GIRLFRIEND TAG – Stevie and Ally

GIRLFRIEND TAG – Stevie and Ally

Ally: Hi guys, my name is Ally and this is my beautiful… Ally: what, ohh what? Stevie: Hi guys i’m Stevie and this is my beautiful girlfriend Ally. Ally: Get away! Did you put chapstick on? Stevie: No! Ally: Why was it so awkward? Stevie: Why are we still together? Ally: I don’t know. Ally: Are you ready? I’ll do it for you. *high pitched* Hi guys I’m Stevie. Stevie: Hi guys I’m Stevie and today we’re gonna do the girlfriend tag. Stevie: I thought i’d introduce you to my girlfriend if you don’t know who she is.. all of you know who she is. Ally: You should kind of know. Ally: *breathes in, chokes and then coughs* Stevie: *laughing* Ally: I’m sick! Stevie: *laughing* Stevie: Good job, moving on. Stevie: So..first question.. Ally: You’re not even gonna say we’re doing the girlfriend tag? Ally: Are you just gonna….Hi first question! Ally: Alright…Alright!…ALRIGHT! Together: Can we do this? Can we do this? Can we do this? Can we do this? Together: Look at how cute my cat is! Stevie: Shut the fuck up! Stevie: You’re so pretty Ally: Thank you.. Stevie: Look at how pretty my girlfriend is. Stevie: Tell her how pretty she is in the comments. Ally: Stop biting me! That’s… Stevie: But you like it when the cameras not on Ally: Oh yeah? Ally: But you like it in the butthole but I don’t see me poking around there when we’re filming Stevie: It’s not true! Stevie: So today we’re gonna do the girlfriend tag which is where we answer a bunch of questions about our girlfriends. Ally: We have multiple now? Stevie: Each of us has one, so Ally: Ohhhh i see.. okay. Stevie: So we’re gonna answer a bunch of questions, not only are we gonna answer the girlfriend tag questions, we’re also gonna answer questions you sent to us on twitter Stevie: Why did i sing that? Stevie: This is the most requested video that i get, so now that i’m gonna be done with it. Ally: You should just cancel your channel. Stevie: I should just get a new girlfriend every so often, so i can make a bunch of girlfriend tags. Ally: Ohhh myy gahd, you should do that. Stevie: Yeah. Ally: Lets get to the questions. Stevie: Yeah! Stevie: So… first question, where did we meet? Ally: At dinner! Stevie: We have a mutual friend her name is Hannah Witton, she’s also a youtuber and she’s amazing Stevie: Awkward hand *accidently hits ally* Ally: Oww! Stevie: Oh no are you okay? Ally: Get away from me! Stevie: And when I saw you, I was like isn’t that the really annoying girl from youtube? Ally: That’s me! Ally: And I was like: oh man, I’m such a fan girl. Stevie: You were, you were fangirling hard! Ally: This is literally a video of lies Stevie: *laughing* Stevie: So we met and what happened, I talked a lot, you didn’t talk at all. Stevie: Did I hug you? Did we hug when we left? Ally: We did hug…. Stevie: We did? Ally: I never washed my hands after that day. Ally: Smell, smell them! Stevie: This is what it’s like dating a fan guys. Ally: Ohhh, you make me so mad! Stevie: Where was out first date? Ally: We went to Lyfe kitchen and then we went to the Museum of Death. Stevie: Yeah, we went to a restaurant called Lyfe and then the Museum of Death. Ally: Thanks for reiterating that Stevie! Stevie: Sometimes they just want to mute you and only listen to me, I know I do. Ally: *mouthing* Stevie: And then… *laughing* Ally: You know the way to my heart…. murder! Stevie: She really isn’t a serial killer, it’s totally hot. Ally: Thanks. Stevie: You’re welcome. What was your first impression of me? Ally: First impression: DAMN that girl that girl’s skinny. Stevie: Really!? Ally: Yeah! Ally: Second impression: DAMN that girl’s hot Ally: Third: DAMN that girl talks a lot Stevie: My first impression when I saw her in a video, I didn’t see her videos, I saw her in someone else’s video… Stevie: I was like holy shit that girls obnoxious as fuuuuuck! Stevie: And then I met you in real life and I was like oh! She’s just really quiet. She could be boring, that’s weird. Ally: Oh….cool…. Stevie: When did I meet your family? Ally: You met my mom after you stayed the night once Stevie: ohhh fun. Stevie: And then we had a formal meeting, where we went to happy hour at the place that we actually met. Stevie: And then she got really really mad at me because I paid the bill, she told me she never wanted to talk to me ever again. Ally: She was kidding, Stevie was like I’m so sorry, and she was like NOOO NOO. Stevie: How long have we been together? Stevie: Counting from when we first solidified our friendship, which was when you came over on January 23rd. Stevie: And then we didn’t stop hanging out for like 6 months. Ally: Theres your answer, 6 months. Stevie: Do we have any traditions? Ally: Taco Tuesday! Stevie: Oh yeah we do Taco Tuesday, it’s our weekly date night. Stevie: Whats the first thing you noticed about me? Ally: Those tits are talking! Stevie: What pisses each other off? Stevie: