Go Google: Google Drive

Go Google: Google Drive

The screenplay on your home computer The presentation at work Those vacation photos and videos on your phone The trip itinerary on your tablet resumes, recipes, videos With Google Drive, you can now access your
files from wherever you are Even the big ones Whichever program you’re using, just drag
and drop And there are all of your files ready to be
opened by you And shared with anyone you want Forget files being too big to email Just share them with Drive and everyone has
the same file, automatically That they can edit together, from anywhere Now all your stuff, work or play, is in one
place Easy to find and easy to share Google Drive. Keep everything. Share anything.

99 thoughts on “Go Google: Google Drive

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  2. random question, if my hard drive fails will that delete all my files saved in my Google drive folder, because what ever I do in the folder happens online?

  3. Why does Google Drive take up tons of space on my phone when i upload pictures? I thought Drive was a cloud storage. Instead of freeing up space on my phone and putting the photos/videos in a cloud, it just ate up all the remaining space on my phone!

  4. Google drive like iCloud, dropbox, something, it can save all of your files on the cloud, so if your pc crashed unfortunately , your files all gone, but you had backup in Google drive,so, never mind.
    People may not use hardware to store files anymore, cuz it’s so heavy and not convenient. So it will change the way people manage their file.

  5. difficulty in changing language, changing main folder and, for some reason, the preferences always appear on the 2nd screen of my desktop, my TV, forcing me to turn it on every time I open preferences). Dropbox's option for changing folder is the best I've seen so far in a Cloud service – you press change folder and it moves everything automatically in just one step without having to unlink your account or what have you.

    Hey everyone 
    Google deleted my drive 
    I posted a discussion about it 
    Here is what the admins in the comments said 

    "Google Drive's stengths lie in its standalone office suite (GDocs), collaboration, file sharing and sync'ing across many devices, but not in backup" —DAS1951 

    "If one does understand what safe backup should be one would immediately see why Google Drive is not suitable" —DAS1951 

    "Google Drive was never designed or intended to be a file back-up service." -Colby Custerston 

    "That applies to everything, not just GDrive files." —DAS1951 
    (context: he was talking about backing up GDrive files since they aren't safe) 

    "Even Google Docs files should be downloaded into their desktop equivalents, " –DAS1951

  7. Com Google Drive, guardo meus arquivos pessoais e profissionais há mais de dois anos, é seguro e prático. Eu recomendo, seu HD fica sempre livre e o computador rápido. Ótimo.

  8. Não sei inglês , não entendo o que falam ! poderiam falar em português (Brasil ) ou colocar a tradução ? por favor !

  9. I want to eat the green square/boxes.
    This is amazing news (yes I'll start to use it in 2016) but at the same time it's a Ecosystem premise, watch out folks.

  10. great concept but the direct links confuse the hell out of people and basically don't work for simple direct downloading or viewing.

  11. Hi google this app needs password protection that every time you open it,it should require a pasword as OneDrive already has it and its more protected then Google Drive App.thanks

  12. I love only Google because Avery language speake and Google and language translation and map trafic problem sovle Google and and backup contacts photos free of cost all sovle problems and lovebu forever Google u king of world' never any any one only Google love u lot

  13. Let Your Clients, Customers and Coworkers Upload & Download Files Directly From Your Website With Google Drive.

  14. im sure this in time will be a thing of the past. by 2050 will digital space be given away? Will we have to pay for our google accts in 2050? Im a great judge of predicting human behavior? I am a human behavior expert, an excellent judge of character, so yes my predictions are creditable!!!

  15. Já que vocês não sincronizam mais as fotos do Google Drive no Google Fotos automaticamente… Como faço para as fotos feitas backup através do sincronizador no windows ir para o Google Fotos?

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