Gift Worthy Blog Hop from the StencilGirl® Creative Team

Gift Worthy Blog Hop from the StencilGirl® Creative Team

hello everyone its Shel C from PaperOcotilloStudio and today I’m sharing with you a project or collection of
projects that I did for the gift worthy StencilGirl® creative team blog hop now
I do have a blog I imagining that a lot of you who watch my videos on the
regular don’t visit my blog but I do have one and I do occasionally write on
it and so if you would like to see the rest of the gift projects that were
created by the creative team please go over to my blog and I’ll put a link down
below there’s also links across the bottom of the video and um you can go
and look at their their blogs I’m sure that some of them have videos as well
but I’m primarily a video person so I have a few pictures and some explanation
but mostly really watching the video to me seems like like better instruction
than a bunch of pictures and explanations so I am starting with a
journal and I was thinking about a friend who has a birthday in October who
likes to write and take notes in and scribble and draw in a journal a
personal journal and then she keeps them it’s kind of like a record record of her
life not an art journal per se but she does doodle a little bit and things like
that but not like you see here on my my channel so her birthday is in October I
thought this would be a good gift to give her a nice journal and I found this
one it has beautiful paper it’s well-constructed and it’s got a lot of
pages present it was on clearance in Walmart because the cover was dinged up
and you know they had stickers on it and stuff which I had to peel off didn’t
look so nice but for someone like me that’s irrelevant I got the thing for
really inexpensive and I can make it customized I can make it beautiful by
using stencil girl stencils so I measured the cover and then I I got some
140 pound watercolor paper and cut it just slightly larger because I wanted to
make sure that I could trim if like maybe one side of my stencil II didn’t
look as good as the other side I could trim a little bit off before I glued it
on and I just it was white and I wasn’t sure what stencils I was gonna use and
so I decided to start with kind of a watercolor effect as my first layer
using some Indian ink I like Indian ink because it can behave like a watercolor
it acts like a watercolor it’s fluid it you know reacts to water but when it’s
dry its permanent which is not the case with watercolor and I knew I was gonna
put some more layers on this I got to do some stencil and I got to do some maybe
some pen work some you know I wasn’t sure so I got out the Indian ink and I’m
just doing a real watery random effect and I just picked three colors that I
think coordinate well with each other and their colors are my friend likes so
this is a very personalized gift and I think that’s the best kind I mean he you
know getting a gift that somebody specifically made for you is really the
best kind of gift so once that was all dry and I did make it extra little strip
there and you’ll see why when I get things done I work on this little strip
as well as the two covers and it’s just plain paper it’s not heavy paper I got
out the same colors of acrylic paints or similar similar colors of acrylic paints
and I got out a couple stencils and the first one the 9 by 12 is well it’s
designed by Stig Miller and what I didn’t realize when I picked the two
stencils is that they were both designed by Stig Miller and they’re both from a
stencil Club pack which is SC o 5-2 o16 which means they’re an older set now
when when you join stencil Club you pay a monthly fee and then you get three
stencils and I’m a 12 a 6×6 and a 4×4 every month
you don’t pick them they’re exclusive to the club but another benefit to being in
the club is that you can order past Club stencils so if you have a bunch of the
stencils that you really want from past clubs which was the case with me before
I joined the club you can always go back and order those you also get a discount
coupon as well as videos and a Facebook group where there’s a lot of sharing and
different things going on and so this is a these two stencils you’re gonna see me
use our Club stencils which I just got and just like I opened the pack and got
them right out and use them so I thought this style was very what my friend would
like and that’s the reason that I picked them so I’m using orange purple and teal
again that’s the same kind of the kind of the same colors I used as the water
in the water color at India ink and going through and just using cosmetic
sponges to stencil in certain areas where certain shapes are this stencil
has some kind of four petal flowers and then it has some that look kind of like
tulips and they’re very whimsical and stylized and then it has all these other
little shapes that look kind of like pinwheels or oranges cut in half and
then there’s some stems and some leaves and as I was kind of directing my color
to certain areas depending on the shapes so I thought that looked pretty cool but
I thought it needed some more so I got out the six by six which is coordinating
with this one it has some some grid-like things at the bottom and then some more
tulip fish or poppy ish shapes at the top and it really goes with the other
one really well they did they go together really well that’s not
surprising since they came in the same club but boy I didn’t realize that till
I went to look up the number of the stencil and I was like oh this is a club
set no one duh I feel really silly at that time I
thought she just had a style I thought stigma or out of style she probably does
or he I’m not actually sure I don’t know that person so anyway I came in with the
