Global Economic Reset – Christine LaGarde World Economic Forum

Global Economic Reset – Christine LaGarde World Economic Forum

Global Economic Reset everybody okay with this is Nikki with
global currency reset dot net thats global currency reset all you type it all together dot NEET
alright so you’ve got to be here right here with
Christine Lagarde this is at Davos arm gonna go ahead just a dance a little
I to search has begun a search for on World Economic Forum on the widest at
Davos thing is that Apple’s was in Davos Switzerland I believe but
it’s called global economic outlook 2014 and she does talk about the recent
on here it’s coming up at about the on 9/11 marks on the go ahead and load the video audio here we go and just
here it comes right up here on a topic that is obviously a a little
bit complicated my last are is reset we seeing as this is it necessary
going forward a reset in the area of monetary policies we believe that quantitative easing and
accommodating monetary policies that have been adopted so far should be continued up until such point
where it grows as well anchored in those economies and this is
not yet the case everywhere reset in the sense that once it is well
anchored then those accommodating monetary
policies have to be reformulated have to move I the back
into they all territories will be more traditional I’ll be maybe offer different kind and I’m sure subtle bankers around here will
be able to comment on that but thats first reset second reset is
the one that markers is I hoping to talk about it about which is the financial sector reform and regulatory environment that
is clearly undergoing a major reset at the moment
and the final reset which is my last word Martin is those structural reforms that are
necessary in all corners of the world very often
people think structural reforms okay for some others advanced economies that have
such rigid labor markets nope it’s not just
start and I’m not sure that I would
necessarily associate advanced economies with Richard Marcus nor would I mark flexibility as the ideal solution for it
but structural reforms are needed in product markets service markets but they also needed in emerging market
economies where structural reforms can take completely different form from
those that have just mentioned and they have to do with bottlenecks in
certain countries they have to do with proper governance and they certainly take multiple forms
including dot of unleashing the potential that is is there but that is still constricted
by lot of licensing rights protective barriers and
so on and so forth a finished with my three R’s the most important one of the three
being the one that have not commented on but that yet look twenty comment to the
which is or four recovery I knew that I would okay that’s you too
focus on are I it’s not enough with the right
there okay so I’m actually on that the site right now I hear out go
ahead none scroll down a little and you can see day ago should be able to see what says right there global economic
outlook 2014 what should be at the top of the agenda
for the global economy in your head and you have the speakers here and in
the theme is competitiveness so once again down the
website’s gonna be on a WEEE form .org thats World Economic Forum and you get a
search for this video right here i get if you want
more information on the global currency research go to global currency reset dotnet global currency reset you type that all
together dotnet you don’t need a type www you
don’t need a type HTTP just just type it like east by key here
global currency research dotnet okay are everybody and that’s it
for now and the recording – Global Economic reset

31 thoughts on “Global Economic Reset – Christine LaGarde World Economic Forum

  1. Lindsey Williams has been wrong so many times before what makes you think he'll be right this time?

    What happened to 'the dollar will be dead by the end of 2012'?

    He said they would never taper QE, he said the Saudi Royals would be overthrown, Assad would be assassinated, oil would go to $150, the Euro collapsing etc etc etc. I could go on.

  2. What does "firmly anchored" mean? End QE and reset after economies are firmly anchored? QE's not working so what happens when "firmly anchored" doesn't happen and QE keeps on keeping on???

  3. firmly anchored means that the eleite have taken their take out of their changes to come they wish to institute as a fix to the problem they made and profited from over a very long time then the soultion will just allow the problems to keep on going hence the term reset its not a fix 

  4. I dont know…but the word "reset" in this context comes across as a bit intimidating. At least the words "game over" aren't being uttered…yet.

  5. For 6000 years since the Egyptians Gold & Silver considered money. It has only been since 1971, since the US has completely off the Gold & Silver standard. It is highly likely the US has sold off and has no more Gold & Silver. In the world the countries that are the largest holders of Gold & Silver is India, Russia and China.
    Many economics and sellers of Gold say the price of can go up as high as $50,000 per 1 ounce by the Year 2020, appears crazy to hear. Just to let you know, Silver is also consider the common people’s money and has always followed up or down in the price of Gold.
    Let me toss some numbers at you. In the year 1913 Gold Value $20 per ounce. 
    Now if you own 1 ounce of gold in 1914 and sold it 1980 it was $1000 per ounce, it had gone up 50 times.
    Had you held onto you gold in 1933 after it was 'illegal' to hold gold and sold it in 1980 at $1000 per ounce. It had gone up 28 times.

    Had you bought gold after 1971 at $50 per ounce and sold it in 2011 for almost $2000 per ounce, it had gone up 40 times.