It makes you mad when you’re talking and I don”t pay attention Stevie: It makes you mad when I drive…. Almost anything!!! Ally: Keep it going. Ally: When you do this Ally: Ding. Ally: AHAHAHA Ally: What? Ally: AHAHAHA Stevie: Does that really piss you off that much? Ally: Oh my god! Yes! I sit there and mumble to myself like oh my god that fucking bitch she better fucking tell me what’s so god damn funny! Stevie: If I actually tell you what I’m laughing at, because it’s usually tumblr. Stevie: You’re like: not funny. Ally: It’s normally that you’re texting some girl I don’t know. Stevie: Is that why? Is it because you’re scared that I’m texting a girl and you’re jealous. Ally: No. Stevie: You sure? Ally: Oh yeah. Stevie: So what pisses me off? Ally: If I don’t park in the closest parking spot. Stevie: If there are like 7 parking spots and she parks in the 8th and they’re all empty! Stevie: The fuck?! Stevie: I don’t have time to walk. Ally: Oh, when I’m on my phone and um Ally: And you go to look at it and I pull it away from you. Stevie: Oh fuck! Stevie: That’s so much worse than: AHAHAHA. Stevie: This is literally what happens she’ll be editing a photo. Ally: Because it’s a surprise. Stevie: All the time! It’s never a surprise, you’re literally just editing a fucking selfie! Ally: I’m an artist! Ally: When I let Ziggy bite me. Stevie: I spent a year training this cat not to bite people. Ally: You didn’t do a very good job because I broke it like that. Stevie: What do we argue about the most? Ally: Driving. Stevie: She’s the worst driver I’ve ever met in my entire life and then she has the NERVE Ally: Are you kidding me me right now? Stevie: To tell me what to do while driving Ally: You are the worst driver I’ve ever seen Stevie: I am surprised I don’t constantly have a bruise from the seatbelt on my collarbone, cause I’m so skinny! Ally: *laughing* Stevie: Godammit! Stevie: I give up, I quit, this video is over. Stevie: Who wears the pants in the relationship? Ally: Oh…those kind of pants.. Ally: I know it’s true. Stevie: Wait who really wears them? You think i do? Ally: Yeah. Stevie: Do I have any weird obsessions? Ally: I don’t think you do. Ally: What are mine? Stevie: I mean, you actually are OCD, so you have a lot of them. Stevie: I think they’re cute though. Ally: Thank you Stevie: Nicknames for each other? Ally: I call you lady. Stevie: You call your mom lady. Stevie: You call me Stevison right? Ally: Yeah, but only if you call me Allison Stevie: I call her gorgeous mostly. Ally: I think you call me pretty more than you call me gorgeous. Stevie: Really? Ally: Yeah because you go: Hi pretty. Stevie: Hi pretty. Stevie: And I call her penguin Stevie: Because when we were friends we used to spend the night over at Ali Spag’s house all the time and Ali Spags would give us her pajamas to wear.. Stevie: And she always wore these giant parachute penguin pants, we would like walk down the street in WeHo Stevie: like her with her top bun and her penguin pants. Stevie: Whats my favorite restaurant? Ally: Your favorite restaurant is… Ally: Ummm…Your favorite restaurant is The Wallace Stevie: Nope. Ally: Oh god! Ally: Your favorite restaurant.. Ally:…is… Ally: Your favorite restaurant… Ally: I’ve been there with you? Ally: Your favorite restaurant is… Ally: G………….Greenpeace? Ally: Your favorite restaurant is what I meant to say.. Stevie: Right… Ally: Is Lyfe? Ally: Your favourite restaurant is Arby’s? Oh fuck I love Arby’s! Ally: I don’t think I know what your favourite restaurant is. Ally: Oh my god Ally: Am I gonna just like facepalm when I hear it. Ally: Your favorite restaurant is Taco Bell Ally: Your favourite restaurant is…. Stevie: We’ve already talked about it it in this video. Ally: What? Ally: No we haven’t. Stevie: We’ve actually talked about it in this video twice. Ally: Oh my God. Ally: Your…. Stevie: Are you kidding me Ally? What restaurants have we talked about? Ally: Oh Yeah! Your favourite restaurant is Public School! Ally: Can you just edit so it looked like that was my first answer, thanks. Ally: Whats my favourite restaurant? Stevie: Big Wok! Ally: Oh God that was really easy! Stevie: I know where your favourite hamburger place is too. Ally: That’s an easy one Stevie: If i’m watching TV what am I watching? Ally: Cat hair fly in your face? Because can you see past it? I can’t! Ally: You’re watching HGTV. Stevie: You’re watching something with food in it…or blood. Ally: Or both! Stevie: What’s one food I don’t like? Ally: Mayonnaise and you don’t like cooked tomatoes or chocolate cake. Stevie: Awww you know all those things Stevie: You don’t like vegetables. Stevie: Mayo also. Ally: You can’t pick condiments or like things that you would put on a burger. Stevie: All you ever eat in front of me is burgers! Stevie: You only like pizza and cheeseburgers. Ally: I know… what a shame. Oh wait no it’s not. Stevie: Time to go to twitter and were gonna answer