white because you know my color comment I did a three color combination and then
two neutrals black and white which is pretty a pretty common way of me picking
colors as I go you know so I’m putting kind of like Tetris shapes random Tetris
shapes and white all over and I thought that looks pretty good it’s maybe a
little bit crazy but then I decided that what I was gonna do because this this
stencil is actually a mask technically it it highlights or shows the reverse
the background the background is what the stencil is so that really it really
makes it a mask I decided I would go over the whole thing with black yeah and
I think the reason I did that is because the original book cover is black and it
just seemed like a journal should be mostly black with some bright colors and
I really liked that I think it it really is it just grabs your attention so I’m
glad that I did that even though most of what I had the most of the work I
already did was kind of covered up but it still shows through and then all the
lines and shapes so yeah that’s how Expedia goes you put layers on so then I
had some other little pieces that I had pulled out and I decided on he needs to
make them black there’s a little die-cut tag and a little kind of like a
combination of a whole reinforcer and a fastener but anyway it’s it’s a they’re
just made out of card stock in their die-cut I think I got over from Stampin
Up a long long time ago so then I also needed something to cover the spine and
I decided to get out this corrugated paper it’s colored green but that
doesn’t matter because I have paint and the original way the spine is you can
see where the signatures were stitched in and then it’s it’s got a lot of glue
on it it’s very well constructed but it shows and I thought I don’t want it I
don’t want it to show plus I also wanted to add ribbon bookmark you know how
sometimes a journal will come with a ribbon and you can pull it up and then
put it down through the pages to Marcus a place I just think that’s kind of cool
so I wanted something that I could glue the ribbon into the spine with so I
painted that black and then I really I wanted some shimmery stuff because my
friend is a yes she likes glittery glammy stuff so I got out these pins
that I got recently they are deco glitter only pins and I decided to trace
around some of the shapes just on the front cover I didn’t think it was
necessary to do on the back cover nobody even looks at the back cover and I just
traced around I started with the stencil but then I kind of went freeform and
what kind of went crazy after that and traced around the tulip shapes with the
purple glitter remember there is purple in there and so and I like purple it’s a
great color so purple glitter then I had another pin that came in the same set
that’s kind of a teal let’s heal colored one so I went over and traced around the
stems and some of the leaves and then the little stamen coming out of the top
of the tulip or poppy it might be a poppy now that I think about it anyway
it’s some type of a cup shaped flower that hummingbirds would like I went over
and traced some of those areas with the teal colored glitter so I didn’t go
crazy with it I didn’t put glitter everywhere completely covered in glitter
just a few spots just to have a little bit of shimmer on there to make it more
interesting then it was time to chew glue on the
covers so I measured again and then I trimmed really well and then what I
really want to talk about here is gluing I like to use tacky glue when I make
books its from aliens and I think it’s a really great glue to glue stuff together
like this but you need to make sure that the glue is evenly spread on there you
need to make sure that it goes all the way to the edges because otherwise the
edges is gonna be lifted up on the book and then it will look really well tacky so I always use my finger and I go and
smear the glue all around making sure it gets all to the corners and the edges
and every place is very smooth with lots of nice tacky glue and then I put it on
there and press it and this is the was the quick dry tacky glue so it dries
very quickly I don’t didn’t have to put weights on it or anything and of course
that stock is fairly heavy it’s it’s 140 pound watercolor paper so it doesn’t
buckle or anything then the next thing that I did was glue in a couple ribbons
that’s a grosgrain ribbon there was a purple one and a black one and then I’m
gonna glue on the corrugated spine which I decorated a little bit with that
glitter pen just on the raised up areas of the corrugated paper and make it look
even more cool so I let the spine lap over the front and back a little bit and
then press it down really good to make sure that it’s covering all that that
gluey stitched in area that was on the journal so yeah pretty happy with that I
decided to move on to my matching accessories set and I have this pin that
is caught it’s a pintle RSVP pin and I use these to make matching pins for
books because they’re the barrel is clear and I can unscrew and then I can
put paper down into it this is the clicky kind I used to be able to get the
ones that have the lid which are even a little bit better but the clicky one
were as well so I measured and cut a little
piece of that extra paper that I had been making all along and then I roll it
up around a skewer and put it inside the barrel all rolled up and then I just put
the pin back together and now that coordinating paper that matches is
inside the pen which makes the pen match the book so yeah that’s just a little
tip and trick you can do I also have this little Taggy thing that I’m
planning on making into a paper clip style bookmark or you know page marker
or whatever on a paper paper clip and I have pulled out a larger size paper clip