    If you buy Gold at $1300 and it goes to $50,000 per ounce, that is a multiple of 38 times, which is historically possible over time.
    Now since we completely went off the Gold & Silver standard completely in 1971 the US Government has been printing money freely backed by nothing and our politicians have no fiscal responsibility the national debt in 1971 – 424 Billion dollars. Today’s national debt is 16.5 Trillion dollars with a claim to each US citizens & babies included holding of the national debt individually $152 thousand dollars. In 5 years it is believe our national debt could be 21-23 trillion dollars and force the whole US economic system to collapse.
    So the US government will continue inflating dollars, printing money and making national debt and this will force Gold and all other things to inflate or our economic system and dollar will fail and a panic will be a run for Gold & Silver will happen and the dollar value amount will sky rocket. Either way, the value of Gold & Silver will continue to rise. 
    It is a strange hypocrisy that our own government puts a blinds eye to putting a debt on each individual US citizen $152 thousand dollars at the same time they have written into law debt servitude is considered a type of slavery and illegal. But then again humans make daily choices from the daily values and value decided not by our government, but the ‘Federal Reserve Bank’, which is a private corporation.  This is how the Banks of the world rule over the laws and are more powerful than government currently and the laws they make.
    Now if you read our history books our founders were against Banks issuing money and the first two the Banks came into power to issue money, they later booted out of power.  It’s also a part of world history any country that all money that is created from ‘nothing’ eventually fails, 100% of the time; it is a historical fact.  It’s also a historical fact for the first 130 years of the US, while we were on the Gold & Silver Standard the US as a whole over this time only had 3% inflation. Its also historic fact the East side of the Roman Empire in ancient times on a gold standard had a stable economy for a thousand years.
    Current people have become accustom to inflation and believe it is normal and do not realize it devalues all their saved money and own assets. It happens so slowly, they do not feel the middle class moved to the poor and the richer becoming grossly richer.
    It is said in 20 years social security will go bust, so if you want to survive and do well in the future, start saving you money in Gold Eagle 1 ounce coins – tax exempt or for the common folk like me, buy Silver Eagle 1 ounce coins – tax exempt. These two things will go up with inflation and definitely will go up, during an economic chaos. And if you lucky enough to save it for you old age, you will do very well, compared to most.

    Always be against violence and remember in our US history we do have written and proven a government system that does work. God Bless America!

  6. When I dig a ditch at home is my labor taxed?
    Do I tax my own work, labor, my own existence?
    Do I tax myself for being alive?
    Did my government create me of which I owe a payment of my own existence?
    When a stranger asks me to dig a ditch with an exchange for some dollars, it was an exchange and nothing created. The man did not freely give me dollars increasing my own energy for no reason. I did not gain; I exchange my energy, my work for dollars, to later exchange for the benefit of maintaining my own existence. I am a free-living being and the level of my existence can grow to whatever level I personally decide. I am free to live and yes grow my own existence. I am not property and owe no one for my own existence.
    A bank or corporation can loan money to an individual with interest.
    This accumulated interest is considering income to the bank and subject to tax.
    The bank has provide no work or effort and they existence has increase via the accumulated interest, therefore subject to an income tax to the bank.
    I exist a human being, consume energy just by living of existence.
    I can exchange my existence with another for dollars.
    If I do not maintain my own existence, my energy will expire and I will stop my own existence.
    This is why it is illegal to tax human labor, because it is the same as taxing a human’s existence and already written to be illegal in our US Constitution.
    However, the government can legally tax business, corporation for the increase of its own existence as the business or corporation in its growth has an effect or cost on society as a whole, so the society compensated.
    This is why a US Constitution – Corporation created in the District of Columbia in 1871 for the purpose of creating for each individuals of the US an individual Corporation Name for the benefit of taxation.
    You name on your social security card is written in all Capital Letters for single purpose of identifying you with a Corporation name.
    Now if you dig a ditch for another person, exchange dollars and put these dollars in your Corporation name in the Bank, the US government taxes that Corporation name, your Corporation name. You living name are the ‘authorizing signature on the check you write as you sign a check for your Corporation name. That line you sign in microscopic print is not a line, but words displaying ‘authorizing signature’.
    Your Corporation Name gained and therefore subject to taxation as it has an effect or cost to society.  
    With the change or creation of the US CONSTITIUTION – CORPORATION, the American people fooled and not informed their living replenishment of their energy exchange existence is being  taxed, by a slight of hand in taxing your fictional artificially created Corporation self.  The income tax steals towards the government your exchange Corporation self, never allowing dollars to reach your living existence self for the purpose to replenish your existence and allowed freely to grow. You pocket has been picked via the government via the corporation income tax put upon a living being illegally and

  7. So she uses the word "reset" therefore your crazy global currency reset conspiracy theory is legit huh? Anything to keep selling dinars to dupes.

  8. Powerful!  The point is …stay in tune with World events, research for yourself, hope for the best and prepare for the worst, get some land, possess Gold and Silver, share info with others and unite with like minds…or be victims of Govrenments/Corporations that have their own best interest in mind first and foremost… Thanks for posting!

  9. Feels like you took what she said way out of context. At no point does it feel like like she's alluding to a global economic reset.

  10. In 2014, when Rotten-child IMf Reptine LaGarde spoke, she mentioned 'reset' a dozen times during a 20 min interview and threw in the word 'leveling' and 'in close cooperation with'…other central banksters? It's all planned for us by these narcissistic sociopaths who determine our economic and physical wellbeing w their UN'sustainable'  Agendas… CO2 G0re, etc. Check out: GeoengineeringWatch[dot] org, if you want to learn more about 'climate change' and what they're doing. You'll be shocked!…and look how GOOG 'redacted' my comment, AS I was typing it…


    What will our future be like? This question is equally interesting to all people living on our planet: residents and presidents.

    When Vladimir Putin was asked what gift would you he to have; he said: the gift of foresight. Who can really say what our future will be like? Several decades ago only a few could have imagined such serious organizations like SCO and BRICS, which allow countries and people to discuss their future and the future of our planet.

    Globalization is an objective process. Humanity is uniting unstoppably. However, a path and means of this unity could be chosen, hence this process could be governed.

  12. Money=debt the money of the slaves the slave money cant survive for long since its all debt you build it and give free money to yourself and friends bailouts to the failed oligarchs etc then the whole debt load collapses on you so you need to reset it thats what they are talking about these are no academics this is all pseudo*oligarch economics lmao they are anti sound money they are criminals who want special access to money.

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