your guy’s questions that you tweeted at us. Stevie: Did you ever think you were going to date before you started to? Ally: Yes Stevie: You did? That’s confident of you. Ally: Thank you i have a way with the ladies. Stevie: The reason we hung out for that first time is because another girl didn’t text you. Ally: There has only been one time in my entire dating career that i haven’t gotten somebody that I was trying to get. Stevie: I’m so surprised. Ally: What’s that supposed to mean? Stevie: Have you seen your face? I’m not shocked. Ally: Aww that was very sweet of you but it’s my personality that really wins them over. Ally: Woah… What are you doing? Stevie: THAT’S WHAT I HATE ABOUT YOU, that’s the thing that pisses me off! Ally: What was your answer? Stevie: To what? Stevie: Oh yeah I knew when we first met.. actually did not at all I was like that girl is annoying as fuuuck. Stevie: I still think you’re annoying Ally. Ally: Hi guys welcome to the ex-girlfriend tag I’m your…….OWW! Fuck that hurt! Stevie: Who kissed who first? Ally: You kissed me first. Stevie: Who said I love you first? Ally: Me! I didn’t know I said it. Stevie: She basically told me that she loved me in her sleep, she was like: I have something really important to tell you, I love you. Stevie: And then the next morning i was like: do you remember what you told me last night and she was like: what?! WHAT! What did I tell you!? What did I tell you?! Ally: And then she told me and she was like : do you wanna hear what I say? Ally: I was like what?! Ally: You were like I love you too! Ally: Every time we would go out and drink I would be like Ally you better not get too drunk because you know what, you’re not gonna be able to keep your mouth shut. Ally: And then you’re going to say some things that you are not prepared to hear a response to. Ally: Don’t drink and love kids Stevie: *laughing* Stevie: Do you guys steal the others clothes? Stevie: Mostly I steal your jewellery and shoes though. Ally: And my pants. Stevie: Yeah but you’re never wearing pants, you don’t need them. Ally: Because you’re wearing them. Stevie: Did either of you doubt the relationship at first? Ally: Oh yeah Stevie: You did? Ally: You were like stop worrying I actually love you, and I was like no you don’t you’re too pretty. Stevie: I doubted our compatibility at first. Ally: Oh yep you did. Stevie: Like a lot. How was your first date? Ally: I liked it a lot Stevie: I loved it. Ally: Our second date was the most awkward thing I’ve ever been apart off. Stevie: Oh my god! Ally: Why was it so awkward? Stevie: Why are we still together? Ally: I don’t know Stevie: Our second date, just the dinner was awkward, I literally googled ice breaker questions on my phone. Ally: That was really fun though Stevie: cause it was that awkward. Stevie: Who is the better cook? Ally: I’ve really never cooked a meal without having a disaster happen. Stevie: Who cleans more? Ally: You. Stevie: Awwww you were honest Stevie: You do all the hard stuff though, I’m like Ally can you do this Ally: Like can you wash every dish I’ve ever owned. Ally: You like use serving trays, and I’m like we didn’t even people over, why is it dirty? Stevie: What don’t you like about each other? Stevie: I don’t like how you don’t think you’re gorgeous, you’re so beautiful and you have no idea. Stevie: You’re so talented and beautiful and funny and smart. Ally: Yeah, I actually do have something don’t like about you. Ally: It’s something that I do like, but like I don’t like. Stevie: Ahuh go on. Ally: I don’t like how smart you are, I do like how smart you are. Ally: But I don’t like how smart you are when it comes down to arguments I’ve always been the smarter person in the relationship. Ally: So I can win an argument, but when we’re arguing i’m like godammit! That was a good one! What do I say now? Stevie: Have you ever been asked if you’re sisters? Ally: HA! Stevie:Yes! All the time! Every fucking day of our lives. Stevie: If you two were walking and someone tried to attack you, who would protect who first? Ally: I got slapped in the face at a bar and she took this girl out! With her elbow! Stevie: Who is the most romantic? Stevie: I think you’re romantic Ally: Really? Stevie: She’s always very, very sweet. She’s like fuck I need candles, I need wine, I need flowers, and then I’m gonna do the surprise. Stevie: Like you were very thorough, you really like to impress me. Stevie: How do you go from being friends to girlfriends? Ally: Lets do that in the how we met video! Together: Thanks for watching! Stevie: Don’t forget to like the video and share it Stevie: We’re gonna go over and make the how we met video on Ally’s channel. Stevie: See you later suckers! Stevie: yay! Ally: Ow! Stevie: Why are you always getting hurt? Ally: Why are you just flailing your limbs everywhere? Stevie: We’ll see you next time, bye. Ally: Bye

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