from a set of colored ones and it’s purple so therefore it coordinates
because there’s purple and there’s purple glitters
so I put that same paper on the front from that same little piece and then I
glue that whole reinforcer fastener thing on there and then I figure out how
I’m going to put it on the the paper clip and I take some masking tape and
just put a little piece of masking tape on there so that it will stay down while
I’m trying to glue the other piece onto it on the back and I cut another piece
of that paper and then put that tacky glue on there and get it all nice and
gluey and then I press it down with a kind of wet baby wipe just to get that
paint that gluey paper down in between and all around the paper clip so that
stays on there well then I need a focal point for the front of the journal
because the front and back are looking pretty much the same with the exception
of a little bit of glitter so I decided to use the 6×6 the SG Oh 5-2 oh one six
Club stencil this is the one that came in that club with the nine
twelve and also the 6×6 and also a 4×4 which I must have somewhere in my
envelope I didn’t see it but I go ahead and get another piece of watercolor
paper and I stencil that on in black and I realize that it’s too long to fit the
book so I go ahead and trim it down to a better size and that cuts off some of
the the edge and of course it cuts off part of the flower so I take my black
pasta pin and I just cover up the lines that I don’t want to be there and then I
use my white pasta pin to fix the border on that at that side because I wanted
that white border around the edge and of course cutting it off man that I lost
the border so I just I just white pasta pin and black pasta pendant and now it
looks like it was supposed to be that way and then I just cut the grid area at
the bottom I just cut so there’s one row and I made it a little bit irregular
along the shape of the row of well that’s now the dirt it’s the dirt so I’m
liking that I think it looks pretty cool but I decide I’m gonna go ahead and add
color because everything else on the book has so much color
crazy amounts of color why would I leave it black and white so I got distracted
and I added one of the flowers to the paper clip before I added color you know
these things happen I just did that by tracing around the stencil with my white
pasta pen and then I end up coloring adding some color to that to you with
the glitter pens later but I thought maybe the design should be on there it’s
kind of big you can’t really tell what it is so much but it works it’s all good
I probably should have just left it anyway back to what I was doing I get
out another water brush and these same colors of India ink and I
just add water II wash of purple around the flowers teal along the stems and the
stamen and then a little bit of orange at the bottom and also orange dots on
the tops of the stamen and then it now will coordinate with the rest of the
book I hope you’re enjoying this video if you are please remember to give it a
thumbs up leave me a comment or question below subscribe if you haven’t already
turn on that notification bell and you can share this and also of course if
you’d like to see other ideas that are gift worthy using stencil girl stencils
I suggest you pop over to my blog and check out all the links to all the other
blog posts to see what other people made I have no idea at this point because I
just made mine what they made and I’m excited to see it of course the holiday
season is coming and it’s always good to make homemade gifts to give to your
friends and family because the homemade gift is the one that means you care and
using a stencil girl stencils is a great way to do it really quickly and of
course doing something like this is inexpensive I already had a well I
bought the journal on clearance I already had a paper clip I already had a
pin and I already had the paper and the stencils so yeah paints little paint
stencils always a good thing so I finished up I glued on the the
focal image finished up with the glitter pins and then I found some kind of
copper colored Orange II colored glitter glue I didn’t have a pin but I had the
glitter glue and I put that on to glitter up the
orange areas of the focal image and then I just got some different fibers and
tied them around the pin tied them around the top of the little paperclip
bookmark and then I added beads I didn’t film the whole bead adding process
because that takes it you know this the stuff doesn’t want
to go through the bead and yeah anyway all I did was just add a few few beads
and then tie a knot so that they don’t come off and it looked they look really
cute I think they look really cute and they coordinated with the book so that
is it for me for the gift worthy stencil girl creative team blog hop I will see
you with another project on a different day thanks bye bye oh and of course here
come your close-ups bye bye you

53 thoughts on “Gift Worthy Blog Hop from the StencilGirl® Creative Team

  1. You are so creative, Shel❣️ Wonderful, thoughtful gift for a treasured friend. 💜 I watch all of your shorter length videos, and read your blog, too, because that just reinforces ideas and techniques into my overfilled brain. 🤪 Thank you!!! 🥰

  2. Beautiful cover and such a clever idea of how to make the pen coordinate. I'm making an ideas journal for my daughter's birthday (she's just starting out as a writer). I'm using gelli print pages and am getting lots of inspirations from your videos, so I was really delighted to see this one!! Tfs xx

  3. That was a very creative thoughtful gift. And you are right, a handmade gift means more to me that most store bought gifts.

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