite secluded with erin, makes me want to go to korea and explore!! ? love u joan!!

  3. Hey, Joan..Glad to listen to your voice again..Any tips you learn from the makeup?Please share with us…Wow,the makeup on your iss soooo pretty!

  4. The make up looks so good on you! Cant wait to see the full version on your main channel! <3 ALSO, Using "emoticons" instead of "emoji" hehe hello fellow 90s kid! xx

  5. Instead of a party for my quincenierra, I will be going on a trip to Korea. That is why I am literally binge watching Joan' s videos ? THX!

  6. Hi Joan ? I was curious about the subtitles thing. Do you have some languages in mind? Because I would love to translate to Greek, when I find the time. ? Btw I love your videos.❤

  7. Hi Joan! I translated your sfw at ddp video in italian, i'm glad i can help you with subtitles 🙂 I'll try to do it everytime i have some time for it!

  8. omg my heart was stopped when you say 'gd da' hahaha i don't know how to type it but i thought you were met gd in real lifeee!! ? but i hope so!! ✨

  9. omg i work so close by to where your vlog started T_T so sad, forreal when will i get to meet joan irl hahahahaha

  10. wait, for whole this time, I thought that sunny & erin is the same person, I watch every Joan blog, & I just notice this!!

  11. So glad you're feeling a lot better! And what a bonus we get to see both Erin and Sunny in one vlog <3 Can't wait to see the makeup look you teased us in this xx

  12. You looked so pretty with both day and night looks.
    I am so thankful for the subtitles. Do take care of protecting from pollution; if you have to wear a mask every now and then just do it ? love your blogs.

  13. I don't mind helping you translate the videos, but the problem is I don't understand much Korean. ? Other languages such as: English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamento, I can translated for you. ?? Love you. ❤️❤️

  14. Hi Joan!! I've been really busy lately sorry if you don't see my comments anymore, but be certain that I'm watching your vlogs everyday!!! <3

  15. If you ever need a german or vietnamese translator, call me 🙂 It'd be a pleasure to translate for you when you're in Europe!

  16. it's nice to see you catch up with your friends after all the travelling you've done the past month ?

  17. hi guys, i would be heading to Korea real soon. Do you have any recommendation for a good navigation app? I do not understand Korean, so i can't use Naver. Many thanks ?

  18. This was such a fun vlog!! I'm happy you changed your schedule, it seems like you can spend more time making each video super great 😀

  19. I was walking down the same street in the beginning of the video on the same day! Maaaaan, to think I missed running into Joan ?? btw Joan is also my mum's name! ❤️

  20. 정보도 언제나 많고 구독해서 너무 재밌게 잘 보고 있어요
    한국에 오랫만에 나갈려고 하는데 비디오에 보니 지도보고 걸어가시던데 무슨 앱을 깔아야 하나요?
    미국은 간단히 예를 들어서, 길은 웨이즈, 먹는거는 yelp, 프로모션 으로 구르폰..etc. 이잖아요
    지도, 레스토랑 커피숖 가볼만한곳 찾는 앱, 싸게 딜 찾는 앱 좀 알려주세요 : ))

  21. Hi Joan! I'd really like to help you out with creating german subtitles for your videos! You give me so much joy and I want to give back to you, so I'm really happy I now have the chance to! Can we also add subtitles to your main channel videos or are there certain people already doing that for you(like management or something)? Have a joanday!;)

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