Giethoorn, Venice of The North – Travel Vlog (Video Blog) Travel Netherlands ??

Giethoorn, Venice of The North – Travel Vlog (Video Blog) Travel Netherlands ??

so we just tried to rent a boat here at Giethoorn
cause we are out here today and the waiting list is about one hour and forty five minutes so
we are going to try to find an alternative ever since Giethoorn was put on the map in
China it has been crazy busy I mean it is always pretty busy when you get here when the
weather is nice but now Chinese tourists have discovered it as well so it is getting busier
and busier but still if you get the opportunity to go here rent a boat and go around cause
the area is really beautiful so
since Chloe is not here I am going to vlog with Martha my friend Martha over here we
just missed the boat because we left for like five minutes and these people over here got
the boat instead of us so rather unfortunate but maybe… we have to wait for another boat we got a boat we got a boat because we decided to wait instead of walk away we are on the
boat right now and it is kind of a traffic jam so we have to take it slow and sometimes we have
to wait and it is really to test my boating skills I guess which I don’t have so very
interesting and I am really trying not to collide with anything so far three collisions
maybe and counting if you look at the amount of people here on boats its a little bit crazy
too many people on boats this is what happens oh oh stop stop wooo ohhh stop stop stop stop
stop stop stop stop stop stop and that is why she should not be driving Giethoorn is
basically they call it The Venice of The Netherlands and it was kind of famous here amongst tourists
but recently they went to China and they spread the word there basically and now its getting
more and more famous and well you can just boat here and its just really relaxing and
close by is the national park end of our vlog hope you had a good time we did and come here
even if its a stressful day like today because there are so many tourists it still so much
fun especially when you get out to the lake because there is so much room there and the
prices are not that bad check out our website we have all the information there and if you
have any comments about our vlog please let us know on all our social media thumbs up
the video

18 thoughts on “Giethoorn, Venice of The North – Travel Vlog (Video Blog) Travel Netherlands ??

  1. Wow that was so beautiful 🙂 Love it! 🙂 Greetings from Ireland! 🙂 I love taking some aerial footage and castles! 🙂 Well done on your video! 🙂 Thumbs up from me! 🙂

  2. Great video!! I just recently discovered about this town… Definitely a place I'd love to see myself:) Thank you for sharing!! Just subscribed too!

  3. people truly are like the cockroaches of the animal kingdom. Over populate and just spread like a virus, so sad to see how congested those canals are now

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